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    Friday Nite Apologetics With Sis. Marie #7 - Exposing The Bizzare NAR #3 (B198)

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    It's Friday night and God's saints know what that means - Sis. Marie is in the house with another APOLOGETICS broadcast.  She is starting a new series exposing the 'off the wall' group called the NAR - New Apostolic Reformation.  This broadcast is Part 3 in a series you don't want to miss! JACKASS CHURCH BISHOPS and NEHUSHTAN CHURCH BISHOPS - Two books that expose the Joint College of African-American Bishops.  Order your PDF copy of JACKASS CHURCH BISHOPS and NEHUSHTAN CHURCH BISHOPS at www.paganbishops.com.  The long-awaited book Draconian Tsunami will be released in several weeks.  E-mail us at reformationexpress@gmail.com to submit your broadcast comments.  Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/JackassBishops and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JACKASSBISHOPS/view_public_for=1236468026409859

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    The Christian Resistance: Vegas shooting false flag and open topics

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    Host Joshua Busby discusses the Vegas shooting false flag and the new gun control measures being sought as a result along with other open topics

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    If Sinners Be Damned -- The Parker J Cole Show

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    “If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unprayed for." -- Charles Spurgeon
    Both non-Christians and Christians both have a problem with the doctrine, the very idea of Hell. We love the all-encompassing grace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ but when it comes to Hell...let’s just say that's another story. After all, could an all-loving God really sentence people who don't believe in Him to an eternal leaping chamber of fire, gnashing demons, and unending torture for eternity? Is anyone really WORTHY of such a punishment? Hitler is usually the poster boy of what evil can do. Some may ask is even he THAT bad enough to warrant a one-way pass to eternal damnation? Not to mention the good people who wouldn't hurt a soul who don't believe in the God of the Bible. Or the atheists who have good moral lives. What about the Christians who act more hellish than righteous -- just because they claim the Lord as their savior, do they get a free "get out of hell card" despite acting more like a 'sinner' than a 'saint'?  Is God really going to send sinners guilty of a finite sin in the temporal world to eternal punishment?
    Some of us choose not to believe in a literal hell. Some of us may reject God for the very idea of hell. But, we have to ask ourselves this: if hell is real, then sinners WILL be damned. And if sinners be damned, is there something we can do to prevent it? Join in the conversation with myself and Evan Minton. Call in at 646-668-8485, press 1 to be lilve on air. Or, download Stitcher on your mobile device or click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/10276403.

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    How to write a war story, that's not

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    Raised in a deeply religious family, Mercy rebels against all rules during his teenage years. He stops attending church and drops out of high school. To avoid a destined path of self-destruction, Mercy enlists in the Army. After two combat tours, Mercy returns home battling PTSD. Trying to forget about the lives that he has taken and resume a "normal" life, Mercy returns to church. He enrolls in college and reconnects with a childhood crush. Mercy saved some of his men. Can he save himself?
    WM Bunche is a cold war veteran and Commendation Medal recipient. His military roots trace back to the Civil War. A wannabe athlete, he has completed the Marine Corps Marathon. He is a veteran advocate who helps raise awareness for PTSD in combat veterans. He is a church leader and mentor.  He lives in New York City with his family. He can be contacted at wmbunche.com, Facebook or Twitter.

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    The Thunderstorm Episode LIX: Author Kimberly Nelson with guest host Ron Royal

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    July 8th at 8:00 PM EST
    The Thunderstorm Hip Hop,Sports & Entertainment Network presents The Thunderstorm
    (Tuesday Night Live)
    Ron Royal joins us as a guest host & we welcome Authoress Kimberly Nelson to the broadcast....
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    Final Show on BlogTalkRadio - Free for All Friday!

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    Join us over at BIBLENEWSRADIO.COM  for our show.  We'll have the latest information on where you can hear the podcast.  Join our email list and keep informed.
    Join Randall and Stacy Lynn Harp for a daily look at the news from a biblical worldview, interviews with outstanding experts who are top in their fields and for encouragement and exhortation from the living and holy Word of God.  Bible News Radio airs daily from 2-3 PM Central Time on Blogtalkradio
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    With Host &Author/Speaker of "MY 7 SECONDS IN HELL THE COMPLETE STORY" Dale Garrett

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    P.Morales y los Matrimonios-San Francisco de Asís

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    Hoy desde España, don Rafael Delgado nos ha preparado una primera parte de una entrevista muy intersante a Dori Nunez, quien conoció muy de cerca al Padre Morales y es viuda de Evaristo quien fue  co-fundador de los Hogares de Santa Maria. El cuatro de Octubre celebramos la fiesta de San Francisco de Asis y Carolina Soto comentará la vida de este gran santo amante de la dama pobreza. Escuchemos e invitemos a otros a escuchar, compartir es evangelizar.
    7:30pm - Rosario-Avelar Orbelina
    8:00pm - Entrevista-Rafael Delgado
    8:30pm - San Francisco de Asís-Carolina Soto
    9:00pm - Experiencias, noticias, llamadas y anuncios.
    Pueden escuchar el programa haciendo click aquí  o llamando al 347-857-3183. Visitanos también en  You Tube , Facebook y en Twitter

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    Bread of Life with Rev. Ray: Using the Right Weapons for Warfare!

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    Bread of Life with Rev. Ray: Using the Right Weapons for Warefare!
    When Christians Speak Talk Radio Broadcasts -“"His Abounding Grace Broadcast" with Minister Vanester Williams - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm; "Declaring The Finished Work with Rev. Pat Randall" - Thursdays @ 12:00 Noon; "Friday Night Joy with Rev. Ray and Friends" - Fridays @ 7:00 pm; "Bread of Life with Rev. Ray" - Sundays @ 7:00 pm, "The Alabaster Box with Prophet Carla R Johnson"-Every 4th Saturdays @ 7:00pm: "Challenged To Change with Pastor Paul Morgan" -Wednesday @ 7pm; "Lifeline with Apostle Shirley Jones- Every 1st Monday @ 7 pm;  ‘The Bold and Beautiful with Rev. Novena Reed, Rev. Curtis Alston, and Min. Jordana Cunningham- every second Saturday @ 10am.’  "Mid-Day Glory Prayer with Rev. Gwendolyn Dixon"-Every Wednesday @ 1pm Dial-in Number:(641) 715-3580 Access Code:732-499 PIN. When Christians Speak Talk Radio welcomes Evangelist Lewis McILwain, hosting the program "ADORATION" every 3rd Monday of the month. 

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    Hope For The Heart: Healing Deep Wounds

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    Melissa Richards and Molly Messer discuss chronic trauma and how that produces shame, perfectionism, and isolation. But genuine healing is possible. Molly and Melissa share snippets of their own stories and offer inisght into how you can begin to receive healing for your own deep wounds.

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    Special Edition Radio Program

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    Jason Champion & Friends: Heart of a Champion Radio Program with Grammy Award Nominee & Former Men at Large Member - Jason Champion!
    Airing Every Wednesday @ 12PM EST. 
    Sponsored by Ewing Moving & Storage, INC., Sandra Godley Ministries, and Dr. Shimmy Kotu Ministries 
    Listen "LIVE" around the World Every Wednesday @ 7PM RSA & 12AM USA, CST to "The Finding Meaning In The Journey Of Life" Radio Program with Host: Jabu Hlongwane (CEO & Co-Founder of Joyous Celebration) of South Africa!
    Sponsored by Dr. Shimmy Kotu Ministries. 
    Tune in to "New Growth In Christ" Radio Program with Host: Dr. Bishop Sidney P. Malone. 
    Call in to listen @ 1 (347) 850-8560!
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