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  • English Defence League Radio Show ~ The Buzz Is On For Rotherham!

    in Politics Conservative

      Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show.   With your Host Geoff "Spider" Mitchell Jan " The Tornado" Rennie and Mr Dave " Agador" Milner.      This "is" the place where we are not afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers,TV, and Terrestial radio wont touch.      You willl hear the truth and can join in the discussion, which we encourage. (This is an open Radio chat program).     We engage in pertaining the facts, not the annonymous and polished half=truths that the authorities and MSM in an attempt to throw us into a state of complacencey           http://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk         http://edlbackup.com/134-2/        http://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage                 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLTp9cur8fT1AeSPkdZ0oig          "All that is necessary for Evil to Prevail is that good men do nothing    ~Edmond Burke 

  • Carlos Calvo Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome guitarist, singer songwriter, producer, and Hollywood guitar coach, Carlos Calvo. Carlos injects Alternative Folk/Pop with something it has been missing: virtuoso guitar playing. His original music features his warm, resonant voice, deep and thoughtful lyrics, accompanied by guitar playing that elegantly mixes genres from Blues to Flamenco and everything in between. Carlos grew up surrounded by world-famous flamenco and classical guitarists. He was formally trained at Carnegie Hall to play Bach and Barrios, but has been equally influenced by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones. Before embarking on his solo career, Carlos fronted successful bands that toured with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Willie Porter. As a solo artist, he has toured with The Bacon Brothers and Colin Hay and numerous times in Europe as a headliner. He played guitar on the score of King of the Hill for three seasons and has placed original songs in major motion pictures (She’s All That, Finding Holden). Carlos has taught the likes of Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, David Duchovny, Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure, People Vs OJ Simpson), Marg Helgenberger (CSI, Under The Dome) and Ambyr Childers (Ray Donovan). He was a consultant during the entire run of Californication. He’s a product spokesman for Bugera amps & TC Electronic and just released his first ever Christmas song last week "California Christmas". We will talk to Carlos about his upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at his music, feature his latest songs, and ask him to share his message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Carlos Calvo at http://carloscalvo.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Carlos during the show (718) 766-4193. Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

  • Entertainment

    in Local

    From time to time I want to do an episode on the types of entertainment we are into. Join Meg and I as we talk about some of the TV shows, movies, books, music we are currently reading, watching or listening to. Join in via chat or phone! 

  • Episode 372: Andrew Jackson’s Navy; Now More Than Ever?

    in Military

    Since his election in November, the administration and several articles have suggested Donald Trump is a new Andrew Jackson whose portrait now hangs in the Oval Office. What might that mean for the Navy? How did Andrew Jackson approach his Navy and what lessons can we draw from that?
    Our guest for the full hour for a discussion of an understudied part of our naval history and what it could mean for the current administration is returning guest Claude Berube.
    Claude is the Director of the Naval Academy Museum and has taught in both the Political Science and History Departments at the Naval Academy. He has worked in the U.S. Senate, as a maritime studies fellow at the Heritage Foundation, as the head of a terrorism analysis team for the Office of Naval Intelligence and as a defense contractor. An intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve, he deployed with Expeditionary Strike Group Five in 2004-05. His articles have been published in Orbis, Vietnam Magazine, Naval History, The Washington Times, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Naval Institute Proceedings and others. He’s also written or co-authored five books. He’s completing his doctoral dissertation through the University of Leeds.

  • SPECIAL EVENT IN NEWARK, DE! Ray Seemans Veteran's Fundraiser Concert!!!

    in Politics

    This is so EXCITING!!!!  
    Troubadour Ministries and Pastor Ray will be speaking LIVE with Dr. Shawn about how Troubadour Ministy is impacting the lives of homeless veterans, a great Veteran Appreciation Banquet/Fundraiser (and we will have tickets for the March 11, homeless Veteran fundraiser and you can also get some of Ray's awesome music) and much, much more.
    You do NOT want to miss this!  If you are in the MD, DE, NJ, PA area, THIS is the place for you!  This Sunday at 223 Planet Drive, Newark, DE!
    We share a great meal at 5pm then we go LIVE at 5:30pm and I am telling you, this will be a HUGE blessing for you, and for Veterans, Homeless Veterans, and Active Duty Military!
    Great Music, Great Food, GREAT CAUSE!!!!
    Share this!  Come be with us!  You will be so glad you did!
    Thank you!  
    The Ninja Pastor!


    in Politics

    Please join me for a special Sunday edition of the ANTHONY JOHNSON on February 19th @ 6:00pm EST, as I discuss: "An Imbecile-in-Chief." Tune in.

  • D24x7 (Digital24x7) Web Design Company Dubai

    in Military

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5cc767_d24x7-digital24x7-web-design-company-dubai_creation http://www.d24x7.com/ | http://www.digital24x7.com/ We are D24x7. We are the future of website design. Our UAE based team has the services to revolutionize your website. It has never been easier to gain high-quality services to take your website to the top. Every website needs alluring visual appeal and breathtaking style with a groundwork of solid development. We are the answer to your needs. Our designers and real commitment can make your dream a reality. Besides our top-quality website design services, we can uplift your website to the top with our SEO / SEM services, CMS, e-commerce solutions and web portal services. We have the best variety of services to push your business to the top. With countless other website design companies based in Dubai, we aim to differentiate ourselves from the crowd with the highest quality of service. We encourage you to contact our UAE Dubai office, and we bring the designs to you. We are an established brand that has been developing websites since 2004, and we have established a strong reputation as a high-quality web design and development company in Dubai. We are known for our broad talents and services of variety. No matter your needs, ranging from a simple static PHP site through to complex CMS, e-commerce or dynamically developed social networking site, we have the tools and talents to make your site a reality, for a fair and affordable price and on schedule. We have an extensive client location based all around India, Saudi and the UAE such as Dubai, Bangalore

  • Gulf and Smokie: Those that trouble America shall inherit the wind

    in Politics Conservative

    We will talk about Sanctuary cities of which Dallas County Commissioners Court voted to not cooperate with Immigration at State or Federal level making the neighbor to my East even more of a Cess Pool. 
    We will also talk about Alinsky's rules for radicals is being used against them now. Kurt Schlichter wrote an excellent article on that recently. Here is the link to it:
    We will bring on some guests that shall remain nameless. :)
    "He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind..." Proverbs 11:29

  • The Resurrection of America's Deadly Sins w/Baby LK

    in Politics

    O....M....G!!!  GUESS WHO??  Yes America, your favorite (or...not so favorite) host is returning to the air...but with another purpose...no, I'm sorry, a BIGGER purpose in mind!  This time, we're taking the show national!  Not through syndication, mind you, but right to your DOORSTEPS!!
    This is an America's Deadly Sins pre-tour party show...and, if I have anything to say about it, everybody and their brothers and cousins is gonna be here!  The Captain...Rocky Raquel Okyay...Melissa Martin, Valerie K. Lazurus, Lazaro Ecenarro, Rosemary Dalton...and more!  The best part though?  My co-host will be none other than the incomparable BABY LK!!  Thanks go out to STEVE GRANT for lending me the new opening clip to the song, RISE UP!
    Join us, as we preview the 50 state tour we plan to take on, and how we're going to change the world...one state at a time!

  • PNN - February Freedom Fighters

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - February Freedom Fighters February's Fashionable Freedom Fighters find favor fighting fascists
    First Brook Hines finds Florida Dems delightful
    Our Friend Frank Day will delight us with a Parade of Progressive Panhandle Parables about the GEEKY GOPPER who would GUT the EPA
    Fantastic Faith Olivia Babbis will discuss the Discouraging details as the Trumpsters  Dumpeteers deny Disability Community Concerns 
    Powerful Professor Wendy Lynne Lee presents terrifying testimony tearing troublesome tyrants to shreds
    Join us and Jump for Joy - as Potent Pundits Present in Pungent Prose their Potent Pronouncements 
    February 19th 7pm (Eastern) Live / 4pm Pacific Live
    Or anytime! 

  • America: Live Free or Die.

    in Politics

    Covering current events and news that should have our attention.

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