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NO, NO, STOP I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS NONSENSE. IT'S TERRIBLE, MAKE IT STOP PLEASE! Okay, seriously. It's time to talk about Pinkie Apple Pie. THis is gonna be a long one. GET ME A BEER, ENGINEER

Dave Polsky is BACK! Today he's going to talk about this past episode, "Rarity Takes Manhattan"! Call in and give him your best thoughts!

Tonight we have a special guest! Dave Polsky, writer of Daring Don't and other MLP episodes, joins us tonight in the studio. Call in and ask him your silly question. Go on, I dare you! Call in at 714-888-7471!

Power Ponies go! Deep in the heart of Toastroplis, the POWER HORSEDORKS are around, criticizing everything in their path! No stone shall be left unturned! No plot unanaliyzed! No caller unanswered!

Los Angeles P.D. officers Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs are back, and this time they are chasing a thug in a red BMW. When the car crashes, several million dollars in Krugerand - South African currency - spill out of the trunk. After... more

Yes, you heard me. 10,000. On tonight's episdoe, premiering the writing of Dave Polsky, we're going to discuss the episode, talk about the Daring Do fanon, and cause a general ruckus.

Tonight we get to talk about the creepy, spooky castle and stuff. Oh, also, there's been a lot of talk about shipping this week and I dunno why, so let's talk Appledash. YES, I SAID APPLEDASH. Make sure to donate to keep TER on... more

It's here, folks. THe moment we've waited for for so long. It's here and we're ready to rock. Join us tonight on True Equestria Radio for the return of discussion that is not generall terrible. We're gonna talk about ponies and it's time to... more

One week from now, we'll be discussing the premiere. That's a pretty big thing, don't you think? So I've had an idea about what to do THIS week for a while and it's pretty simple: What do you want to see this coming season? Let's get it... more

Tonight Toast joins us live from Nightmare Nights dallas, with special guest M. A. Larson. Also to appear are DUsty Katt, Joe Stevens, Chef Sandy and more!