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    Principals of Nationality In Action

    in Education

    Join us Tuesday 2 August 1436 @ 9:30pm for MHHS-Eyes Wide Open presents:
    Principals of Nationality in Action:
    Everyone must go through their own Exorcism…
    There are many who are being lead in many directions, unsure if they are going in the correct direction, listening to anyone who comes along trying to gauge where they aught to go and what they aught to do. This journey back to self can be frightening, yet no can tell you what to do and no one can do it for you…This is your journey and frightening though it may be. You will go through all that is necessary for YOU to make your transformation, like the phoenix rising, you will come through as you aught to. We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!! Please call 347-945-5899, Press '1' to speak to the Host or listen via the internet @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mhhs-eyeswideopen For those listening via the Internet, the Chat Room will be open immediately.
    Remember to check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MHHSEyesWideOpen, and please select like. Also we are also on Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/MHHSEyesWideOpn Please also send us an email @ mhhseyeswideopen@gmail.com so we can compile an email list for blitzing and also send us emails with the appellation, Corporate State and/or county along with ransom amount for any Moor who has been kidnapped and is currently being held hostage. Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. We here at Moor Heritage and History School Eyes Wide Open thank you for coming together so that we may together be uplifted. Islam!!! Moors Heritage & History School in association with RVBey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, Moorish News

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    Talking Turkey: Gülen Charter Schools in America

    in Islam

    Former Iranian Muslim & now a proud American patriot & Christian Pastor, Shahram Hadian founded the Truth in Love Project to shed light on the encroaching threat Islam poses, even to American schoolchildren. For good reason, Shahram and his wife, Michelle, homeschool their children. Shahram joins us to “talk Turkey” about a little known, worldwide charter school network promising taxpayer-supported STEM proficiency & home visits by teachers—many of whom are commissioned & supported by Turkish Imam & Islamist revolutionary, Fethullah Gülen. 

  • 01:58

    nothing but Gods truth

    in Prayer

    Learn morr about your Heavenly Father in this episode with stories, Word and testimonies!

  • 02:00

    Computer America - Workbench; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America
    Hour one: Workbench. Chris Sleat, Founder and CEO.
    Workbench loves to tinker, explore, make, create and discover using robots and circuitry and gardens and drones and all sorts of materials that can be worked into projects. You name it, and Workbench can create it!  This kind of project-based learning and exploration is what Workbench is all about, so they created a community where like-minded people can come together to engage and inspire each other with their own ideas. Workbench has partnered with some of the most forward-thinking maker-product companies in the world to be on the leading edge of innovation.
    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!
    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

  • 00:31

    William Keith: Scripture Through the Hudson River Painters, Part 2

    in Religion

    William Keith: Scripture Through the Hudson River Painters, Part 2
    Last week, we looked at the Swedenborgian-inspired art of George Inness, a Hudson River school artist.
    Like the Eastern painter George Inness, William Keith became an adherent to Swedenborgianism and believed that his late, dark, indistinct works better suggested the spiritual reality that lay beyond the surface forms of nature.
    Keith was introduced to naturalist John Muir by mutual friend Jeanne Carr.  Keith and Muir became part of a supportive group of naturalists and painters.   Keith's produced early landscapes of breathtaking views of the Sierras that Muir wrote about.  
    Muir and Keith made activist environmental trips in 1907 and 1909, for Muir's final environmental crusade to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley of California, now part of the Yosemite National Park, from being flooded to be a reservoir for San Francisco.
    It is fascinating to explore the interactions among artists and Swedenborgians.  Rev. Joseph Worcester and the San Francisco Swedenborgian church were deeply involved in the art movement of their times.  We'll continue to explore this fascinating story, and consider how the messages of Scripture - and of Swedenborg - have been and are expressed in the arts.
    Visit our website at SwedenborgianCommunity.org

  • 00:28

    Critical Differences Between Mormonism and Christianity

    in Christianity

    This broadcast will center on the foundational differences between the several core Mormon Doctrines which are totally and completely incompatible with the Word of God (the Bible) and the standards of orthodox Christianity.  
    Note:  Listen to “Mainstream Mormonism” by Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker, on KUTR 820 AM and 95.3 FM Utah radio, Saturdays at 4PM (MST) or Listen Live at LeeBaker.4Mormon.org.  http://leebaker.4mormon.org/events/   To listen to archived radio broadcasts, visit  http://leebaker.4mormon.org/radio-programs/mainstream-mormonism-program-list/
    Program Reference Links:
    http://leebaker.4mormon.org/ https://www.lds.org/?lang=eng

  • 03:08

    Everything w/Kathy B, James Hankins, Suzette Vearnon, Pastor Kynne Smith

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us for Maleboxx Sundays,
    6:15- Author James Hankins joins Dr. jackson in the studio to discuss his book and topic, Personal Development: What We As Blacks Must Do.
    At 7:15 join us for Renaissance Relationship Therapy with Life Purpose Coach Tem'Ti as he welcomes back Life Coach Suzette R. Vearnon of You Asked? Good Men Answered into the studio to discuss the topic, ‘‘Love: Why Expect The Best If You Won’t Give Your Best – So Let’s Change That!”
    At 8:15, Join us for Practical Principles For Kingdom Living with Pastor Kynne Smith as he brings you another amazing message that will uplift your Spirits entitled FORGIVE AND FORGET. You definitely want to tune in.
    Call in to be a part of these conversations at 619-924-0933.  You've heard it here from your favorite radio station Source Radio Network.

  • 01:56

    Vinny Pacifico and Jamin Olivencia join Turnbuckle Turmoil

    in Sports

    To close out the month of July Turnbuckle Turmoil will be bringing you two great guests for an expanded edition of the show.
    Out of the great state of New York comes the exciting young wrestler Vinny Pacifico. He is not too far into his career, but has been working very hard and is gaining fans. We'll discuss where Vinny sees his career headed and his opinions on the wrestling buisness. Join us and get familiar with this great young talent.
    Then we are proud to bring you the vastly under rated veteran Jamin Olivencia. Jamin has competed against some of the most talented wrestlers in the buisness today and has held his own. He was a staple for years at OVW and is still wowing crowds for various promotions. If you are unfamiliar then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this fantastic competitor.

  • 00:58

    Episode #312 - 7/31/2016

    in Spirituality

    This show is always about the latest channeled information in subjects of creation, energy direction, collective consciousness challenges, and self-love. Call in and receive channeled guidance on how to powerfully create what you want. Discover blocks, release them, and move back into the vibration that allows you to expand and manifest. Powerful, fun and informative, this show is what you have been looking for!
    Listen to Dee on the following radio networks:
    The Al Cole "People of Distinction" Network Universal Broadcasting Network (UBN Radio) – http://www.ubnradio.com/consciouscreation The Empowerment Channel at ConnectMeRadio.com – http://connectmeradio.com/genre/empowerment/ Transformation.fm on Transformation Talk Radio - http://transformationtalkradio.com/host_page.php?id=105 BBS Radio - http://bbsradio.com/consciouscreation Women's Radio - http://www.womensradio.com/author/deewallace/ iTunes -  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/conscious-creation-radio-show/id574823210

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    Psychic View w/Mona Van Joseph

    in Spirituality

    Each Sunday, Mona broadcasts Psychic View LIVE from Las Vegas.
    Known in Las Vegas as "Mystic" Mona, she's available on this broadcast to answer your one (specific) question. Mona holds the special Psychic Arts license through the City of Las Vegas and is the creator of the Dice Wisdom app. Just $1.99 for all the questions you can think of, right on your phone. Go to www.dicewisdom.com
    This entertaining and interactive program is brought to you each Sunday morning at 9AM to answer your specific question. Think of a specific question, unblock your phone number and call, 347-850-1494. Mona brings thoughtful and empowering vibration to your concern. Find out more about Mona at www.mona.vegas
    Thank you for tuning in!

  • 01:52

    Spirit Alive Praise And Worship Experience: Worship In Spirit And In Truth

    in Christianity

    The Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience  With Bishop Shirleen Cook & The Family
    Join Us @ 9:00 AM (PST) - 11:00 AM (CST)-12 NOON (EST) Call: 714-364-4337
    The Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience is an interactive virtual church where we are standing in the gap for those who can't go, or won't go into the building by providing a safe and loving atmosphere where they can simply hear the word of God. There's no fashion shows, no offerings, and no pomp and circumstance, all we offer is the love and light of Jesus Christ.
    Yes, we're giving you more of what your soul is looking for right here on the Spirit Alive Network 
    Taking It To Streets: Mondays @ 5:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network
    Tuesday Teachings: Tuesdays @ 7:00 AM (EST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network
    Tell It Tuesday: Tuesdays @ 11:00 PM (EST) On The Spirit Alive Network
    The Faith Cafe: Wednesday @ 4:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network
    Prayer Changes Things: Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network 
    Walking Wounded: Thursdays @ 7:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network
    Every Man Standing: Fridays @ 5:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network
    Stories of the Bible: Saturdays @ 9:00 AM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network
    Spirit Alive Praise & Worship: Sundays @ 9:00 AM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network
    Visit our website at www.spiritalivenetwork.weebly.com

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