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    Twitter Lockout!

    in Politics Conservative

    On this episode of the MAGA Nation with Jake Highwell we talk about the Twitter purge that took place over the evening hours of 2/21/18. We will speak about censorship and the wide-ranging implications. Tune in at 8:00 AM CT to listen!

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    Fundraising - E.N.N - Medical Kidnapping, Detroit, MI

    in Politics

    We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted."
    Medical Kidnapping is occuring in the State of Michigan and happened to us through the Detroit Police Department, Havenwyck Hospital, Children Hospital of Michigan and CPS is the vehicle that leads the way.
    Tonight we continue to discuss rackerteening in Detroit, MI concerning the Family & Probate Courts and Child Protective Services is the vehicle to allow this nexus to continue to happen and they are using our daughter--Eyona Nikia Numan---The rackerteering is occured at Children's Hospital of Detroit, MI-Detroit Police Department, Havenwyck Hospital, Probate Court--Paloucci; Family Court---, and assisted by Detroit Police Department.   Since we are not good parents and your case is substantive then what is the problem;  All this is done in the name of systematic racism coupled with homosexuality.  We are a Black, Heterosexual, Nuclear, Christian family demanding Justice.  You know as my grandmom used to say--You got to bring yours, in order to kick mine.  In other words, How are you going to fight and not get your A** kicked?  Especially when you are not standing on anything that is remotly true.  You have to prop a lie up on every corner---But the TRUTH outlasts and has OUTLASTS for trillions of years.  John 8:44---The Devil is a Lie---HE is not original--He is Nothing---He is a Clever Imitator. Systematic Racism is well known by the 80 percent of black people.

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    "Unknown Sources." There's Collusion in the Air, Oh Noooooo!

    in Politics Conservative

    On today's show, I will be conversing with my Guest Co-Host Vicki Knudtson and Special Guest Co-Host, Mr. Chuck Vipperman.  The topic of today's show is "Unknown Sources," what does that mean? Exactly as it states, 'Unknown."  
    There has been so much recent controversies and innuendos, concerning those at the highest office to just about every person in the Trump Administration.  The question of the "UnKnown," has become almost a daily comedia of Grandiose scale, that one is left with the thought of either laughing or shrugging.  
    Let's explore this "UnKnown," and get to the bottom of the Collusion that permeates all things Political!

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    in Politics Conservative

    My name is Tom.  I am a american patriot who believes in the constitution and conservitism.  I created my show to a platform for my opinion with supportive facts on american politics.  I have background in healthcare and transportation industries.  My first episode is the introduction of me and what I will bring to the table as a radio host.

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    WVU BETA-2 The MOAB of all Beta!

    in Politics

    Welcome to beta test number 2! Bear with us, as we work out all the kinks! :-D

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    Dave Weinbaum visits with Todd Akin

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative columnist and radio talk show host Dave Weinbaum took a break from his duties as emcee for the Mid-MO Tea Party Rally on October 27, 2012 to sit down with Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri, Todd Akin.

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    Charloteston and Donald Trump's Ego

    in Politics Conservative

      In Charleston, South Carolina, in response to the the decision to remove the statue Confederate General Robert E. Lee, neo-Nazis and KKK racists from the alt-Right organized a rally known as "Unite the Right," where they chant, "Jews will not replace us," among other things. And an alt-right racist who supproted Donald Trump ran a car into people. Yet Donald Trump has refused to call out the alt-right. He refused to outright mention "White Supremacism." It must be stated that most of Trump's supporters and base are not white Supremacists or racists, contrary to what those on the left may believe. But nevertheless, why can't Donald Trump publicly say that he condemns those on the alt-right who support him? Why is Donald Trump unable to outright condemn White Supremacism and call it out for the evil that it is? Why can't Twitter Trump ever put his damn ego aside for what's right? Why does the man think everything is about him? And also, why are many of his blind supporters so hypocritical? They make fun of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) over their name calling and over them calling people "racist" over every little thing. And yet they'll call you a "cuck" if you don't blindly support Donald Trump. Are these people any better? Tune into this exciting show, as I analyze the situation. 

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    Roland Martin vs Wendy

    in Politics

    race, politics, pop topics & advice

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    Dead Air with Gambz & Ursula

    in Politics

    More Trump-dissing, witty banter, and maybe some callers. Our "studio" number is (516) 387-1265.

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    Shorty Test Show

    in Politics

    Just trying it out...

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