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    TNCA Talks: The Impact of Extreme Budget Cuts

    in Health

    This month we talk about the recent budget cuts to teen pregnancy prevention programs and teen parent programs. 

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    James Festini Motivational Speaker Life Coach

    in Motivation

    James Festini is one of few life coaches who have achieved top honors in the business world as a thriving entrepreneur. James' background in behavioral sciences, experience as an entrepreneur, and his avid quest for spiritual knowledge give him a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level.

    James is dedicated to teaching individuals to create wealth in all areas of their lives: financially, relationally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

    James has devoted over two decades to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who possess true wealth in all areas of their lives. Just as those he studies, James has created an impressive list of his own successes, including over 18 years as one of Century 21’s  top salesman , and many years as an entrepreneur and business growth expert.

    As a coach and mentor, James has taught individuals and organizations to create wealth in all areas of their businesses and lives. Because of his comprehensive and integrated background, James considers himself a "practical guru," and he seeks to share this unique way of living with individuals around the world.

    When he is not on retreat learning from his business and spiritual teachers, James presents his insights over 200 days each year online and in person. His experience is a fusion of wealth-building principles, success strategies, and the teachings of all great traditions, schools, and studies that he has experienced and assimilated over the last twenty-five years.

    James enjoys sharing his personal experience and insights he learned through life lessons and from some of the world's greatest teachers in the fields of transformation, philosophy and the expansion of consciousness.

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    Principle Politics

    in Politics

    The Debt talks

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    Catholic Charities Offers New Immigration Services

    in Legal

    Our guest will be Xergio Chacin from Catholic Charities to discuss new charity programs offered by this wonderful organization.
    They have ESL/Citizenship Classes available free of charge. They also answer your immigration questions and help reunite families whose loved ones are still overseas.
    In total, they offer 43 different services which include refugee assistance, elder care, job placement - to name a few. There are some wonderful events coming up in the next few months which will go towards providing services at low-to-no costs. Catholic Charities is also looking for volunteers and/or donors to donate items, services, or funds. If you are touched by the services this wonderful organization provides, please contact them and become a supporter. Your help will go towards a wonderful and worthy cause.
    - Nadia Gilkes

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    Mad Medicine 3

    in Nutrition

    Med information

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    #MRMW11 Wrap-up with Leonard Murphy

    in Marketing

    MRGA General Manager Dana Stanley interviewed Market Research in the Mobile World moderator Lenny Murphy about the conference.
    Lenny gave an overview of the conference's modules and gave his impression of which themes and which presentations made a particular impact.  Dana and Lenny discussed their take on what made this conference different from some others they have attended recently.  Lenny also shared his views on mobile research in more detail and gave his perspective on the countervailing point of view.
    Dana and Lenny also discussed the networking outings at the conference, including a mixer put on by The Research Club and a live musical performance by Mark Michelson.  Lenny then previewed some activities he's planning over the coming months, and he gives Dana a scoop about new venture with which he's involved.
    Lenny Murphy can be found on Twitter at @lennyism; Dana Stanley's Twitter handle is @DanaMStanley.

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    A Nation Held Hostage. Will Integrity return to Washington?

    in Current Events

    Boehner said in his address that President Obama created the current debt crisis with his blank check spending. Can a politician intentionally lie with a straight face and still call himself a christian? Every honest american knows that President Obama inherrited the current economic crisis from the Bush administration of which Boehner was part. But as Hitler said. Tell a lie repeat it often and repeat it loud enough, and you can get enough people to believe you.

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    Introduction of Street Talk with Street Jazz

    in Entertainment

    On this episode I will discuss up and comin topics and have callers call in for the first time!!!
    Call in with ur interview request and Im gonna make it happen!!
    If u an independent artist email music to StreetTalkWithStreetJazz@gmail.com
    GET TO KNOW ME!!!!

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    Real Estate Investor Shares How He Got Started

    in Real Estate

    The mortgage mess caused the housing crisis, and the housing crisis helped cause the global economy to tumble. Yes, real estate helped cause the mess, but it can also form the solution--one family at a time.
    Please join me as I interview Kelly Klein of US Cash Flow Rentals, as he shares how he first got started in real estate investing, the challenges he had to overcome, and the single best piece of advice he can offer to beginning real estate investors.
    Don't miss out!