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    Standing Strong in Love Against the KKK: How 4 Friends Met in Columbia, SC

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    Back in June, I (Bram Sarkowski) was contacted by fellow Anti-Racist friend Rigel about a planned KKK rally at the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina. Being that we had connected in Anti-Racist groups online and had watched the horrors of Charleston & discussed what could happen with a KKK rally, we were both primed to take a stand against this group there. Rigel was our fearless leader, having protested with Occupy Cincinnati & other movements, and worked to coordinate a road trip among us Anti-Racist friends. Amy from nearby Rigel was on board and we were able to contact West Columbia, SC local Ami Propagator to join us at the statehouse. With plans in place and generous support from friends, we all converged on Columbia on Friday, July 17. We all stayed in the same hotel just blocks from where the Confederate flag had flown for 54 years until recently. What we saw on the day of the rally was a mass of people, mostly against the KKK, gathering to listen to Black Power & Black Justice groups on one side of the statehouse. After standing in solidarity with them, it was clear that the KKK had arrived and we all made our way to the other side of the building...to catch a sight of pure ignorance and hatred in person... What happened next will be left up to our guests Ami, Rigel and Amy as we all come together just after a month later. I look forward to talking with my friends once more. Won't you join us?  Let's get the conversation going...

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    We have been off a few weeks enjoying the summer and are coming back to do this explosive show that will delve into topics such as police brutality, the poaching of Cecil the Lion and yet another attempt to defund Planned Parenthood. Be sure to tune in!!!!

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    JRP Cast

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    Live from LA.

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    The Morning Edge Don Trump Imagration Speech in Iowa on Saturday 3

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    We planned on doing this show both on Monday and Wed.  We are doing it this morning.
    We will play sections and critique.
    Donald Trump in Iowa: 'Drudge is amazing'
    7/25/15 2:58 PM EDT
    Trump had little good will for the rest of the media in his speech here in front of a packed auditorium of more than 600 people at Oskaloosa high school (with at least 400 in an overflow room). The billionaire real estate mogul opened his speech by bashing the Des Moines Register —whose reporters he had banned from the event, his team said on Friday, illlay sections ill pWe will play sctionsbecause the paper had published an editorial calling on Trump to drop out of the race.
    “The Des Moines Register is standing outside too," Trump said to cheers from the audience. “It's a super liberal rag that’s not respected around here.”
    (During the event, the Register’s chief political correspondent Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that the paper did in fact have a reporter inside the auditorium covering the event).
    Trump said the press often misquotes him and doesn’t accurately report how many people come out to see him or how much he’s worth.
    “A lot of political press is great like 30, 35 percent,” he said. “Some are so dishonest. You'll have a crowd like this and they'll say it’s miniscule.”

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    Politics Done Right on KPFT - Will Sanders use 2008 Obama playbook beat Hillary?

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    Last night Bernie Sanders had house parties throughout the country. Over 100,000 people signed up. I went to one in the role of a blogger and was blown away by the group of people attending. Bernie Sanders has been accused of having supporters that do not reflect the demographics of America. It seems like the Black Lives Matter protest at Netroots Nation 2015 has completely changed the character of his campaign operation.
    This particular Bernie Sanders house party did not only reflect America, it reflected Houston, it reflected Texas. Moreover the stream beamed into homes throughout the country was also very diverse. Bernie Sanders has not changed his message. He enhanced it. He made it more reflective. He made it more inclusive.
    Currently the polls still show Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead. It also shows Bernie Sanders constantly chipping away. Will there be a real populist vs status quo Democratic Primary after all?

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    Police Brutality in Our Community

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    With a recent outrage about the death of Texas resident Sandra Bland it is time now more than ever to have a discussion on what we can do to further the #blacklivesmatter movement.  Black communities across the nation have been victim of police harassment, discrimination, violence, and unfortunately deaths at much higher rates than any other ethnic groups. We want to have a discussion about the reality of what is occurring nation wide  and what we can do to combat these injustices. Join us for the conversation and come with your constructive ideas to progress.

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    Storm Cloud Daily #1

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    Topics today include:
    Jimmy Carter comments on Hilary
    Jared From Subway
    Donald Trump and more

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    NickanDinoJam Ep 2

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    NickanDinoJam Ep# 2 
    We will see whwt happens

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    Where Do We Go From Here? A Conversation on Racism and Responsibility

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    Join Roderick Lewis, Chair Cumberland County Progressives and his guest: Ashleigh Shackelford is a community organizer, pop culture enthusiast, and part time blogger. She identifies as queer Black fat femme women and focuses her work on empowerment through body positivity with gender, sexuality, and race. She is a lead organizer for Black Action Now and creator of Free Figure Revolution. She graduated with her degree in Business administration and Political science at Virginia Commonwealth University

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    Now We Did It! God is Gonna Be SOOOOO Mad At Us!

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    Oh, yeah. You thought God was ticked when a bunch of guys wanted to have butt sechs with angels in Sodom (come for the pie, stay for the sodomy)? That ain't NUTHIN the the vengeance and the justice and the wrath and and the hurts me glavin that awaits us now that the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCROTUM) has thrown open the gates of hell to cast our bodies into the fire that can never be quenched. Oh, the horrible, evil, SIN of allowing people who love each other to codify their love by contract of marriage and adopt children which will also be thrown into hell unless their same sex Mommies are a couple of hot babes in pearls and high heels and then we all get to WATCH!
    But not men.

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    So, What to Do About Hoggy?

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    I've given the matter a great deal of thought, and I've decided what I'm going to do about Hoggy's vexatious, vindictive, unwarranted peace order appeal. Join us for the revelation.