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    Michigan vs. Rev. Jonas Moses by Jennifer Moses

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    It appears that there is a conspiracy in Michigan to wrongly convict a Native American pastor, Jonas Moses. We interviewed his daughter, Jennifer. Apparently, Pastor Moses was set up on false child molestation charges. His daughter feels this was done by a former church member who demanded a return of the money he had paid into the church while a member. As a corrections officer, the former member seems to have the cooperation of the detective in this case. Charges were filed regarding two young people in the church. One is a 15-year-old foster child who has made similar accusations about three other men, all of whom were convicted. The second woman (now around age 20) used to date the disgruntled former member's son. Her mother testified that this young woman admitted to her parents that she was not truthful about Pastor Moses having assaulted her. Also hear Jennifer speak regarding her father's case at https://fccdl.in/LxNcvbsRu or by calling (605)562.0029, code 992212650, tape no. 67 (FreeConferenceCall.com).
    The Michigan Innocence Clinic lists causes of wrongful convictions: 1) Eyewitness Misidentification, 2) Junk Science, 3) False Confessions, 4) Government Misconduct, 5) Snitches, and 6) Bad Lawyering. There should be another category added for individuals who deliberately lie to authorities for reasons like jealousy, greed, reveange, and to gain attention. Fortunately, the weight of evidence favors Pastor Moses, and his case resulted in a hung jury in the first trial. Re-trial was scheduled for August 3-5, 2016. 
    Pastor Moses insisted he was never even alone with either alleged victim.
    "I'm a married man," testified Pastor Moses. When asked by the defense attorney if he loved his wife, Pastor Moses responded,  "Yes, these two hands have only touched my wife."

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    Trump Didn't Come From Mars: Get Rid of Him and Then What?

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    Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness will discuss what societal collapse looks like and what it is. From education and health care to endless wars and destruction, American society has stopped functioning. And we can add to that two major powers that do not represent the interests of the American people. Hey, give us a call! Let's talk!

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    Today's Mathematics is...NATIONHOOD

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    Join Mr. Holipsism and co-host Neo Black Nationalist as we discuss the role and importance of mathematics as a nation building skill. 
    Instead of engaging in analyzing the problem and uninspiring gloom, doom, despair, and agony scenarios involving "the struggle," we intend to inspire the people who have a stake and teeth in the Land, Infrastructure, Nationhood and independent nation state game; Black Afrikan Youth.
    In addition, Mr. Holipsism delivers a personal message to our Black Afrikan Youth.

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    The Authority Smashing! Hour: Radical Report 8/25/17

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    Join us live today at 6PM EST. Call in or just listen @ (917) 932-8111 Tonight we have updates on news and headlines from around the world, 2 are dead from a large gathering of fascists in Virginia, labor, updates from Syria, Yemen, state spying, immigration/ refugee updates, kleptocracy news, J20 repression gets more totalitarian, Cville clips, Brother West is down with anarchists and antifa while the Noamster is not down with it, many now see need for antifa organizing while some liberals, centrists, sectarians and media are pushing back against leftward lunge of working class seeing need to organize against fascists, Trump publically sides with Nazis rather than condemn right wing domestic terrorism--blowing cover for structurally racist institutions, Confederate participation trophies get taken down, the struggalo is real as we on left find ourselves on same side with Juggalos, Trump nearly causes nuclear MAD with N. Korea but Kim calls his bluff, Trump may resign as Russia probe unearths evidence of prolific money laundering for Russian gangsters/ state going back decades, the longterm political coup being carried out by right wing think tanks, and Trump stares at eclipse because fuck scientists.
     Produced by the Authority Smashers Collective.

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    Who are the Masons

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    Today on Power 144.0 Radio your Ancestors Radio station and home of Black Nation Taskforce brother Dawada teaching

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    Indiana's First Amendment Games

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    With same-sex marriage battle lost — waiting only for the SCOTUS cymbal clap in June, wingers are pig piling on a new ploy. In numerous states, legislatures are pretending to protect religious freedom from the inevitable and fearful persecution from dem damn gays.
    I'll kick around Indiana's worst-in-class blunders in trying this ruse. 
    POTUS hopeful, Gov. Mike Pence (R, of course) signed a bill into law that pretty much lets anyone for any reason discriminate against LGBT potential customers. Poorly disguised as protecting citizen's First Amendment rights to exercise religion, it instead is an atavistic license to ignore statutes, case law and morality. 
    Pence seemed to figure the Hoosier lawmakers were being oh, so clever in patterning the bill after the 1993 federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Wrong there. The RFRA was yet another cowardly and ill-considered Pres. Bill Clinton effort to appease wingers.Yet Indiana's version is worse, even legislatively malignant.
    I'll get into the concepts of balancing exercise of religion with both commerce and respect as required by federal law. We can be very sure Pence and his minions are having similar discussions following the nationwide blowback to Indiana's overreach. 

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    Politics Done Right - Progressives working hard to reclaim America and beyond

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    Politics Done Right is coming to you live from Netroots Nation 2017, the largest aggregation of political bloggers on the panel. Robert Rodrigo, a Coffee Party USA Board of Directors member along with other Daily Kos bloggers will give us some insights on the Progressive agenda.?
    Blog of the week
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    This is KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston Texas. We want to hear your voice. We want to hear #PoliticsDoneRight on Twitter @EgbertoWillies. You can listen to the live stream, or listen to the podcast/vlogcast (links at the beginning of post). Folks do remember this is a call in show. Call me at (713) 526-5738.

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    Short Announcement - Prioritize Saving South American Forests

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    A very short public service announcement. Please share this!
    5 Reasons we should prioritize saving South American Forests, 2 will surprise you!

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    Progress Toward Democracy

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    brian Stetten welcomes back Ryan Ross for part two of their talk on more local politics---- Ryan is running for Broward County Commission in Florida, District 2. His background as a school administer and educator, along with being a single parent of a 3 year old daughter, gives him a clear view of what is needed in our education arena. This, and grassroots movements and effective campaigns, will be addressed in this show.

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    Commentaries On The Times Radio l with Playthell Benjamin

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    "Commentaries on the Time Radio with Playthell Benjamin"
    “Praising Saints, Celebrating Heroes, Unmasking Charlatans, Defending the Defenseless and Chastising Scoundrels”
    An exciting Black Voice Collaborative live talk radio line up at TruthWorks Network. The weekly program features the best of the writings of Playthell Benjamin with commentary from his renowned virtual magazine, “Commentaries On the Times”.
    Benjamin brings the scope of 40 years of journalism and broadcasting to TruthWorks.
    Commentaries on the Times Radio promises the same.
    Like us on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/CommentariesOnTheTimesRadio
    On the Web/Program Notes  http://www.commentariesonthetimeradio.wordpress.

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    Dessa Cosma-King Social Justice Activist

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    Dessa Cosma-King is a life long social justice activist with experience in the women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, environmental and disability justice movements.  She is the Michigan Program Director for Center for Progressive Leadership/Social Justice Leadership. In her role, she recruits budding and seasoned progressive leaders and facilitates comprehensive political leadership trainings for those that want to be better social justice organizers and advocates and for those that want to manage campaigns or run for office.
    Dessa is a proud Little person, who uses her experience with a disability to challenge ableist thinking and action. She has undergraduate degrees in Women’s Studies, Anthropology and International Affairs from the University of Georgia, as well as a Masters in Social Justice fromMarygrove College in Detroit.  She lives in Michigan with her partner, Ryan, and writes for Shetroit.com, a women’s blog dedicated to the powerful stories of women living in Detroit.