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Poor Richard

Poor Richard


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We will take on a complete review of the economic recovery to date and where I expect the economy to be in six months time. We will also discuss the ongoing attack on the U.S. Constitution and the attempted dismantling of the rights and... more

A discussion of the impact of Obama's foreign policy on the future of America. An Update on the TEA Party activities around the country.
Poor Richard

Misdirection Gun Control

  • by Poor Richard
Recently, some commentators from the left of the political spectrum suggested that the support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms by some commentators were directly responsible for the violence in this country. I have... more
Poor Richard


  • by Poor Richard
As this is the first entry in what I hope to be many entries in this blog, I thought that perhaps a brief introduction would be in order. My early formative years were spent being raised as a Dixiecrat. That was a period when the Democratic Party... more

A lively and provocative discussion of Obama's, Pelosi's and Reid's axis of power and its results on the American people. Additionally, full details and discussions concerning the upcoming TEA day activities.

A revealing discussion of the latest Attacks by Barack H. Obama on the American people, institutions, and the Constitution of the United States.
Poor Richard

Poor Richard Hour March 22, 2009

  • by Poor Richard
I'm asking that comments be posted relevant to the show for March 22, 2009. I would like to hear from you and your opinions about tonight's show and the issues that were discussed. Please, if you didn't catch the show listen to it from the... more

A look at the selling out of America by Obama. Everything from the environment to the unions. Join me for a hard look at the dark side of the Obama presidency. How far from the Light is the Obama administration. How is he using global... more

Obama has a master plan that he is working under that will surprise even the most stout hearted. Join me as I reveal what the future holds for this country and you and I.

Why Obama's economic policy is doomed to failure. Why Obama rushed through Congress the economic stimulus package and why it wasn't necessary.