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A program for holding elected officials accountable regardless of party, and vetting candidates so that voters make a more informed decision at the polls.

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The ethics issue just won't go away for Governor Nathan Deal. Is it really important to Georgia voters? What's the deal with HB 689 and why are Georgians so upset about it? Did the Douglas County BOE listen to the Douglas... more

Well the Government shutdown and everyone is pointing the finger at someone else. But we're all still here, the sun came up and the world kept spinning. So the question is...what Government agencies are still operating, which ones are... more

Douglasville City Council candidate, Mike Miller, is calling in to discuss his campaign and why he's running for Ward 2, Post 1 (the seat currently held by Dennis McLain). And what are our federal representatives up to these days?... more

Once again America's attention was captured by an old fashioned filibuster. Ted Cruz held the floor of the Senate for 21 hours and we know Harry Reid was seriously irked. We'll discuss the filibuster, the upcoming vote on cloture and the... more

Every once in a while a politician's TRUE character comes out. And every once in a while a politician shows us just how out of touch with the public he/she is. We've had a quite a few local and state leaders make some mistakes in the... more

Is the First Amendment under attack or is it just the part regarding Freedom of the Press? The new "media shield law" currently being debated in the Senate has folks all upset and with good reason. But what exactly is in the bill and how... more

Say hello to bloody campaigns in Georgia. It seems that the first punches have been thrown in the Georgia race for Senate by Rep. Paul Broun. Should we expect more blood? What about local races coming up November here in the... more

We're two days away from the anniversary of 9/11/01 and 9/11 Benghazi. We're still in Afghanistan and we have NO answers for Benghazi. Do Georgia Senators and Congressmen actually believe we should be in Syria? Do the candidates... more

A special show allowing listeners to make their voices heard by their representatives in Washington, D.C. America has no business sending any military aid to either side in Syria. Shannon Grady will be calling in from... more

Our Petulant President has decided to ask for Congress' approval to use military force in Syria. But is he supporting the right side? Is there any good that can come out of sending our military into Syria? How will this decision, one way... more
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