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    I am Resistance - Talk 9 2017

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    It is has been too long! Lets talk shal we?

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    Mothers With Rape Conceived Children

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    Women who were raped and pregnant talk about the love they feel for their rape conceived child. The trauma of the rape pales against the joy they've been given in these bundles of life. Some children are grown and some  young ones but no one can love their children more than these mothers. Listen and hear what is not rare with mothers of rape conceived children.

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    Sauce Radio Promo

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    Intro: Introduce "Sauce Radio" 
    Show Content: Sports, Hip Hop, Urban topics, Daily Fitness tips.
    End: Outro

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    The Lo & Mo Show: The ARP Episode

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    We got RBE's co-owner ARP to talk about his upcoming Pearly Gates event and more

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    WHAT KILLED “LITTLE MAN”? Examination of Black on Black Violence

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    Examination of Black on Black Violence
    The concept “BLACK ON BLACK CRIME” has roots in the struggle of Black people in America! Specifically, the generation of the nineteen sixties was affected by discouragement and socioeconomic frustration. Ultimately, the family unit became extinct due to economic, social and political instigations. As a function of survival, “Little Man” took on the mentality of kill or be killed. Sadly, over the last three decades, he only has managed to destroy those closest to him!
    Join TALK-STRAIGHT host, Rev. Dr. Rueben Dockery and his special guest, Mr. Brandon Orr of Nashville, Tennessee as they identify, resurrect and hold “Little Man” up!
    Special Guest:
    Mr. Brendan Orr,
    Nashville Native
    This is an open microphone discussion!
    (Live Streaming on Facebook Tonight)

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    Where Do We Go From Here: Community or Chaos?

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    Steven Toliver is the Campus Minister at Westbury Christian School and the proud of husband of Brittney Toliver and father of two beautiful daughters. He is an educator of 10 years in both public and private education, two of which were spent in the UAE. Having studied Psychology and African-American Studies at the University of Houston and Education administration, Steven has produced two documentary films Fractures: The Collapse of the Communal Ethos and We the People (2009).  Mr. Toliver is passionate about his faith, education and aiding others in personal and professional growth.  Join us in this much needed dialogue as Steven Toliver and Talk Show Host Gregory D. Anderson Jr discuss what's needed for us to thrive globally as diverse cultures.

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    Chat with Nelson Denis (A war against all Puertoricans) and Alfonso Lozada

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    As we prepare for the second edition of the Writer's Showcase on Wednesday March16th, 2016 we are going on the air with the protagonist of the event, Nelson Antonio Denis author of the best selling book "A war against all Puertoricans". We will also be chatting with the host of the show Alfonso Lozada who is the Executive Director for the Center for Recruitment of Students and Alumni at the Interamerican Universtity site in East Harlem..
    We will give you information on how to reserve you free spot at the event and the author will  give us some "teasers" to get you on the mood for the reading.
    Y recuerde siempre, buena musica y buena conversacion.

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    11. Fun Coupons for Blocking Gentrification ft. Todd Millionaire

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    Gentrification is one of the most benign forms of genocide. It’s can actually be classified as economic genocide. The vibrant, cultured hoods of creativity and expression are now being replaced with skinny jeans, coffee shops, and craft beer breweries. Why is this happening? Why are blacks being priced out of the very same neighborhoods that sustained them for generations? As with most matters that concern Black America, the problem is rooted in economics. Today’s guest, Charles Oglesby, is changing this narrative by including Black America in something we think is arcane and esoteric, investing. We discuss using our money as builder’s tools and not fun coupons, how to protect your neighborhoods from gentrification by investing in real estate, investing via crowdfunding, and all of the goods and services that the Todd Capital brand provides. Check his websites and contact information below.
    Twitter: @ToddMillionaire  Instagram: Todd Capital Podcast: Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast
    Website: https://capitaltodd.com/ 

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    The Documentary “13th” “Buck Busting” and the Two Different Ways to See and Live

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    When people hear, read, watch and/or learn the supposed history of America and race relations, institutional racism, slavery, prejudice, corrupt legal systems, and racist officers of the law, etc. in footage like the Netflix documentary “13th”, or “12 Days of Slave” or “Amistad”, or “The Birth of A Nation”, etc., what are they to make of it all? Some people absorb the information literally and are very disturb afterwards, and may even begin to foster resentment towards white America, and its history. Some (namely non-black and white Americans) find the information to be more reverse revisionists rhetoric, and nothing any of us (white or black) need to subscribe to at all. AND that the subscription to rhetoric such as this is purely divisive and toxic for the whole. What should we make of this “rhetoric”?
    What about all the counter arguments about how blacks profited from slavery and slave trading as well, i.e. the first slave owner in the US was a Black man Named Anthony Johnson? Or that The Africans themselves were selling their own people into slavery as well as to many nations around the globe, and locally with themselves even. And that basically nobody’s ever been a worse enemy of blacks than blacks themselves? And the blaming everything on racism/white people is the quintessential “victim mentality” and you won’t/have not gotten far with that mentality. And discounting the effects of slavery and institutional racism, etc. on the part of whites? Saying things like “…only 10% of white people ever had slaves but blacks like to blame all whites.?..”
    And of course the latest on Trump vs Hillary Circus aka The US Presidential Race. This and other current news and topics Friday night at Midnight till 2AM Eastern Call in (347)637-3528…

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    Interview with Mildred Inez Lewis

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    Interview with Mildred Inez Lewis, Assistant Professor, English Department, Chapman University and Co-Founder, Fox Lewis Project.
    Mildred Inez Lewis began her career as a theater director at the Actors Studio in New York. Since earning her MFA in film and television at UCLA, her screenplays and plays have been produced and screened internationally. Mildred taught at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film Media Arts from 2000 to 2010. In 2010, she began teaching film and digital humanities in Chapman’s English Department. This year, she will serve as a University Faculty Mentor. In 2009, she co-founded the Fox Lewis Project, a production company. In 2011, the Project produced viral content for HBO’s True Blood and projects for corporate clients including mUrgent and IM=X Pilates. She has served as a juror for the CINE Golden Eagle (short subject) and Eastman Kodak’s International Film Competition. From 2006 to 2008, she served on the advisory board for filmyourissue.com. She has also been a board member of the University Film and Video Association.

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    THE POWER OF ONE (Author Michael Haden)

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    Host and Crisis Dramatist Phyllis Helene Interviews  MICHAEL HADEN  Author of A DEAL WITH GOD The Power of One......
                               Micheal Haden Shares His Experience with Drinking and Driving
                             INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY AND REAL EVENTS
                           ( Story of family and faith, love and inner strength, healing and conquering obstacles, and an        absolute triumph of the Human Spirit.)