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    jan 13

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    Aint Nothin But A Deplorable Party

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    "Aint Nothin But A Deplorable Party" with Kiki tonight at 8!
    Republicans! Trump Supporters and Spectators Welcome! 
    The media has called you deplorable but they never asked you why you support Trump! Speak on it tonight! Join this deplorable Black girl in a celebration of victory over the globalist. We got the opposition shook!
    FBI sticks to previous email decision? Comey flip flops again? Is there mutany within the establishment? Was Bill Maher about to cry on his own show?! 
    Trump supporters are the more informed party not the band of idiots or racist as portrayed in the bought and paid for media by the Democratic National Criminals!

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    The Red America Podcast with Garrett Ventry

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    North Carolina Digital/Communications Adviser Garrett Ventry touches on the state of North Carolina GOP politics.

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    Politically Incorrect- Guest Mark Burton- KLAV1230am- Jan 8th 2014

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    Politically Incorrect with Warren Markowitz, Its My World You Just Live In It.
    Today we speak with Mark Burton, an advisor and consultant in the developing vaping industry. Join me as we discuss the industry, trends and the politics that surround a growing alternative to smoking and a strong social trend. 
    The Warren Markowitz Show, A soap box for Independent Ideas, current events and politics of the day.
    Join me for a no holds barred review of the events and people that make our world the place it is.
    Have you been holding it in? Wouldn't you like to put things in place?
    Podcasts at Galtspeaks.com
    Contact at Radio@galtspeaks.com
    Support the podcast, use the next level of autonomy, cryptocurrency:
    BTC: 1Azen7A8rsEwQ84SCB3ZsbuYALpNCGgqNc

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    Honoring the 9/11 Victims and their Families

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    9/11 occured nearly 15 years ago here in our beloved nation. After that horrific terror attack on our soil, millions of us Americans came together and stood united as one to protect each other from danger. With radical Islamic terrorism being a threat to our national security, the American people understand that standing united and helping each other is the key to defeating those who want to execute us. While our federal government doesn't have a clear strategy in defeating these terrorists, We the People will always stand beside each other. 

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    Crusade Against Bullshit

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    Explore the world from a a point of view that the mainstream media won't show you. The Crusade Against Bullshit is about pointing out the BS in politics, conspiracy, and the unkonown. If you want to understand what is really happening in the world with current events, check ou tCrusade Against Bullshit.

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    Truthsharks Radio: Last Time for 2017

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    Hey, there, everybody out there in Blog Talk Radio Land! This is your friend and host, DJ Southeast Vince, comin' at ya' from a city called Durham, NC. I have a special announcement today, so I won't be broadcasting under Black By Color Only or Prophet or Loss?  Just straight-up talk from yours truly.

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    Anti-BDS movement/ US Congressman Doug Lamborn

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    For the First Half off our show, we have US congressman Doug Lamborn, who was then elected to the US House of Representatives in 2006 to represent Colorado’s Fifth District. Colorado’s Fifth District, based in Colorado Springs, is the proud home to one of our nation’s most military-intensive congressional districts and to more than 100,000 veterans who have served our country with distinction and honor. Because of the district's concentration of veterans, Doug sought to serve on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee and was honored to serve in his first term as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs. Doug was able to work in a bipartisan fashion to push forward important veterans legislation like the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2008, which created a paperless claims process through the establishment of the Veterans Benefits Management System. Doug was also appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee and was later appointed to the House Armed Services Committee as well.
    In 2008, Doug became the Ranking Member and in 2010 the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee’s and will be discussing his support of Israel and his anti-BDS bill block federal monies from being used to punish Israel for its' self defense.We have the congressman for a full 15 minutes of interview time, and we hope we can expand him to 30 minutes to discuss Iran. This show will also air on Arutz Sheva with Ari Louis' Is It Prophecy hour and on his YouTube channel as well.

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    NO BS politics #7

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    Today we will talk about WikiLeaks Vault 7, March4Trump, ObamaCare Repeal/Replace, North Korea, and other current events.

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    So, How Much Force Can a Police Officer Use?Join Us For Some Answers

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    Police Use of Force So, how much force can a police officer use? The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) in the following case, GRAHAM v. CONNOR,  490 U.S. 386 (1989). If you care to research this case, you can go to  www.findlaw.com, to research this case or virtually case or law. This case sets the standard for police use of force. The SCOTUS stated that police officers are involved in incidents that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving AND that police use of force should NOT be judged with 20/20 hindsight, but from what a reasonable officer would do. The SCOTUS said nothing about "the minimum amount necessary" which is an impossible standard, and is still in use by many police agencies. Now, enter the cell phone cameras and body worn cameras. Remember, the video records a three-dimensional event in two dimensions, from one specific angle and field of view. Plus, ambient noises, terrain, other officers present or not present, and other important factors may not be recorded. Remember, even reasonable use of force by a police officer looks ugly on video. 

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    Political Geek Election 2012 Results Show-South Carolina

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    Call in and comment on the results of the South Carolina primary

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