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    The Eagle Has Landed on Freedom's Wings Tuesday

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    The Eagle has landed so to say. Today marks the final two hour show. We've had a good run and made our mark on the landscape, but now it is time to move on to other things. The fight has not ended, just moved to different venues where real change is more possible. What will it take for America to restore herself? Will it take an ultimate crash? Can we make more of a difference leaving the world of politics and interacting with the man on the street who is uninformed and doesn't realize what hangs in the balance? We'll discuss this as well as have open lines. Please join us as we celebrate five years of Freedom Flights! Thank you for all the support!!
    Conservative libertarian irreverent commentary on the current events in news and politics with a whole lot of pulling back the curtain to reveal the "wizards" behind it all!

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    The Aaron McCready Show

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    The Aaron McCready Show is the new voice of Conservative Talk Radio.  Unafraid and aggressive he will take on anyone including Republicans.
    Aaron always broadcasts live and takes live callers.  Call in at (646) 200-3400.
    Presdential politics and the future of ISIS will be dicussed. 
    What will the current, and next President need to do to protect the homeland?
    Visit Aaron on the web at www.AaronMcCready.com and follow him on twitter @AaronMcCready

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    End Times in America with Kristie Johnson - Returning to air test

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    This is a test for getting started again with a new for 2017.

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    American By Design with Gary Porter from The Constitution Leadership Initiative!

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    Join me tonight as I talk to Gary Porter, Executive Director of the Constitution Leadership Institute about the Constitution, why and how it is mis-represented and what it will take to reclaim it as ours and why it is so important to read it, understand it and live it! Love it also! The most demanding yet poignant document of our lives that we must not perverse but preserve and uphold at all costs!
    7-9pm cst Only here on American By Design with your host Bing Fischer!
    Call us with your questions at 657-383-1908
    CYA there!  

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    Grassfire Report - House Dems Stage Sit - In on House Floor

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    Tis' the season for political theater.  ACT 1. a filibuster in the US Senate by Democrats to vote on 4 gun control measures that everyone knew would not pass. ACT 2 Democrats in the House of Representative stage a 1960' style sit - in on the floor on the House to force Paul Ryan to bring the same failed measures to a vote in the house. I can hardly wait for ACT 3, maybe President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Lorretta Lynch handcuff themselves to the baggage return at Reagan Airport. 

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    Saving The Church To Save The Country

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    We are in maybe a unique time and certainly in a precarious time in our country's history.  It's an election year, and it's an election year in which we of course have one candidate promising to make America great again and another candidate promising, well, whatever she has to promise to get elected.  And the first candidate does that at times as well.
    But how do we truly make America great again?  Is it even possible?  What is it that ails America?  What is it that needs to be done to get us on the right path?
    I believe while not a perfect king and while he did ultimately make a mistake that would lead to Judah eventually being taken captive by Babylon, Hezekiah came to power during another trying and precarious time and during a time in which there was quite a bit of spiritual wickedness in the land.  He went about to turn that back and get rid of it.  And he did it in a very ordered fashion and progression that sets a model for today.
    I'll try to explain that today on the show live at 4:30 Eastern time and on the archives after that.

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    Hillary: The Movie with David Bossie and Bill Waggoner

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    Hillary: The Movie and the man behind Citizens United
    Citizens United
    During his tenure at Citizens United, the organization focused increasingly on producing feature film documentaries through its Citizens United Productions division. Their films have included:
    Border War: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration Celsius 41.11 Rediscovering God in America, hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich Hillary: The Movie Occupy Unmasked Hillary Must Be Stopped!
    Bill Waggondf and David Bossie!

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    TEA Party Deplorables

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    Join TEA Party.org founder Dale Robertson, and co-hosts Lewis Garvin, Peggy Burgess and Jim Seigfreid at 7 p.m. Central, 8 p.m. Eastern, at www.blogtalkradio.com/teapartydeplorables for an information and commentary-packed program as we delve into the issues facing us as a nation. Whether it is private property rights and the IRS, illegal government encroachment, to 1st and 2nd Ammendment issues, 7th and 16th Ammendment issues and more, we cover an entire host of topics, driven by the breaking news of the day and how it will affect us and our children, and what solutions we can pursue to return this nation to the Constitutional rule of Law. We have an open chat-room for the duration of the show, and it never ceases to be a very energetic forum that is essential to open dialogue and the sharing of ideas, information during the show, and input from our listeners and guests. Stay tuned for our Love Vets! programs on Saturdays, and YES CHRIST shows on Sunday! Our guest call-in # is 657-383-1165. We are in a transformative mode right now and about to expand into other venues as well, due to the overwhelming positive response we've been blessed with from our listeners and contributors!! If you would like to talk to us and our guests, please join us in the chat-room and let us know! We will do our best to get as many callers in as we can!! One of our returning guests will be A. Dru Kristenev, who also writes on CanadaFreePress.com. Dru is a veritable font of information, scholar and author, and we look forward to her continuing participation with us, as well as Toddy Littman and Red Beckman, who is 88 years young, and all are a fountain of knowledge and insights!  God bless America, and God bless you one and all!!!

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    Trump Goes America First

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    Discussion of Trump's America First policies and an interview with millenial Trump supporter Chad Josiah who Grew up in Maryland and has lived  in Georgia for the last 10 years. He is a pro black conservative with  libertarian leanings.

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    God's Not Dead Part 1 - Homicide Detective Sets Out to Prove He Is

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    A few decades ago it was promoted in pop-culture that 'God is dead.' Of course, He's not, but Cold-Case Homicide Detective, James Warner Wallace set out to try to prove that God is dead. Recently featured in the new release, "God's Not Dead 2" - this is a fascinating interview.

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    Dan Hromada Act For America Cleveland Oh. Chapter Leader

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    Dan Hromada is priviledged to work Brigitte Gabriel founder of AFA. Dan will bring us the latest on AFA important..bold..news that only (to my knowledge) AFA fearlessly is willing to out about. Brigitte was born and raised in Lebanon...knows the muslim culture and arabic language.
    She appears frequently with the cable network hosts'
    Tune in and call in with your questions and comments for Dan    call @ 347-884-8538