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    It is our weekly politics and news talk!!  Tomorrow at 2:30 CST.Author Craig Rozniecki was born six weeks early, at a robust 3.5 lbs., on February 28th of 1981 in Omaha, Nebraska. He now resides in Columbus, Ohio and has grown to be 5'9'', 170 lbs. of pure muscle, jelly beans, and Chicken Vindaloo. Not only that, but he sports hair wavier than the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Hemsworth, eyes greener than Willie Nelson's garden, and a single chest hair. He's written twelve books in the past ten years, including five in the LOL at the GOP series. The moment he realized he was wired a bit differently than most, and therefore wanted to become a writer, was when he wrote the story The Talking Pencil in 4th grade. Other accomplishments of his include: Winning a school spelling bee and math competition, memorizing the state capitals at the age of 9, bowling a 270, and tripping over a blade of grass while completely sober and trying to impress a girl. Outside of writing, his other interests include: Long walks on the beach, impersonating mimes while speed dating, moonwalk hurdling, Beethoven karaoke bashes, and speaking jive at old folks homes.
    You can follow Craig on Twitter at: @CraigRozniecki Craig's famous blog can be found at this site:.http://thekind-heartedsmartaleck.blogspot.com. We will be posting how to find Craig's book and posting those. 
    We will take your questions at 215-383-3795 during the live broadcast.  This will also be available for replay. Remember to follow us at @tracyfortshow, like us on Facebook at The Tracy Fort Show, and you can always e-mail the show at thetracyfortshow@gmail.com.  Thank you for listening and supporting us!