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  • Political Correctness can kiss my A$$

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    In my first show back, we will be discussing political correctness and its roll in destroying our society. 

  • Isaac Mwanza - Governance Advisor YALI

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    Isaac Mwanza serves as Governance Advisor at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) in Zambia, he was recently in the United States as a Mandela Washington Fellow at the Invitation of US President Obama and studied civic leaders at the Presidential Precinct in Virginia.During the Fellowship, he studied at Jameson Madison's Montpelier Center for the Constitution, Americas premier constitutional training center where he studied on constitutional reform. YALI was until recently part of the Grand Coalition on the people driven constitution in Zambia until they left the organization whose emphasis and position is enacting the constitution through a national referendum. Isaac joins us to discuss YALI's position on the constitution adoption process, is it a logical or even practical for the constitution to be enacted before the 2016 General Elections? What are the options of this being achieved at minimal cost with all stake holders being in agreement? Is the government road map realistic or it is another strategy of delaying tactics? which provisions in the draft constitution are YALI's primary concern which need to be addressed? Join us for another insightful discussion as we reflect on the daunting task of the constitution making process in Zambia and how those in the Diaspora community can contribute to the process.

  • The Decoding Society

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    Brown Bagging on the Corner about the GOP's shameless and shameful racial politcs, end around for war criminals, and HU excellence. 1:30p EST 347-857-1436. Bring your hardhats and mouthpieces. We're going hard.

  • Politics Time Jamaica

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    Saturday  March 7,2015   Join Us Live!
    4p (PST) 5p (MT/) 6p (CST) 7p (EST/Jam)
     Politics Time Jamaica Radio Show: Your hosts Irie Daughter  and Leighton Jamaica.
    Jamaica Political History We will tackle the issues of the week Information Entertainment/Music  Take your calls Politics & Policies JLP & PNP Come and tell us the pressing issues on your mind.
    or use Skype
    This is your chance to have a say or share your thoughts on the issues that affect Jamaica.
                                                                           JADE Radio Network
    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 
    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

  • "Knock, Knock! The Drug Warriors Fight Back" on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee"

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    On 3 occasions this past week Defendants being prosecuted for Marijuana Offenses were acquitted. 2 by juries and 1 by disimissal. Medical Marijuana communities reacted with hope. Then a lawsuit was filed in Colorado by Law Enforcement Groups asking to declare Colorado legalization invalid, another unarmed person was killed in a no knock warrant raid in Florida, Commisioner Bratton of the NYPD stated homicides in NY had increased due to Marijuana legalization in Colorado, Louisiana Prosecutors appealed a 5 year sentence of possession conviction to increase it to 13 years & a legislative battle is being fought in Wash State to preserve Medical Cannabis access that has existed over a decade. Most of these stories received only passing coverage from MSM as the Drug War assault continued. Grab a cup of coffee and join me & my guests for an important discussion.  Long time Activist, Coffee Party Newsroom Editor & Radio Host, Bobby Rodrigo's new show on "I Take LIBERTY With My Coffee" on Coffee Party USA Radio every Sunday Morning at 8:30AM. Advocating engagement and coalitions Bobby points out that the Constitution is the Rule of Law in our land and why it should remain so. Money in Politics, the Political Party Machine and partisan blind allegiance is on full display as he advocates against the erosion of our Constitutional Protections in the name of corruption and tyranny. "If we focused on following the Constitution we would solve many of the ills of our society.”  Offering a long list of guests from Political Organizations, Activism, Media and Artists Bobby invites you to join him every Sunday Morning at 8:30AM on Coffee Party USA Radio.

  • The week in review with Bill Katz, editor of Urgent Agenda

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    GUEST:  ....

  • Clergy's Failure, Fails Lives Now and in the Here After

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    Duty of Clergy: Teach Us the concept of faith and work: do unto others: love thy neighbor as thy self: be still and know that I am God. Clergy fails at their job and men fail for lack of knowledge. Duties of clergy, politicians and ceos are not at all the same. Occupations, yes, foundation builders, yes. From each Americans expect to receive somehing totally different. Each is to provide to people a different block of communication. Ech one must do according to what is their calling / chosen field for people are like sheep, and those who are classified as leaders are to deliver accordingly or step out of the position. Clergy does not have the option of failure. It is so written...

  • Feldman World Review MArch 8, 2015

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    The Free Speech Zone
    Our New Daily Magazine: https://paper.li/FeldmanWorldGrp/1414459375  Our NEW WEB SITE: http://www.feldmanworldgroup.com/  NEW BLOG PAGE: http://feldmanworldreview.com/  I'm only asking for 2 hours a week, every Sunday 11:30 AM EST and every Wednesday 10:00 PM EST!!!! FEATURING: The Jewboy Journal. Current Events, Political Discussion and Opinion.  Call us and Talk!! 347-202-0433 Or forever hold your piece!  A Division of Feldman World Group  JOIN THE GROUP- Great discussion, comments and friends!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Feldman-World-Group/125766310835747  http://www.twitter.com/FeldmanWorldGrp  http://www.facebook.com/jewboyfeldman
    Make sure to tune in to Feldman World Review every Sunday 11:30 AM and Wednesday 10:00 PM at:

  • 2 peas in a podcast with Tim @ Andy

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    Freedom Talk Radio / Saline Entertainment Television is dedicated to bringing you the news, opinions and the truth that you will not get from other sources. Working together we can wake people up to the travesties of this world and help the lives of the downtrodden wherever we find them. God loaned us our talents and put us together to do his work. The sacred rights of mankind, are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power. Join us for each of our shows throughout the week as we pull back the vernier of disinformation and expose the truth. Read our commentaries and articles for the unvarnished version of the real world that the powers that be do not want you to see, hear and read. Listen to our hosts on Blogtalk radio and our Spreaker channel daily. Our topics and guests include actors, musicians, former government officials, whistleblowers and activists. Each of our shows takes time to produce, research and assemble so that we can bring you the most factual, researched and entertaining shows we possibly can.

  • Sex & Souls For Sale

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    Sex sells.
    So much so, that many people are jumping into careers by using their sexuality instead of their talent. 
    How many times have you heard about some singer, actor or model who used sex or got used in order to get a career started?
    Entertainment make people do crazy things, particularly with sex. In many ways, they end up selling thier souls.
    Is selling sex and souls the only way to get put on?
    Tune in to The Bridge Radio this Sunday at 4pm Pacific as we discuss the American Way for Entertainment--Sex & Souls For Sale. And, we’ll interview a model/actress who is actually using her talent, wit and beauty to establish her career.  Cavel Davis has been modeling for more than ten years, landing a number of music videos, book covers, magazine features, television shows and films, including Ride Along 2, with Kevin Hart. Cavel has associated herself with the monster deejay team—Fleet DJs as a Fleet model, getting work with recording artists and continuing to embed her brand in the marketplace. She does model promo for Ciroc Vodka and has been featured as a Jet Beauty of The Week. Cavel is not a video vixen, so there is no laundry list of sexual escapades or an internet sex tape.
    Also, amongst his new music, DJ Gates will feature Fleet Cypher Battle Freestyle winner VA Paperchaser. 
    Listen to The Bridge Radio Today at 4pm Pacific as we discuss Sex & Sould For Sale. Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James and co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio.
    Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show.
    Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment!

  • 2nd Anniversary of the Death of a Giant: Hugo Chavez's Legacy In Latin America

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    and The World Over
    The 5th of March marks 2 years since the passing of the great Latin American who ever lived. Hugo Chavez accomplished what Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar could not, unity. As Maduro faces division in Venezuela the people must remember the spirit of unity Chavez brought for the country, Latin America and the anti imperialist nations. Chris Jay and Al Suarez of Voice of Rebellion Radio out of Stay Bold Radio will have a 2 hour discussion on this, this Sunday. Callers welcome!

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