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    Meet Director MikeRoberts

    in Pop Culture

    Join us for some great fun with director Mike Roberts from Wilmington, NC. We will talk about his movies, and his new sitcom Vaughan, starring Vaughan Wilson (One Tree Hill) and Ryan Williams (On Air). Hosting will be Dr. John, Papa Stro Maestro, Dave Atwell and Lizz Alred. Check out the trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMSIS8M5XyA

  • 01:29

    The Geek I/O Show: Episode 196: "Dishwasher Kangaroo Jerky"

    in Pop Culture

    The parents are away (CJ, Rachel and Jaz are out), so the rats (Dale, Raul, Kerry and Josh) will play. They are joined by fellow podcaster, husband and father: JHammondC!
    They talk about what they have been up to in last couple of weeks and lots of talk around the national icon of Australia!
    Also on The Geek I/O Show, a re-cap of Google I/O and another round of Happy Fluffy Ice Cream Time w/ Raul. This time color movie titles and the results of this quiz will surprise you! 
    Join us on the Geek I/O show, won't you. Keep talking while I find my hat!

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    Prince - How Musicians Love His Work

    in Pop Culture

    Don't miss this inside look at PRINCE. Fans and musicians look at artists differently. Host Jerome Tucker will be speaking with former 3RD Eye Open co-host "Naisa" who has performed as a drummer on tour with Prince, Saxaphonist Lenny Harris, Guitarist "Hot Rod" Butler, 9 string Bassist Avon C. Lucas and "Drop" Saxaphonist Plunky Branch about how PRINCE's Purple Reign from 1957-2016 is perceived by his fellow musicians.My-Storian Mr. "Encyclo-Negroe-Pedia" C.R. Gibbs will discuss PRINCE's historical impact on society. YOU WON'T GET THIS EVERYWHERE.

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    Chelsea "hit or miss" Handler & Digging Into H-O-P-E

    in Pop Culture

    Teresa teaches us what H – O – P – E really stands for. We get a little bit of dish on Nicole's new man and is Chelsea Handler's new four part series for Netflix a hit or a miss? 

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    Presenting from the Travel Channel hit series The Dead Files Steve DiSchiavi

    in Pop Culture

    Joining me this coming Monday night from 9-11 pm Eastern is retired New York City Homicide Detective, Private Investigator, and one of the stars of the hit Travel Channel series the Dead Files, Mr. Steve DiSchiavi.  Steve was on 2nd show ever and returns to help us begin the run up to our 2 year anniversary show.  Steve and I will be discussing how important research is in any Paranormal investigation and what it's like to be on a smash hit Paranormal TV series.  Only on the Pop Culture FM Channel.

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    Room Without a Cause #1 - Free Preview

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    PLEASE fill out this 30-second survey. It's super quick and helps the show. http://survey.libsyn.com/incitingincident
    This is a freebie, posting the inaugural episode of the Patron-Only show "Room Without a Cause," described below. Normally only patrons can hear it, but here's a free preview, ala Opening Arguments and "Law'd Awful Movies." For as little as a dollar a month, you get the extra show! There's already a second episode up. 
    Become a patron and get access to the Patron-Only show "Room Without a Cause" where we read terrible scripts in different voices. We're starting with The Room, and it's worth it for the breaking of Brian with Ris doing Mickey Mouse as Claudette alone! 
    For as little as a dollar a month, go to patreon.com/IncitingIncident to support the show. 1 dollar gets you a shout-out, 5 dollars gets you a free-tshirt and any plug you want, and 25 gets you a guaranteed spot on any episode. Support indy podcasting!
    To buy Ris's book, go to Amazon.com and search Marissa McCool, CreateSpace, or email rismcwriting@gmail.com for a personalized signed copy, either just her or also Chris Kluwe. 
    Visit our sponsors Mind Aquarium and Warriors of the Crystal! 
    Voiceover by Jesse Dollemore of "I Doubt It With Dollemore." 
    Theme music by Elizabeth Drinks and Al Laiman. 
    Credits music: "Fight" by Kozma
    Twitter - @AlLaimanLOP, @BriantheFuzzy, @mwoneil
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    Naming It - Episode 1 - Welcome to “Naming It”

    in Pop Culture

    In this pilot episode Dr. LaMisha Hill and Dr. Bedford Palmer II introduce themselves and their new podcast “Naming It.” In this episode they discuss the intersection between psychology and Blackness, the importance of mentoring, and LaMisha shares her experience at a motivational retreat while Bedford throws shade.
    Follow us on Twitter: @NamingItPodcast | @DrBFPalmer | @LaMishaHill. Music provided by Lee England Jr. (@leeenglandjr).

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    Reinventing the News Stand with Marketing guru Andrew Deitchman

    in Pop Culture

    Listen as Ryan and Andrew discuss advertising, working at agencies, andrew's background in the media world, and why news stands need to be reinvented.

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    Ramblecast Ep. 9.07: "Liars, Cheats, and Scoundrels"

    in Pop Culture

    Jay and Jack ramble on about Jack's poor math skills, Ryan Lochte, and Jay's history skills are tested on The Five. Be sure to join their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/jayandjackgroup.
    Support Jay and Jack on Patreon! Click here for more information.
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    Exclusive Interview with Armon Wiggins

    in Pop Culture

    One of former cast members of My Shady Rainbow Armon Wiggins will be coming on The Wiley Show for his first interview. This interview is going to be everything from why he ended his relationship with Jacob and My Shady Rainbow team. This will be his first radio interview since his departure from My Shady Rainbow. So tell all your good girlfriends that The Wiley Show will be LIVE with Armon Wiggins AKA Recording LIVE from a secret location. 
    The Wiley Show Links: 
    IG: @WileyShow
    Armon Wiggins Links 
    IG: Armon Wiggins 

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    Da Vs Bridgette. New HOH.

    in Pop Culture

    So Da'Vonne finally got Frank Eudy out, but Frank returns the favor by absolutely helping Da burn her own game to the ground. Now she sits next to a weak Bridgette who now has two physical injuries and looks a lot less threatening this week. Paul's HOH went much better than expected, he refocuses on a new target with some help from Paulie who is still running the house. One person burning up over it is Michelle who is going crazy this week. Join me Thursday 11 PM EST as we talk about this week, last week, and next week as we have another eviction and HOH. Plus we talk about the theory and information surrounding the mysterious #BB19 situation.