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Today we're talking about today's episode. Actually, you know what? Let's not. It was so awful I can't believe it. WORST EPSIODE EVER. I CAN'T ING BELIEVE THIS SHIT, IT ING SUCKS

And so it is the return of the Rainbow Dash episode extravaganza. After the "aquaponies" debocle of last week, I'm back and I'm gonna rock this week with some Dash-related nonsense. We're gonna take some time to talk about the... more

Yes, I said it!

100. Yes. 100. THat's 200 hours of TER at your disposal. Anc this is episode 100. That's all I'm going to say right now. Tune in.

Maud Pie is now officially my favorite background character. And my second-favorite pony. DEAL WITH THAT. So today we're talking about the new epsiode and stuff, right? THa'ts the plan? I mean, technically it's a Pinkie Pie... more

And then, it was confirmed that the breezies are in fact from the same universe as those chicks from Frozen. Tonight we've got Tecnojock from PVL all up in our biznatch. THis mofugga drove 6 hours just to hang out with our toasty. What a... more

This image sums up pretty much the whole episode, entirely accurately.

Hello there, this is Rainbow Dash here! tonight, we're discussing the newest spidoe, which is clearly about me ina gorilla suit. ALSO, please welcome the voice iof Rainbow Dash Presents, FimFlamFilosophy!

This image just about sums it up. Rarities everywhere rejoice. You know who you are (EARNEST). We also get joined by BABScon Chair Sonya Lynn, who is going to help us answer your questions tonight.

So the world didn't end from a single episode. Tonight we're joined by the wonderful Jenny Nicholson of Friendship is Witchcraft.