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    2016 Check In - Year End Message

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    2016 Check In - Year End Message
    Special year end message from Undead Randy.
    Where Have I Been?  Future Plans. Nothing formal or heavy (2016 has done that enough)
    Reflection on Beacon and Status of Decay
    Basically letting everyone know that I'm #notdeadyet !

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    House Entertainment live Episode 4

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    House Entertainment Live
    Today :  We'll start off with 
    Donald Trump visits Sept. 11 Memorial  http://www.lisabethdesignmagazine.com/ Max and Midi skirts www.lisabethfashionmagazine.us Pick up the conversation!
      Our newest  and brightest CLUB book club 
    The Girls Day In!Check out our blog coming soon :
    www.thegirlsdayin.com brought to you in part by Sydner Live Productions!
    Topics: According to the LA Times....... Encino estate has ties to Dick Van Dyke, recording studio built by Harrison Ford 
    An Encino home with a cast of characters in its history has come up for sale at $8.995 million.  
    The 8 Wildest Celebrity Prince Encounters During his 30-plus-year career, https://www.yahoo.com/celebrity/8-wildest-celebrity-prince-encounters-184602003/photo-tyra-banks-1461350837089.html
    How to Wear Three Very Tricky Trends, According to Olivia Culpo
    Olivia Culpo — Miss Universe 2012-turned-bonafide street-style star — http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3566268/Olivia-Culpo-leaves-little-imagination-flashes-underwear-lace-dress-Gigi-Hadid-s-birthday-bash.html
    Affliates: Form a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company
    Share My Sister Closet: Clothing drive  if you like goodwill youll like this

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    Episode 1 RECKLESSVIEWZ podcast

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    check us out RECKLESSVIEWZ po

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    The 80's Experience Presents The Music Of Culture Club

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    The 80's Experience returns to Blogtalkradio.com this Saturday morning at 10 AM EST! On this month's podcast, we will feature some great 80's hits from the iconic group, Culture Club! Tell your family and friends. Get ready to "feel the experience!" If you miss any part or all of the live broadcast, it will be ready anytime after the show for your listening pleasure!

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    The Nadia Adams Podcast Show Review of the Real Housewives Season 9

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    In light of the Real Housewives of Atlanta being back on Bravo for season 9 we are bringing back Shady Sunday’s! To join us for Shady Sunday’s we have Ms. Akilah as a special guest on the show! 

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    New Politics for a New Age

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    This episode looks at politics. What is politics and political ideology? We look at the history of politics, some key figures that shaped political thought especially in modern history, and some interesting and unique political ideas that surfaced and shaped the 19th, 20th and 21st Century. Taking stock of this we look to the future, and assess what might be shaping the politics to come

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    Jill Osborne interview

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    Jill Osborne of the IC Network has battled interstital cystitis (IC for short) for many years.  The disease cost Jill her job, her health insurance, and her relationship with her boyfriend.  Alvin George (not his real name), the host of this show, has had issues with sensory urgency for a few years now.  Alvin was diagnosed in January 2015 with pelvic floor dysfunction.  Despite many months of pelvic floor physical therapy, he still has issues with urinary frequency and urinary urgency.  He has intermittently undergone PTNS (posterior tibial nerve stimulation) since late May.  Alvin feels Jill's pain to a certain extent.  Jill shares her story as well as some self-help tips for IC patients.  It is worth noting that soap opera legend Melody Thomas Scott has battled IC herself.

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    Getting to know your hosts.

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    Keith Foster.
    Lyle Kiser.
    Marco Lopez.
    and Special Guest Fallon Magnus.
    Are going to try really hard to entertain you. Geeks, Nerds, Pop-Culture Warriors! Lend us some of your time! We are here to entertain, to ramble, and go off on tangents so wild they'll be practically Lovecraftian. We're going to discuss why we are geeks. Our fandoms, our collections, our secret nerd shame. And it's on blogtalkradio.com so you can call in and demand that money we owe you!

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    Our last show with LoLo on the air. Wishing her the best , Todays topics, Hot celebrity gossip, Current events and Hot or Not also cant forget our Mexican word of the day. Call in and join in on the conversation!