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    Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World 103-004

    in US Government

    Uncle Sam - Policeman of the World is a continuing series of individual episodes pertaining to the USA's Military Industrial Complex and its involvement in foreign world affairs, analyzed from the perspective of national morality, national ethics, national character, and national integrity.
    In this show episode, we:
    Continue the 103 sub-series, wherein we quote various sources exposing the government's participation in the worldwide drug/crime cartel organizations.
    Specifically, we feature a presentation by Terry Reed, an ex - CIA operative, who left the CIA upon learning of CIA involvement in drug smuggling and distribution activity,
    For the most complete show description, see this episode's topic post in the BlogTalkRadio's forum on our community forum board section of our web site, www.gov-corp-circus.com

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    Jodie Emery Interview

    in Politics

    Canadian Citzen Jodie Emery tells Pressure Point Radio tells Pressure Point Radio about her Husband Marc Emery's (also a Canadian Citizen) arrest and extradition to the United States by Canadian Authorities because of his fight to legalize marijuana

  • 00:54

    2014 Midterm Elections, Obama's Scandals, and Business

    in Politics Conservative

    We'll be talking about the 2014 midterm elections and the prospects for Republicans to take back the Senate and maintain control of the House.  Also, we'll be discussing recent developments in Obama's various scandals, including the expansion of the IRS scandal to the FEC via Rep. Dave Camp and Rep. Darrell Issa's investigations.  Also, we'll be talking to small businessman Dave Schmitz about his friend's experiences with Big Government, job-killing regulation and interference, and the implications of the Marketplace Fairness Act for small businesses. Tune in! 

  • 01:02

    Weekly Reality Check

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight's Topic: The RIGHT to defend yourself

  • 00:17

    Benghazi And America Believed Him

    in Politics Conservative

    During the 2012 presidential debate on foreign policy, president Obama stated that America hadn't the necessary funds to shore up our consulate in Benghazi and at least half of America believed him.
    I don't claim to be a rocket scientist but how is it that the most powerful man on the face of God's green earth hasn't a discretionary fund from which he can send 10 to 20 well armed men anywhere in the world "yesterday?"
    Let's talk about it on this edition of Spinal Aptitude.

  • 00:28

    John Jarnecke President 2013 (Republic of Texas)

    in Politics

    This years 2013 (Republic of Texas) will have an exceptional candidate, John Jarnecke. Steve OBrien talks to John about his current senate seat as well as what he would expect if he wins the election. More info on RT at http://texasrepublic.info/ For past FBGlive episodes on RT see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLZCidABHSQ

  • 00:27

    Soldier 4 Life

    in Military

    Getting out what people don't know or understand!

  • 00:29

    Diana Burke seeks the Liberal nomination in #Torontocentre

    in Elections

    Note: Technical problems at the beginning - please pick this up about 10 minutes into it.
    Why Diana is running ...
    I am living a Canadian immigrant’s dream.  I arrived in Canada 40 years ago with just a high school education thanks to the Liberal immigration policies at the time. Through hard work and by taking advantage of exceptional opportunities to learn and grow professionally, I enjoyed a very successful career.  These Liberal policies also allowed me to bring some of my family here, including my parents, who hoped for and became successful contributors to Canada and enthusiastic Canadians.
    I joined Royal Bank of Canada as a teller in my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, when I was 16 and just out of high school. Impressed by the Canadians who were helping Jamaica build its communications, banking and transportation infrastructure at the time, I immigrated to this great country in my early 20s. Eventually, I met a wonderful Canadian Robert who has been my partner for over 30 years now, including his two lovely children, Michael and Diana.
    On arrival, Royal Bank of Canada rehired me in Montreal starting as a teller again.  I enjoyed spectacular opportunities, rising from that entry-level job to the most senior ranks of Canada’s largest financial institution to my final role as a Senior Vice-president and Chief Information Security Officer, in charge of keeping the global technology system up and running and safe all day, all night, every day, all year. During my career, I was proud to work on and help lead many of the bank’s technology innovations at the time such as the banking machines, debit and credit card systems and Internet banking.   I believe that my information technology and security expertise is important and would help to ensure the future of our open democracy and transparency in government, which is now seriously at risk.

  • 00:23

    The Free Detroit Interview

    in Politics

    The city of Detroit isn’t looking too pretty to date. On July 18th as many know, Detroit filed for bankruptcy after falling an estimated $20 billion in debt to over 100,000 creditors. Due to the inability for the city government to provide for goods and services it once could, common emergency calls are questionable on reply, police hours have been cut back, and ambulance and fire services are not completely reliable. Other services such as education and social benefits from the state-run workplace are showing decline as well.
    With much of the city in disarray and literally moving away, the cost of living has gone down dramatically with housing prices in some cases reaching only a single dollar. Taking advantage of the opportunity to cash in on cashless houses, Michigan market-anarchists from the “Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition” are coming together to put “theory into reality” when it comes to free markets. The group has deemed the project “Free Detroit” and they mean business, literally. Read More: http://thehoustonfreethinkers.com/with-detroits-bankruptcy-anarchists-have-begun-project-free-detroit-starting-a-community/

  • 00:01

    What happened to the antiestablishment movement?

    in Politics Progressive

    This topic is for those who where old enough to remember the 60's and 70's. To reminisce on the events of the decades and societal reaction to these event especially as it pertained to the antiestablishment movement who were primarily made up of those under 30. To debate the merits and failures of the anti-establishment movement with the looking glass of  hind sight.
    To debate what brought on the anti-establishment movement and question what happened to the antiestablishment movement, Was it a benefit to modern western society or was it merely a societal nuisance or inconvenient truth.
    To raise the question, has the anti establish movement really disappear or is it still part of our western culture and spiritual tapestry and if so why do we who where part of this phenomenon, or present during it, and as a witness to it, seem so complaisant and compliant with the establishment today. Where are the naysayers and challengers to the status quos today?
    To ask is everything all right today with our society, our governments, our religious bodies and the scientific  community...do we trust them now more than before, do we have confidence in these establishments more now than before.
    Do you believe we really have true democracy and  truly democratic forms of government in Western Civilization or are we really just still slaves to the elite and wealthy?
    These questions and thoughts were the embodiment of the anti establishment then in the 60's and 70's and I for one profess that we need and revival of the that phenomenon and influence today.
    I profess the anti establishment movement was truly a grass roots event and a spiritual consciousness of the common people for the common good of mankind and a check and balancing force to the elite and wealthy power class.
    Anyone one want to contribute to or debate these thoughts and opinions?

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    in Military


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