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    What Can Employers Do to Get Injured Employees Back to Work

    in Business

    The huge challenge for employers is understanding how to get injured employees back to work. We will interview Don Dressler with California based Dressler Consulting to learn best practices and policies employers should have in place to create good return to work options. This interview is a part of National Return to Work Week.

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    Disparities in the Criminal Justice System

    in Education

    The United States of America prides itself on being the land of the free and the home of the brave. For a country that is known for freedom, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice more than two million men and women are incarcerated. The United States has the highest percentage of its population incarcerated, more than any other country in the world. Within these incarceration rates there are alarming disparities among the amount of African Americans who are incarcerated.

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    Intro to Being Mi

    in Spirituality

    a short show letting you know about myself.

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    WebVision Speaker - Vanessa Fox

    in Computers

    Vanessa Fox, called a “cyberspace visionary” by Seattle Business Monthly, is an expert in understanding customer acquisition from organic search. She shares her perspective on how this impacts marketing and user experience at Nine by Blue and provides authoritative search-friendly design patterns for developers at Jane and Robot.com. She’s also an entrepreneur-in-residence with Ignition Partners and Features Editor at Search Engine Land. She is co-chair for O’Reilly Found, a conference for web developers about SEO. Vanessa speakes regularly at conferences and corporate events and has written for a number of publications. She previously created Google’s Webmaster Central, which provides both tools and community to help website owners improve their sites to gain more customers from search. She was recently named one of Seattle’s Top 25 innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Company: Nine by Blue.com

    Tips for Using Search Engine Tools to Increase Site Traffic
    Wednesday, May 20 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

    The Future of Organic Search
    Thursday, May 21 - 10:30 am to 11:45 am

    Social Media Meets Search: Thinking Inside the OneBox
    Thursday, May 21 - 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm
    Ben Lloyd, President of SEMpdx - Moderator
    Kent Lewis, Anvil Media
    Tom Bennett, The New Group
    Vanessa Fox
    Kent Schnepp, EngineWorks

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    Two Rode West by Richard Fletcher - Author Interview

    in Books

    Join me as I interview Richard Fletcher about his book Two Rode West. After fighting in the Civil War, two young men embark on an adventure of a lifetime. From St. Louis, the two begin a journey with a wagon train lead by Bull, an uneducated cowboy with a keen sense of how to survive in the wilderness. With the help of Tokchaw, his Indian partner, the group sets out on the vast Oregon trail. But their journey isn’t without problems...

    Get your copy of Two Rode West http://www.eloquentbooks.com/TwoRodeWest.html

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    in Music

    I'm not sure of how this works yet,so im gonna test it out.

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    Advocating for the Injured Worker

    in Business

    National Return to Work Week - Highlighting the issues injured employees have after they have an injury. We will interview Carolyn Arumbula with the Center for Injured Workers - she advocates for injured employees.

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    Yea bxtch Radio--->Late Niqht Edition

    in Entertainment

    Late Niqht Edition;
    dhat says it all.
    We'r qonna b talkinq abt all
    dhat "late niqht" shxt...
    so tune in.!!

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    Spiritual counseling to help you understand the spiritual principles behind your suffering.

    in Paranormal

    Spiritual counseling to help you understand the spiritual principles behind your suffering.
    A warm, nurturing, and non-judgmental approach that encourages you to connect with your own inner wisdom and strength.
    Healings that will permanently release the root cause of whatever issue you are dealing with.
    Recommendations at the end of each session so you are empowered to continue the healing process on your own.

    Release of the root cause(s) of one or more karmic issues.
    Come to greater Oneness with your self and others.
    Release attachments and unwanted patterns.
    Accelerate your process of Awakening.

    Release emotional charges that have developed around an issue.
    Let go of chronic anxiety, depression, anger, and other negative emotions.
    Build emotional strength to deal with life more easily.
    Break the cycle of dependence on drugs, alcohol, sex, money, food, etc.

    Clear the karma of personal and interpersonal situations.
    Release the "hooks" that keep you stuck in the same unhealthy relationships.
    Release the accumulation of emotional energy in your relationships, making it easier to connect directly with those you love.

    Accelerate the healing of injuries.
    Reduce (and sometimes eliminate) the effects of allergies.
    Mitigate the effects of genetic weaknesses.
    Improve overall vitality.
    Optimize the constitutional health of your Jin Shin pathways, meridians, and other energy systems.
    Burn out the microbes that cause illnesses and boost the immune system. This is a highly effective form of treatment.

    Dissolve the "gunk" that clogs your kundalini channel, creating an overall boost in physical health and emotional well-being.*
    Balance the kundalini channel.
    Clear spaces (homes, offices, etc.) of old, negative energy. Also add energetic structures that will improve the overall feeling-quality of a space.
    Pujas to realign the astrological influences i

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