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    The Final Rockstar Alan Dickie

    in Marketing

    After 4 years of kicking ass and taking names, I'm sad/happy to announce that this is the last episode of Rockstar Closer radio. With over 100 episodes, awesome guests, million dollar lessons, and more is coming to an end.
    On this last episode I invited fellow Closer, Alan Dicke to join me. The guy is a gunslinger for sure. I've known him online for a while and he's definately my favorite Canadian. Alan, aka The Canadian Closer, is a master at comebacks, but never allows be backs. He's got more wordtracks than a rapper with 32 bars. 
    We talk real live sales stuff that's thought provoking and if implemented, will allow you to close more sales. 

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    Combine Research and Practice with Evidence-Based Change Management

    in Business

    In this episode, Paul Thoresen, an Industrial-Organizational Psychology consultant, shares how to combine research with practice when it comes to organizational change. Listen in to hear why you'd want to take an evidence-based approach to change, and what barriers stand in the way. You'll also hear examples and where you can find research to help inform your own projects.

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    Ep. 51: Is The Fed Dazed And Confused? Plus: How Not To Deliver Pot In Cali

    in Finance

    This week, we're asking the question:   "Is the Fed dazed and confused?"
    The Federal Reserve is scheduled to announce its latest interest rate decision this week.  On the surface, this seems like a boring meeting.  Almost everyone believes the central bank will leave rates alone.  But where is the Fed going to go next?  Opinions are starting to split.
    Longer term, it seems likely that the Fed will eventually resume its rate-hiking campaign.  But there are growing whispers that the next move might have to be a rate cut.
    We'll take a deep dive into what the markets are looking for from the Fed and what the current economic outlook tells us.
    We'll also take a look at some of the earnings reports due out this week, including package delivery giant FedEx
    And as always, we'll park our Chevelles in front of some of Wall Street's more unheralded parties...
    We've got some good news about incomes in the U.S.  Well, good news if you didn't have to live through the last 17 years.  
    We've got Facebook claiming a wider U.S. reach than the U.S. has people.  We've got a retailer experimenting with having no inventory.    
    And we've got a few legal questions that need answering...One involves whether monkeys can hold a copyright.  Another involves the constitutional right to wear a bikini to work.  And a third tells you how NOT to deliver marijuana in California.  Hint: don't use a drone.

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    Startup Questions from my MasterMinds Group

    in Business

    How to share equity among startup founders, how to find co-founder (if you truly need one), working for competitors vs partnerships to learn new skills, and many more strategic topics are discussed in this latest MasterMinds recap episode.
    Host of the Master Minds Forum, Scott Fox, discusses the questions recently shared in his latest #MasterMindsOC master minds group meeting for startup founders and entrepreneurs.
    Want to work with Scott to develop your own startup business?  Try the MasterMinds Forum here now.
    If you like this show, please share it on Facebook and/or write a short review on iTunes?

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    Secret to Success: Seeking Opportunity with Brandy McCombs, owner of IBC

    in Entrepreneur

    Brandy McCombs, owner of International Builders and Consultants (IBC), joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, how she's grown the company, and her latest expansion.
    Brandy had entrepreneurial aspirations from a young age. Growing up in a small town in southeast Ohio, she watched her father and grandfather run their companies. After working in restaurant management, she decided to move to Florida in search of additional opportunities. She became the restaurant manager of Sundial Beach Resort on Sanibel Island.
    After several years, she knew she needed to change careers. So, she explored the construction industry.  In 2000 she worked for the largest MEP contractor in Southwest Florida’s HVAC new construction service department.  After five years in the subcontracting world, she moved onto the general contracting side as an interior superintendent helping condominium associations build out their tenant spaces.
    With the experience and knowledge she acquired, Brandy founded International Builders & Consultants in 2009. With the economic downturn, she decided to move to an area where there would be more opportunity for her company. Her research led her to Kansas City.  IBC has became a “household” name for its quality craftsmanship as trim carpenters working for various general contractors. And in 2014 Brandy discovered a business opportunity that would require adding a separate division to IBC. As she'd done throughout her career, she didn't hesitate to pursue it. As a result, Brandy has added a new division that does flagging and traffic control for projects, including the Kansas City StreetCar.  Recently, IBC added a new location to house the traffic division.
    Be sure to listen to all the episodes of Smart Companies Thinking Bigger in the archives.

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    Charles Tyler Show - Open Mic: 773-897-6277

    in Social Networking

    Tonight on Living Off The Grid Podcast we are proud to present the Charles Tyler Show. The LIVE STREAM number is 773-897-6277. Thank you for listening to the Charles Tyler Show.

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    Auto Dealer Live - REWIND Shared Custody

    in Marketing

    Auto Dealer Live 

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    The Income Tax Deception

    in Legal

    Jan Irvin will join Burt and Marshall for a discussion on income and tax.  We will explain how income must be derived from a source.  Compensation is a source and not derived from one.
    Mind Control has inverted information to the opposite of its intended purpose.

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    Show #221: Engagement and Careers

    in Business

    Special Guest: Michael Moran, CEO and Founder at 10Eighty
    Few organisations focus on the careers of their people but it's vital to their engagement and your business performance.
    Join us as we discuss why it's important to enable your managers to have ongoing career discussions with their people.
    Michael’s background is in Human Resources, having worked in the NHS and Financial Services sector. He has successfully run HR consultancies specialising in career management for the last 20 years. He is passionate about helping people maximise their potential and believes everyone should have job satisfaction and a successful career. He helps organisations design jobs and career paths that maximise employee engagement.
    As an avid reader/commentator on the world of work and sport, he regularly draws parallels between the two. Michael’s favourite scribe is Matthew Syed, Times sports correspondent and author of ‘Bounce’.
    You could describe Michael as a budding author with “The Guide to Everlasting Employability” already under his belt, and technophile who’s created 2 career management apps to help people manage their careers. 
    He’s a season ticket holder of Derby County which helps build his resilience given their inconsistent performances and he’s a proud father of Hannah, 10Eighty’s Business Development Exec, and Tom who’s currently on active service in Calgary chasing tanks.
    Host: Jo Dodds

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    Suze Orman

    in Finance

    It was at Borders Books on Chicago’s State Street where women and men were lined up literally around the corner to get a glimpse at the Money-Making Maven, Suze Orman. Signing autographs, smiling at strangers and shaking every hand that reached out to her made a successful book signing on The Road to Wealth.
    This book hit the New York Times Bestseller’s list within its first weeks release, making Suze Orman a bona fide financial superstar! Suze shared with me, “Out of all the books I’ve written, I’m lovin’ this baby more than any of them! 9 Steps to Financial Freedom hit number one on the New York Time Bestsellers list which was an absolute phenomenon in itself but everybody said, ‘that’s not so hard – anybody can do that if you’re on Oprah 11 times.’ Courage to Be Rich comes out and goes right to number one on the New York Times Bestsellers list and everybody says, ‘oh, that’s not that hard – you had an entire PBS special behind you. Road to Wealth comes out and one week after it comes out without any publicity whatsoever except for 4 minutes on the Today Show which is not enough to make a New York Times Bestseller; it hit the New York Times Bestsellers list within one week! What that says to me is that people are buying me now not being sold to me.”

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    Re-Broadcast: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Startups

    in Business

    On this episode, guests Ronnie Farhat and Zain Lodhia of the podcast Everything Vive join the show to talk about the growing scene of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality startups.