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Hey, show time! You may notice some things are different. CHANGES CHANGES CHANGES

Stuff! Yes, stuff. Let's talk a bit about Las Pegasus Unicon! Let's also talk a bit about more cons! And then let's talk about new stuff that's gonna happen. Let's get this party started

So the season finale happened. We're gonna be talking about that, looking back on the whole season, make some predictions for next season, and punch some folks in the face. Eeyup.

Tonight we're gonna go over the stuff I wanted to discuss last week. Also we'll discuss the newest episode, "Games Ponies Play" and alicorns and all that nonsense. Make sure to donate! This station doesn't come cheap, y'know!

NO PONI THIS WEEK?!? Well, we will have to come up with something to fill our time then because I feel good tonight. I ain't gonna let any of you folks mess up my good feeling. You can TRY but you will FAIL. We WILL be talking about... more

Seriously, whose dumb idea was it to have 40 episodes of this thing? Holy monkey nuggets. Somepony stop this while it's ahead. Wait, what am I saying? FULL PONY AHEAD! We're going to discuss the new episode (SPIKEASODE),... more

Discord messed up my show! The HECK is going on here? DAMMIT, APPLEJACK, PLUG THAT BACK IN

I couldn't do this last week, but it's a great idea. Best moments of last year, wrap-up, that sort of thing. Also, don't forget to drop me a shorty award tweet, ya carrotbowls. Spread it around the internet. Around the WORLD!

You know the drill. Call in, let's talk about today's episode, and finally determine the true answer to WHO IS BEST PONY DAMMIT

...you capitalist carrotbowls. THAT'S RIGHT. I said CARROTBOWLS. ALL OF YA