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    Muslim Female Professor Says It’s OK To Rape Non-Muslim Women

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    Many of us right now are torn between what we hear about radical Islam and your everyday Muslim.  Are all of them terrorists?  Do all of them believe in and support ISIS? Surely this just can not be the case.  Right?  I think the fundamental problem is that the media has scared us for so long that we are not sure what to believe anymore.
    The truth is that there are radical elements of Islam that are getting all of the press.  This is a problem when we seemingly have silent majority of Muslims that we are not seeing stand up against ISIS and ISIL at all.  Maybe they are scared.  Maybe they fear for their lives.  I would just once like to see on FOX or MSNBC a series of actual Muslims condemn what is going on in the world with Radical Islam.
    Read full article here: http://www.earlhallshow.com/isis/video-muslim-female-professor-says-its-ok-to-rape-non-muslim-women/

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    California's New Laws for 2016 / Congressional Candidate Paul Chabot

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    We plan to go over many of the new California state laws implemented on January 1st, 2016, and solicit feedback from our listeners about which ones they believe affect them the most.
    Time pending, we'll discuss the latest Presidential GOP Debate that took place on January 14th, but our Political Candidate spotlight is a great one this Sunday! 
    GOP Congressional candidate Paul Chabot, who barely lost his race in 2014, will join us to discuss his plan to defeat Congressmember Pete Aguilar in one of the top House GOP targets for 2016! 
    In 2014, Paul Chabot ran for Congress in the 31st District of California and placed first out of seven candidates, by a full 10-points, in the June primary, despite being outspent 11 to 1. In the General Election, Chabot was winning on election night but fell short by just 3 points in the days ahead. He was outspent 8 to 1 yet defeated his opponent in five of the nine cities, including soundly defeating Mayor Pete Aguilar of Redlands by 8-points in Aguilar's home-city. Paul Chabot is running for the same seat in 2016. The National Republican Congressional Committee has listed this race as a priority target to win. 
    We'll discuss the issues Paul believes will swing the election results more favorably toward him to ensure there is no doubt on Election night when he wins! 
    His website is http://www.paulchabot.com/. We encourage all of our listeners, especially this in the Inland Empire, to visit his website and learn how to get involved in this battleground House election race!

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    GOP Debate, Farewell BTR

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    Yes the big day is here, we hope everyone is as excited for us as we are to make this move over to a 24/7 radio program allowing us much more time to bring many special on location broadcast and so much more.
    Today we will cover all topics such as the first GOP Debate of the year and what ever might come up in our round table discussion so call in, tune in, join in the fun is just starting here this morning on In The Pickle Barrel.

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    III% United Patriots Radio

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    Tonights show is the state of the patriot movement. We will talk training, we will talk Oregon. 

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    Paul Revere 2016 The final Ride to Restore America

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    Myself, Master Sergeant Vincent G. Smith USAF,Top Fuel Bill Williamson (of 2 million bikers to DC fame) , Charles Carter, and Our Road captains will be joining us,   Glen Estes national Road Captain,  and his state road captains will join us to answer questions and help to recruit like minded Americans who are tired of the status quo in DC.  WE are forging ahead to deliver documents of greivance and insist upon redress of those greivances against this federal government.  we are tired of talk and the constant overreach by the national leadership at our expense.  We demand a constitution as it was prior to civil war America.  We want to abolish the fed and all the alphabet agenices who reach well into our daily lives and limit our natural God given freedoms.  We are asking that the entire country stand with us and march with us to deliver these needed messages to our failed political system.  If you do not know in your heart that there is a dire need to reign in this govt. then you are in the wrong country.  If you know in your heart that this country must change or it will destroy itself you must come with us.  you owe it to yourselves and to your children and their Children. 

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    test 2

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    "Lurch" is now 0-3 for the year.....Poor "Lurch"

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    "Lurch" is now 0-3 for the year.....Poor "Lurch"
    Is the world better off without Freddie? I think so.....

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    Guest Rep. Bill Flores - #Omnibus, #PowerofthePurse, #ISIS, #Campaign

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    Rep. Bill Flores from CD-17 in Texas will join the program tonight to discuss the recent passing of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill.  We've been told for many years how the House of Representatives controls the "Power of the Purse."  From setting up budgets for school lunch programs to the funding of the military and VA services, the Omnibus bill essentially approves money to be spent on government programs.  Conservatives have been counting on this Constitutional requirement in order to stop some of the assaults on our taxpayers.  From funding Planned Parenthood, to funding President Obama's nightmare healthcare program, Congress, more specifically the House of Representatives has the final say in whether or not programs get the funding to survive another year.  This recent funding bill has upset many Conservatives / Republicans who felt let down by the passing of this bill.  We will talk with Congressman Flores and get his take on why he voted for the bill.  Also, we'll get some insight into other important issues like ISIS and the conflict in the Middle East.  Maybe we can even getr a few thoughts on the Presidential race.  Tune in !

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    The Brett Rappaport Show with guest Ambassador Francis Rooney

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    Ambassador Francis Rooney, who served under George Bush at the Holy See, joins me today to discuss his recent article in the Hill.  He contends that the global jihadist and their attacks are a much greater and more ambitious war than we are currently admitting.

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    Episode 018 Doomsday is Near: Are You Ready?

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