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    Twitter Junta and BJP

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    We are going to have an exciting Radio Talk Show on Saturday April 20 2013 at 8:30 pm India time and 10:00 AM CST US. It will be a 30 minute program and can be extended to 45 minutes.
    It's simple to listen...just click on the programming link at 8:30 pm India time on April 20th. 
    We will have few good right leaning voices on twitter joining us for frank and honest discussion on state of BJP. The objective is to move beyond 140 characters and give voice to twitter chatting crowd. 
    Please join us and help make this initiative succeed. We will try to grow this and reach to more junta in future. We are not trying to conduct expert panel discussion...just giving voice to people who care about India and its future and party.
    Please spread the word and join us

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    PEP Talk: Live from the MDGOP Convention

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    It's here, the biggest circus in town. And there will certainly be many elephants in the room. 
    PEP is teaming up with our good friends at Red Maryland to bring you jumbo sized coverage of the MDGOP convention.  If you're going to be there, stop by the "Come Outside" suites and say Hi.  If you're listening from home, well, then we'll make sure you are kept abreast of the play by plays.
    You can follow Purple Elephant Politics on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, our super fab website.
    PEP Talk is sponsored by Strategic Victory Consulting, Conservative Victory PAC, and BP Wright Communications.

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    A Busy Week in Review

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    In this Edition of America Can Be Saved, we'll discuss this incredibly busy week.  Topics will include the Boston Bombing, The War (losing one) on Terror, the 2nd Amendment Victory, and Presidents Obama's new Status as a "lame duck".

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    April 18th 2013

    in Politics

    University Park Speaks with host Darrin Johnson

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    "Have Your Say" Open Line Free-For-All About The Issues

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    This week, Sal Vetro's Blog Talk Radio Show, 'BC Politics', is an open line, free-for-all talk about the issues concerning the people of BC, as we start the provincial election.
    Which issue is the most important to you? Which one do you feel the politicians are not paying enough attention to? What changes do you want to see the next government make?
    Sal will be ready to talk about whatever issue you choose. It's your chance to 'Have Your Say!'
    You can call in during the show, using the toll free phone number posted on the BlogTalkRadio page, or you can email  your question / topic of discussion to info@bcfirst.ca, and he may read your email on the show.
    Tune in to BlogTalkRadio.com/BCPolitics at 7:00pm on Wednesday, April 17th, and Have Your Say!

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    Young people and Politics

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    Tackling the issues that young people face in today's society!!!

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    Pre-Election Forum

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    This will be my first pre election forum which I will discuss some issues dealing with my area located in the state of Kentucky. I will also be talking about some National issues that are important to all citizens of not just the nation but of the state as well.
    Iteneray: Intro, Gun Rights, Gay Rights, Question/Answer, Final Comments.

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    Cowboy Logic Radio - April 16, 2013

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    Cowboy Logic Radio  -  April 16, 2013 Time:  9:00-11:00pm (eastern)
    HOSTS:  Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen
    SPECIAL GUEST:  Hagit Canary  -  Cowboy Logic Israeli Field Correspondent.
    From the town of Ashdod, in southern Israel, Hagit Canary speaks with Donna in a one on one 90 minute interview.
    She discusses her thoughts on the current situation in Israel, the Middle East, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu and her interesting perspective on Barack Obama.
    Hagit is an amazingly intelligent and articulate young lady.
    Her perspective is extremely enlightening, and at times very humbling.
    Hagit will return to Cowboy Logic Radio for a follow up show on April 23rd to further discuss life in Israel.
    In addition, on the April 23rd show, Hagit will be taking your calls the entire show.
    Don't miss the next two weeks if you want to get an inside perspective of Israel.
    Check out our website:  www.CowboyLogic.us
    Join us and engage on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheRealCowboyLogic

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    I am not suicidal... I am genocidal... How reasy is it to create worldwar? Psychiatrist Meriel Kimenai from Rotterdam in the Netherlands along with Huibert Kik gave me a wonderfull idea. Listen and find out!!!

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    The Mason Dixon Line

    in Politics Conservative

    What happens when a guy from New York , Warren Roche, and a guy from the Dixie, Ellis Baxter, mix it up about the current political scene? Fireworks! Tune in, join us in the Chat Room, or Call in (if you can get a word in!) and find out why this is the most explosive, raw radio show in America.  Caution: this show may be dangerous to your health...Have your blood pressure medicine handy! Join the boys in a virtual think tank as ideas stream across the airways. Join us live every Sunday night at 7 p.m. Arizona Time.  The toll free number is 877-572-1895. You know you wanna! 

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    Education or Indoctrination

    in Politics

    We take a look at the public schooling system and ask the question is this education or indoctrination 

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