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Operation: Peanut Bucker was a success! Tonight use trotcon attendees are here to talk to you about Trotcon and what happened! It was a blast!

Toast and the gang areat Trotcon.

Toast died. lol

Another hiatus week, folks. On the bright side, we'll be talking about upcoming cons. Make sure to catch me, Super Kami Guru, Deimos Foxx and more out at Trotcon in two weeks in Columbus, OH! And make sure to follow me on twitter!

asfdgbhjknasdeuvaysdjhfdsuipofdsuipofadsuipofdsa oh God i'm late

It's week two of the hiatus, and we're catching up on a few things. Tune in tonight and listen to us talking about cartoons other than horses, in addition to cartoon horses. Guests include nobody :( Make sure to donate to TER so we can keep... more

BUT WHEELY BOPPER IS STILL ADORABLE So it's been a week, and there's so much to tell. Been doing alright, in spite of myself. just wish bronies stop makin me feel gay But I'll see the 5th season someday

It's here! Spread the word! Spread it around the internet like WILDFIRE. Yep, our season 4 has come to an end. What are we gonna do for the next rest-of-the-year? I dunno. Wait for EQG2 I suppose? THAT'S IT, I'M LEAVING... more

Rocking the stacks of wax at the house of clop. Drop some spaghetti and then get ready, cuz here comes POOOOONYTOOOOOOOOOOOAST Tonight we're covering the Equestria Games, the Kentucky Derby, and recap a few long... more