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October 10th marked the 4 year anniversary for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. There was also some other dude whose birthday it was. But who cares about him.

This week we have Ted Anderson getting in trouble, EQG2 (which I assume you all have seen by now) and other pony nonsense.

EqG 2 came out. Also other things happened!

Doctor Who? Check. Ponies? Check. Game of Thrones? Check. Yeah, we're back and we're tackling some fandoms and the shit they're getting into these days. Tune into it, you don't want to miss it.

It's a show for news. Ponies. And whatever I want.

Open your future and look into the mind of mother Universe.

So here we are again, another fine TER weekend. What's on the menu tonight? We seek to answer the question: How much will EQG 2 Suck? Also, Doctor Who is going to premiere tomorrow. So We're gonna talk about that, too.

We recap all sorts of things tonight, like what happened last week, how it occurred, why it occurred, and what we did about it. Should be fun times. Also we're goign to (hopefully) talk a bit about EqG 2, other fandoms, and such... more

Another Bronycon food-related disaster. Now Capper-free.