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  • "What in the World is a Co-Pastor?"

    in Politics

    Church folk can really come up with some foolishness and the people NEVER question it!
    Have you ever heard of a Co-CEO of a company?
    A Co-Head Coach of a asports Team. How crazy would it be to have two head coaches ona football team?
    "Co" means: "the SAME"...When I think of "Co" I think of two men or two women...
    You can see where that might be a problem in a company, church, business or marriage!
    Somebody has got to be the decison maker and call the shots.What happens when your Co-pastors get divorced? Or locked up? or Dies? In almost every instance the female partner is ousted and replaced by a new Pastor.
    A two headed monster is Frankenstein! We goin' in on P2T!

  • Liberal Fix Radio

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosted by sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana along with Liberal Fix Producer Naomi Minogue.  Every week the two of them feature a special guest and/or tackle tough issues with a perspective that comes from outside the beltway.
    If you are interested in being a guest and for any other inquiries or comments concerning the show please contact our producer Naomi De Luna Minogue via email: naomi@liberalfixradio.com
    Join the Liberal Fix community, a like-minded group of individuals dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and progressive activists making a difference.

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