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    Lately : The First show

    in Politics Progressive

    A little bit of everything. The first show on Valentines day. Your calls, our commentary. At 9pm PST every day.

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    Submitting to Governmental Authority

    in Politics Conservative

    As Christians we are taught that all authority is given by God and we are to be in submission to that authority.  But is it absolute?

    In this segment, Chairman Rick Rios will look at Romans 13 and examine scripture that clearly indicates our obedience to authority has limitations.

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    in Politics Conservative

    Tonite We talk about A Theory involving the US Government's training of assassins through the CIA. These so called "Manchurian Candidate" assassins are allegedly brainwashed by the CIA into committing murder.

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    Catching Up - Hive Truth Radio

    in Politics

    A look back at the news of the last 2 months

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    Kenyan Diaspora to Decide Which Coalition to Back 2013

    in Politics Progressive

    Building Consensus Towards Proclamation Declaring the united stand of Kenyan Diaspora on the 2013 Kenyan General Elections.
    Feb 2-9, 2013–General discussions among 1. individual Diaspora members and 2. inter-organizational discussions on the three draft documents 1. The draft Declaration 2. The draft Programme of Action  3.. The draft MOU
    All Diaspora members and organization who are desirous of a more purposeful engagement in the 2013-17 period should read the documents and suggest rectification or additions. Your views are requested.
    Feb 10th–KDLA Session 15–To formally ratify and adopt the consensus and authorize the beginning of consultations with the selected coalition.
    Feb 11-12–Output of final revised and edited documents and signing of documents by represented organizations
    Feb 11-12–Tele-consultations with the selected Coalition begins
    Feb 13-15–Engagement of Diaspora lawyer in Nairobi to construct legal MOU as well as face to face meetings with representatives of selected Coalitions and representatives of the Diaspora.
    Feb 16th–Official Signing of the MOU and Press Conference in Nairobi
    Feb 17-March 4th–Diaspora works in unison to campaign for the selected Coalition both online using social media, online media, News publicity, opinion articles, engaging relatives/friends/colleagues at home, as well as press presentations and participation in events, rallies, forums, and carrying out  tasks as required by said campaign secretariat on the ground.
    March 1-3rd–Help develop and implement the GOTV–Getting out the Vote initiative both online/electronically (deploying the latest mobile Apps), as well as physically across the country.

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    Why are men left out of Abortion/Contraception Debate?

    in Politics

    -Why do the laws regarding “birth control” never include males as a culpable party?                             ~Why is Cialis or or any of the ‘Male Enhancement’ drugs never included in the same discussion as contraceptives?                          ~Why is the ‘possibility’ of life only beholden to what a women can do to end it? Why is jerking off in to a tolet any different than a woman negating the “Possiblity” of life?     -A father’s role in the decision making after the childs birth?                     ~How to square a feminist attitude on whether or not the Women is the sole determiner of whether or not the child is born, with responsibility for the child after it is born.  When exactly does that responsibility start for a man then if that’s the case?                  ~Should more male accountability in the planning of having a child allow him more say in that planning or should it be all “stick  

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    Free Speech Control - Feb 8th 2013

    in Politics

    Join the de-evolution Friday at 6:30PM!
    This week's topic:
    The Obama Administration says they can kill you for what you post on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube-- FreeSpeechControl's wet dream... or reality? Tune in to find out!
    Also, we discuss the stupidity of this "Delusional" meme.

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    Gun Control - Progressive Left Attacks, Dodges and Omissions

    in Politics Conservative

    Once more Piers Morgan is in overdrive -- between a re-challenged issued to Ben Shapiro, to Unca Ted Nugent inviting him down to Texas for barbecue & shooting range time to using George Zimmerman's brother Robert as an unwilling accomplice in his anti-gun meme-filled segments of what our not-so-favorite Limey considers "important news."To top that off, we have the White House website releasing a rediculous photo of PrezBO shooting a shotgun allegedly at the Camp David skeet range -- at an almost horizontal angle! THEN there's Professional Left Media types who want to claim he doesn't do guns. I won't name names, but her initials are ANDREA MITCHELL.We'll be reviewing some clips that came from an independent documentary about Australia's gun ban from 15 years ago, resulting in some not-so-surprising statistics, a la what's been happening in the UK. To top this off, we'll have some examination of race & guns thanks to Tavis Smiley & Cornel West, as well as a recent shooting incident in Detroit -- with an interesting rebuttal by Mr. Colion Noir. Think of him as being similar to PJ Media's Zo Rachel, but with a concealed carry permit!Also, plenty of promo clips from AFT, FX's 'Justified' and Wounded Warrior Project~!!So ladies & menfolk... sit down, strap in & HOLD ON 'cuz it's gonna be one helluva fun bumpy ride!All this and more coming up on this installment of Still Flyin' Over the Heartland!Hosted by me, Flyover Territory, aka Eric, the acerbically witted, high octane, in-your-face, balls to the wall, never-say-die, slightly irreverent, semi-seedy underbelly of the rightward side of the BTR dial[WARNING! Questionable words may be used in the process of this episode... so you can't say weren't given a heads up!]

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    Is Barack Obama Good Or Bad? You Decide!

    in US Government

    In today's episode, five very, very, very, very, very, very, very lucky people will get to decide on the question of Barack Obama being good or bad!

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    Continuing the gun control discussion, Part 13

    in Politics Conservative

    Lies, more lies and darn lies.  Gun control is not about controlling crime; don't believe the lies.
    Our first show was on 12/27/12 where we outlined the discussion and warned people that they are coming for your guns.
    Tonight we will continue the discussion on the media games, the Senate hearing, the sheriff's coalitions standing up against new gun control measures and a general overall update on the game the gun grabbers are playing to move on your 2nd amendment rights.
    What is going on that everybody can see is nothing compared to what they are doing behind the scenes though executive actions, media marketing and in liberal states.
    Gun owners are being label as unreasonable and evil by the media just like they did to smokers.  You will be demonized, and all the gun crime will be front page news 24/7 to push their agenda.
    Nobody is talking about the millions of citizens who stop crime because the have a gun.  Or the Hundreds of thousands of women a year who stop abuse or rape against themselves because the own a gun.  Why???
    There is story after story of positive outcomes because citizen exercise their 2nd amendment rights.  Guess what? You will never hear about these stories in national news. 
    Join us for the ongoing discussion of filtering though the lies and misinformation being perpetrated to reduce one more of your freedoms.

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