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    Empowered to pray

    in Spirituality

    We are putting on our war clothes and praying as a unite. Join Tamara Harris as she ushers you into a divine prayer experience!

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    NFL Rough Draft Dynasty Podcast 1

    in Sports

    Mike Luchene and Ray Mencio created NFL Rough Draft ten years ago and consistently ranked as some of the most accurate evaluators of NFL draft talent according to The Huddle Report's annual Top 100 rankings.The two lifelong friends began to gain interest in dynasty fantasy football eight years ago when Mike created a league with his ESPN Stats & Information coworkers. Since then, the two have become co-owners of numerous teams in leagues that contain some of the most well known experts in the industry. As a result, Mike and Ray have decided to create a secondary podcast that discusses the strategies that have made them into successful dynasty players.
    If you have questions, you can find them on Twitter or send them via email:

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    Agape Faith Tabernacle Radio Show

    in Religion

    Discussion of the Scriptures

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    whatever talk

    in Motivation

    just imvu talk

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    It's Monday, Get Motivated

    in Lifestyle

    Starting the work week off the right way. Strategizing and setting goals with the new morning crew. Clarence T. Brown, Dave Wess, Juliet Okafor and Antonio Cheeks.

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    The OMR Show - United We Fall

    in Travel

    Chinese Dr. David Dao is now known for his brutal removal from a United Airlines flight a few days ago. Since CEO Oscar Munoz's third apology, Dr. Dao is rumored to have hired a high power attorney. US Jusdge Nap agrees that Dr. Dao has a strong case. Queen Ex and LX discuss Dr. Dao's use of the race card, flying United Airlines and updates. Plus, new music news!
    Follow us online @theomrshow

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    Spiritually Minded Network Marketing in the 21st century

    in Entrepreneur

    What dose networking and network marketing look like from the spiritual point of view? In our industry we are call ourselves IBO’S Independent Business Owners. We all have one reason in common for having a business in this industry. We want to help and be a blessing to anyone and everyone we can. Just as it is in any other industry, there are laws that govern our industry. Our primary law is the law of reciprocity, the law states that if you give, if you bless, blessings will come to you, if you help, you will be helped. Spirit filled networking as an IBO in our industry is the way to build your business. For a very long time people have come into our industry by joining a company in the industry, becoming a distributor for that company and helping build that company brand by doing word of mouth advertising and networking for that company and getting paid. We believe you can be a blessing help other people when you join the industry. When you sign a distributorship agreement with a company of your choice, you can build your brand, do word of mouth advertising and networking for yourself, and get paid very well through the law of reciprocity. We believe that everyone should be an independent business owner with their own home based business. If you are now employed by a company, working a traditional JOB, and on the “Journey of the Broke”, unemployed, retired, or on a part time job, then you should be an IBO in the industry of Grace and Blessing. When we look at the different industries in the world, you can very quickly see that our industry is very unique. Our “JOB” is a “Journey of Blessing” the products companies and the compensation plans of our industry, are all created and built out of a desire to help and be a blessing to everyone that comes in contact with us.

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    A Psychic A Shaman and A Preacher Walk into a juice bar.......

    in Spirituality

    This is no ordinary bunch.  Join lively conversation concerning every the Spirit and Earth.  Readings with 3rd Generation Psychic Laura Kuhl.  Aura and energy readings and clearings with TJ the Shaman and recieve healing prayers, motivation and meditation with Haywood the Preacher.  Join us live at the Juice Bar Tonight.  

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    Biblical Marriage

    in Christianity

    Discussion Between Marriage Between man and Woman and Homosexuality. 

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    Motivational Mondays

    in Health

    Join Dr Jason S Henderson DPT, MBA every Monday morning for business development as his partners Dr Olu Ezeani DPT, George Brownlee PT and Dr Courtland Wyatt DPT discuss business network development and strategic planning 

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    NBE #2 - Michael "Q" Quinones

    in Lifestyle

    Had a great time with Q on this episode
    Q lives in Rochester, MN
    Married with a son and part of the top Real Estate team in the area, The Realty Edge Team of Counselor Realty
    Outside of Q's family and his business, he has passion for MMA and Photography
    Extremely talented and high energy
    You can connect with Q on Facebook at:
    Instagram - mrq2u