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With your host, the man they call Toast! Discuss Equestria and stuff. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

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In this episode we discuss the new PC games HuniePop and Legends of Equestria. Whether your waifu is human or pony we have things to discuss. In addition to this we will be livestreaming a game of HuniePop while broadcasting... more

Tonight we discuss the furry agenda and their desire to corrupt America with ideas such as love and tolerance. We also talk about current events and pop culture topics from the past week.

The innaugural episode of the long awaited spin-off show Off the Record with Earnest and Super Kami Guru. Tonight we discuss a plethora of topics from current events to anime to furries to video games, and so on. Pretty much... more

More Ted Anderson SJW controversy, Trotcon confirmed for closet clopping haven, and more headlines stolen from Horse News. Talk about anything you'd like, from ponies to stupid British sci fi shows to comic book shit.

Worst. Forced. Pun. Ever. New year, new trolls, new memes, let's mess some shit up.

We're rocking around the christmas tree At the TER christmas bash Everyone's giving people things though we all know that it's trash We're talking about EQG3 and about The Interview Everyone's drinking merrily Except Earnest, he's a... more

Friday time! And I'm not tired! how the FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN? Let's get down and dirty with some stuff here. Where my trolls at? let's fuck some shit up. This episode brought to you by Michael's Mother. Make sure to donate to my patreon... more

With special guest star REBECCA BLACK ... just kidding

TER is moving! THis is our final show broadcasting on Saturday nights, so be ready for next week when we move to Friday! Toast has a new microphone! Oh, also: TRUE EQUESTRA HAS GONE VIDEO. Check out the live stream at:... more