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Broadcasting from the scenic Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dallas Texas for Nightmare Nights Dallas! Tonight we've got SKG, Capper, Remington (maybe), And Toast. Also possibly M. A. Larson. Tune in and rock on!
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Aaaaand Lee Tockar is back to answer more of your questiosn because there were so many folks who didn't get answered last night!

Tonight we're featuring a special guest: Lee Tockar, long-time voice actor and CEO of Fanbuilt. We're going to talk about all sorts of things, from Ponies to Fanbuilt to whatever! Make sure to tune in!

Tonight on TER we're gonna ask y'all a very important question: what are you all doing while we wait for Season 4? "Bitching about Equestria Girls" doesn't count. Let's share some art and music and shit. Because it's awesome. Also, we're... more

So tonight, we're gonna talk about what is being hailed by some as the bane of brony existence, and is being referred to by others as "whatever". You know what I'm talking about: Equestria Girls. It's time to let those rants out, and show... more

And we return to talk about convention season. It's started, y'know.

Fall-in? What is that? Some kind of pun? I don't even know. Tonight on TER we're gonna discuss MLP and video games. Yes, both at the same time. We're gonna talk about MLP MMOs, MLP fighters, and MLP extravaganzas of digital... more

In short, BlogTalkRadio is back online and stuff is okey-dokey. I've got some cool announcements, and I'm gonna talk about how much BRONY is too much BRONY. Make sure to donate to keep this show running. and spread it all over... more

Hey there, ya capitalist carrotbowls. It's been 50 episodes, and tonight we've got a big treat for ya! MLP writer M. A. Larson is going to join us and answer your questions. So tune your butts in and let's talk about some DAMN PONIES.

Yep, it's another episode. No special guests this time, we're back to our normal wackiness.

Why do I keep making angle jokes for episode titles? I dunno. But I'm keeping the dream alive. This week we will be interviewing a staff member from Double Rainboom! So if you haven't seen DR, go see it or I'll slap you.