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    Yvonne and Amy Show! 4.26.11

    in Comedy

    South Florida's Funny ladies are back tonight for one last Show. They will be taking a hiatus due to their busy schedules! Call in to night no subject is out!

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    FairTax Radio Show with The FairtaxGodfather

    in US Government

    Are you sick and tired of paying tax on your hard earned income? The income tax system in this country penalizes productivity and is a very regressive tax. The FairTax Radio Show is a weekly radio show at Tues. 9pm EDT designed to feature guest speakers and general public call-in guests that are interested in supporting the FairTax Bill, HR 25, S13. The objective of the show is to increase the public knowledge and understanding of the FairTax legislation and to encourage listeners to call their elected representatives and ask them to support the Fair Tax Bill. All discussion will be open and fair, just like the FairTax! Do defray the costs of this program I accept donations to my PayPal account fairtaxgodfather@yahoo.com. Any amount will help and you can use a credit card on PayPal. Thank you! Rich G.,FairtaxGodfather

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    Going Beyond The Veil

    in Spirituality

    This show will deal with a view of the church in this new technology age and how it will be able to revolutionize the church with the past and the present co-existing together. This show will be biblically based and led by the Holy Spirit for the equipping of the saints. We will have many special guest to appear locally and nationally. There will be a minster showcased weekly with a rhema word for a right now situation. Our motto is " Chosen to Change the Atmosphere". Join us as we attempt to change the world threw the word of God.

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    in Business

    Hosted by Doug Burnett with Co-Host Anita Amero. Are you ready to hear dynamic dialogue, informative content that we all can use? This show is going to feature the unheard AND heard voices in America as we go head to head to educate, uplift, motivate, the "traditional" and "non-traditional" American to unite and implement the changes we all talk about in our daily lives and experiences. The goal of this show is to help us retool, rebuild, rethink and reorganize our lives for social, political and economical advancement. If you are tired of just hearing about problems and ready to see some real world solutions that we all can put in place to enhance our lives, this is the show. The Host of the Show Doug Burnett has been featured on Money Talk Radio, Business Talk Radio Network,  Rush Limbaugh, CNBC & BRAVO, & World Business Review and several other small to major Media Outlets. He has been described by Salem Broadcasting as having the radio savvy of Mike Gallagher with the wit of Chris Rock. If you like Michael Baisden, you are going to love Doug Burnett....ARE YOU READY TO GET TO THE BOTTOM LINE? ARE YOU READY TO START IMPLEMENTING THE CHANGES YOU SEEK? ARE YOU READY TO HEAR INTRIGUE OF SUBSTANCE AND DISCUSS SOME REAL WORLD ISSUES? Bring us your thoughts, experiences, & stories that affect you on a SOCIAL, POLITICAL, AND ECONOMIC LEVEL!

    THE GRAND OPENING SHOW WILL LAUNCH TOPICS ON RELATIONSHIPS, OVERCOMING SOCIAL & RACIAL DIVISIONS, THE POWER OF HOME BASED BUSINESS & THE TAX SAVING STRATEGIES not explained to the average American and we will feature a special guest on how you can save 50-75%  on travel this summer while earning some additional income...THIS OPENING SHOW WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE STARTING AS SOON AS YOUR NEXT PAYDAY while changing the way you think about COMMUNITY, FAMILY AND BUSINESS...


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    Revival Night 16:

    in Religion


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    How to harmonize yourself with EVERYTHING with SaMa Healing

    in Self Help

    SaMa Healing is Harmony with Everyone and Everything Always. What if the source of all discomfort and conflict was a result of a vibrational mismatch between you and another person, business or even your food? What if we could expand ourselves to include anything that seemingly isn't in alignment with us and shift into union with it? Enter SaMa Healing™. Created as a result of the experiences of Safia   , SaMa Healing™ uses the power of vibrational energy  identification and matching to support those who wish to come into harmony with all that is and change any aspect of their existence. SaMa Healing™ is a modality that shares with their participants how to access this power and discover their own unique gifts. Once these gifts are identified, any and all healing becomes a natural byproduct. Join us today with Safia, creator of SaMa Healing™. Learn how you can embrace your biggest self and join in harmonic union with everyone and everything. This weeks episode will focus on "The SaMa Sync™ Food Experience.", an event that demonstrates how to vibrationally match food to evoke fat loss and health. Join us for this most interesting discussion. Find out more http://sama.eventbrite.com or http://samahealing.com

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    in Romance

    There will be chat about dating and Lauren will respond to listeners' questions and dish about dating. She will read their charts to empower them with objective knowledge to help them with relationships. Lauren has been studying astrology for over 14 years and is a professional, results-oriented counselor, coach and intuitional astrologer. She has provided counseling and guidance internationally and her approach is positive, proactive, life changing and practical. Her emphasis is on timing, self- empowerment, life choices and recognizing, being ready for and making the best of upcoming challenges and/or opportunities! Lauren has also produced, co-hosted and hosted two radio talk show programs, Blog Talk Radio (www.blogtalkradio.com "Nite Visions") and Achieve Radio (www.achieveradio.com "Visionary Awareness"). Lauren reads astrologically for timing of events and solutions to problems and her co-host Psychic Fred addresses the questions from a psychic point of view. If you would like a "live reading" with Lauren, contact her at LaurenNYny@aol.com with "Dating Show" in the subject line ....

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    dave 2012's talk party

    in Social Networking

    talk about what ever you like

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    WE GOING IN!!!!!!! part 3

    in Radio