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    Politricks and Current Events

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    Ras Jon and Chief Noble Bandele will continue to discuss current events and give a different view on whats really going on.  We will discuss the Kanye conspiracy and other events like the Ohio State incident, forest fires and moor!

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    Three Strikes You're Out?

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    the 3 strike law in my opinion was designed to take  black and brown people off the streets and out of society. it is an evstenion of slavery to a certain degree. Black people are being struck out at an alarming rate, they are being arrested at such a early age with a strike or 2  so that when they get older and have a fight in a bar its strike 3 you're out.

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    Mumbling's about side chicks and roosters

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    Where exactly is a side pieces lane? Do you KNOW your not the side chick? Are there any signs to tell where you stand in a relationship... other than communicate that is?

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    Open discussion 1-17-17

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    Open Discussion on any topic we want to talk about here at Club Deplorable

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    Authentic Human Relationships-Back to the Basics

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    In the world, there is so much anger, hurt, frustration and violence. What is sad is most people are spending their energy "blaming" the other group versus addressing what is REALLY happening. The "chickens are coming home to roost", which is NOW shocking to those who inherited White privilege from centuries of oppression, abuse and death and have been so detached from the "other reality" that most of them genuinely HAVE NO CLUE of the perpetual sustemic inequalities experienced by the "have-nots." 
    We want to create an environment where ALL people can be REeducated on MultiCultural Valuing, Authentic Human Relations, and effective Cross-Cultural sensitivity. From honest, respectful, and sincere open discussion, we TOGETHER can make this a

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    Thee Constant Traveller - The Travelling People!

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    The last of my broadcasts on this format. One I feel passionate about becasue it is, in part, about us. .
    AllMusic Review by Chris Nickson  [-]
    The last of the radio ballads that Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, and Charles Parker devised, The Travelling People is also the most accomplished, both in form and content. An examination of the Romany people in Britain, it serves mostly as a condemnation of attitudes toward them and their nomadic lifestyle -- which, as reflected in many of the soundbites, were not complimentary. People simply didn't want them around, calling them "tinkers" and things much worse, as "I Mean, We're Fed Up With Gypsies Living in Our Area" highlights, with the incident of a woman about to give birth being moved on by the police. The attitudes were reflected in other ways too, like the boy who spent several years in the same grade without being taught to read or write, because, the teacher explained, "he's the best message boy I've ever had." But this does more than simply look at the negatives. It examines the life of the gypsies, the way they'd settle in the winter time, or how traveling was part of their nature. MacColl's songs are among the finest he wrote for the radio ballad series, and the accompaniment is richer and fuller than before, and the singers -- people like Belle Stewart, Joe Heaney, and Jane Stewart -- serve the material brilliantly. They become integrated into a whole program -- which is what each of the radio ballads was, of course -- that's intelligently fashioned to bring out a whole picture, one which is sympathetic to the travelers, but also allows for opposing views. The listener comes away educated, and also humbled by the quiet pride of these people. It's nothing less than a remarkable achievement.

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    Missed Communication: Mending Black Relationships

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    I have been a Youtuber since 2006 and I've basically seen a severe decline in our community in regards to how black men and women speak to and treat each other. Its very alaming. So much so that during that time, especially around the time that the gender war started on social media, I've always wanted to do something to affect positive change in that regard... So I've decided to write a book.  I would really like us to focus on how to treat each other with respect and learn how to influence the children who see us act out daily against each other. I'd also like to see our communities all over America flourish.  So please, if you will, call in and chat with me about this subject. Lets create a NEW foundation on learning to respect each other so that we never have to war with each other again.  Peace and love,  Storm

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    Breaking The Chains. ..

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    Ms. Shi Brown P.H.D in Biology, Author, and Vegan Nutritionist. Speaking on the physical, mental, and spiritual incentives of living a vegan lifesty

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    TGFT Ep2- multiple wives vs multiple bms

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    NEXT SHOWS TOPIC Thursday JULY 20 @7 *********************************************** Is it acceptable for men in this (Black American) culture to have multiple bm's but not multiple wives and what are the pro's & cons of both lifestyles? ************************************************ LISTEN LAUGH & LEARN  @ THE GROWN FOLKS TABLE

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    From the Back Step to the Front Seat

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    Stepping up. It is a transition that can be challenging to make. One day you're a firefighter. You have an expressive attitude and you are in position for a promotion. How will you transition from the back step to the front seat and be taken seriously? If you have always reflected attitude consistent with high standards of safety, team work, and professionalism that first roll call might be a perfect fit. If you have not planned for this transitional time that first roll call can be challenging. This podcast is designed to talk about and guide you to a great new beginning. Utilizing the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives and a bit of humility you can begin the transition into your new leadership role. Be honest, talk - listen - learn. Verbalize to your team the fact that you may not have been the model up and coming officer but that you want to change. Let your peers know that you know respect is earned and if a new beginning is what will be needed to start the new journey then you want to start with the life safety initiatives. My guest, Rick Best from Westerville Ohio is the Eastern Regional Coordinator for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and will talk about FREE resources that can help make that first BIG leap into leadership a great and new beginning.

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    test tests

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