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    Welcome to Pet Talk radio!

    in Pets

    Welcome to Pet Talk radio! Where callers can call in and talk about their animals (pets) and ask questions about behaviors and much more. As the show gets more viewers, we will have different organizations and other people on here speaking on behalf of the animals and several rescue organizations around the world. This show is for the animals and us to understand each other. I am not a vet, but I have worked with many different animals and seem to have an understanding of them. This channel is not a replacement to proper vet care! Please make sure your pets see a vet regularly!

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    practice show

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    Open lines call in loser! Thanks to Fat Red Dragon, my show was no lulz, so hence the new title AFTERNOON FAIL. Enjoy!

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    Free Doctor Consults w/ Dr Ben. Ask Your Question Today!

    in Health

    For 60 minutes, the phone lines are open for you! Free Doctor Consult with Dr Ben
    Who is Dr Ben? Licensed naturopathic physician, graduate of Bastyr University, founder of SeekingHealth.com.
    Learn more about Dr Ben
    Ask Dr Ben your question (limit 1 each) and you will receive an answer full of useful information. Dr Ben typically covers lifestyle, dietary and nutrient options in each answer giving you more complete direction.
    When asking Dr Ben your question, be specific.
    Include the following in your question:
    - Age
    - Gender
    - Main problem you want help with
    - Current diagnosis
    - What makes it better
    - What makes it worse
    - Short term health goal
    - Long term health goal
    - What do you want to learn and apply Today?
    Be respectful of others time. Ask only one question. We totally understand your question may be complex and need more information. If so, please schedule a free 15 minute phone consult with Dr Ben. First in line are first to ask. First come first serve basis so tune in early! Be on time! Information Only! Dr Ben does not diagnose, treat or prescribe so please do not put him in that position. Disclaimer
    This show is sponsored by Seeking Health. Provider of the best supplements, best probiotics and best natural health information.

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    Psychic Petunia Radio

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the last official one hour episode of Psychic Petunia Radio. Don't quite know what I will do, but stay tuned anyway!

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    PLM in Fashion: Technology's Not Just for Planes or Cars

    in Technology

    The second in a series of three podcasts, during today's session we'll be talking with Susan Olivier, industry lead for Retail Solutions at Dassault Systemes about how fashion and retail companies are applying technology solutions like product lifecycle management that have traditionally been used by heavy industries like areospace and automotive to improve their competitiveness and reshape the landscape. 

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    Why Natural Antioxidants are Good for Your Dog

    in Pets

    Researchers have found the Lowbush Wild Blueberries have greater antioxidant content than most common fruits. In fact, even over twice as much as cultivated Highbush varieties, according to the USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of Selected Foods, Release 2, May 2010. Not only that, an article, Wild Blueberries Take Antioxidant Crown, by Shane Starlins, 9 Oct, 2008 and published by http://nutraingredients-usa.com explains in detail how Cellular Antioxidant Activity (CAA) testing, developed at Cornell, measures antioxidant performance in cells to help us realize the wonderful benefits natural antioxidants can provide our dogs, as well as humans and other creatures. We'll be discussing Natural Antioxidants on this Episode 2 of Farm to Fido® Blog Talk Radio, as well as announcing the winner to our Episode 1's "Question of the Episode" contest.
    Farm to Fido® is a registered trademark belonging to Peaked Mountain Farm in Dedham, Maine, the home of the original Bite O' Blue® Wild Blueberry Dog Treat. You can contact us at anytime with your questions, thoughts, or comments at info@biteoblue.com or sending a message to our spokesdog, Blae, at Facebook.com/blae.biteoblue. Don't be shy, let us know if you would like to be a guest on future episodes.
    For more information visit:

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    Live. Write. Launch with Ellechor Publishing House

    in Books

    Join us as we converse with Ellechor's CEO, Rochelle Carter, and the authors of her publishing company's debut Summer Launch. We will discuss the origins of Ellechor Publishing, as well as get the skinny from her authors on their upcoming releases.
    Tune in Wednesday, June 15th at 11am PST/2pm EST for this exclusive, one of a kind interview session!

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    11:11 is NOW

    in Spirituality

    Testing new BTR Studio & Reconnecting ~<3~

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    MyVetZone Live

    in Military

    Let's talk Business

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    "How to Create & Self-Publish an eBook for Kindle"

    in Business

    Join True North Leadership for an exciting "How To" show!
    Buzz Murphy, author of the "Just Tell Me- Simply" series of books, will explore the process of self-publishing for the Kindle, Apple ipad, and the Barnes & Noble Nook!
    Topics covered will include:
    Registering as an author, setting up a royalty account How ebook structure differs from printed books The software necessary to self-publish your book Tips & techniques of the  book production cycle Uploading your ebook to Amazon and the Apple Store. Don't miss it!