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  • Speaking of Everything With Jeff Bushman\

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    You've heard about the tax bill and the deficit and debt and how personal decreases will go away, but no one's talked about the added risks of Chinese creditors, inflation, and interest rates. Tune in and find out

  • The Kerner Report

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    President Lyndon B Johnson who had already pushed through the Civil Rights Act and the voting Rights Act, ignored the kerner report and rejected the Kerner Commission's recommendation. In April 1968, one month after the release of the Kerner report, rioting broke out in more than 100 cities following the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.Today after more than forty years after the Kerner Report There is more poverty in America, it is deeper blacker, and browner than before and it is more concentrated in the cities, which have become America's poorhouse.

  • The IDECLAIR Show..

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    Join @IDECLAIRMEDIA, #TIDCS #NewYearsEve2017
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    To say 2017 has been a political roller coaster is a literal understatement.
    The #45 WH has been a day to day evisceration of sane, rational, national governance. #RussiaInvestigation #GOPTaxScam  #MeToo  #DougJonesALSenate  #VOTE2018and2020  #VoteThemOUT
    We say GoodBYE to 2017 & welcome 2018!
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    The IDECLAIR Show...