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    Suzette LT Interesting Topics & Pt2 Straw man

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    Tonight Suzette LT will continue last weeks episode about the straw man. Tips and suggestions that apply to almost any court case and win. In addition, real scenario's that could occur in court and suggestions for dealing with the Judge. 
    Also, the following topics will be talked about:
    Things People Believed 50 years Ago 
    Things Found In Bizarre Locations 
    Participate in real time chat room or call in at (619) 924*0847
    Sources for information:
    Lighthouse Law Club

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    Those who divide us will destroy us. The new slavery is drugs. In two years every family will have  drug zombie at the dinner table. Drugs is chemical warfare. Time to bring back the draft. Two years of flag and SSB appreciation. 75,000 boycotters against the communist NFL signing up on facebook. That doesn't count the clickers. Tonight I waded thru 13 commercials to see the cheeseheads play the teddy bears. My hand was on the clicker awaiting the first knee jerk. It never happened they stood and linked arms instead. I can live with that. But first the NFL needs a money lesson. Rule NO one You never shet where you eat. Dogs don't do it. If the kneelers return then it is bye bye season. Fox showed clips of SNL making fun of Tim Tebow God's favorite. They also made fun of Jesus. Snakes Not Large SNL is a proganda tool of the democrat  communist party. The party of death to little children. The speedball party.The party of no GOD, No Flag, No anthem,and no kids.At least 30% of the democrat party is communist. The movements vascillate between peacefull socialism and violent hood masked terrorism. In the sreets and on the communist campus. 30% of the rino rats are democrats. Less than 1% of the nation defends it. That is why the draft must come back. It is called universal training performed by every American. The only exemption is if you are dead. We must be born again Americans no longer known as the Useless of A.

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    JBT 28: Rompemos lanzas por #Apple, con Irene Giménez, desde Panamá

    in Politics

    JBT 28. Invitada Irene Gimenez. La Unión Europea ha decidido desconocer la reglamentación fiscal de Irlanda y aplicar al gigante informático Apple un impuesto retroactivo por un total de 13 mil euros, que no se encuentran reglamentados en ninguna ley. El caso demuestra la poca reacción que existe en Occidente frente al abuso fiscal y la poca conciencia respecto a que la economía es lo que el estado no se lleva. Mientras crecen las interpretaciones tendientes a destruir todo límite a la voracidad fiscal y a sus métodos no hay voces más allá de la empresa directamente afectada, que denuncien esta situación

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    ICe, ICE, baby. Coming to a hood near you

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    The Dems will not let Ice do it's job  in the County jails, so ICE will start workplace and neighborhood raids and whoever else they catch will be deported.

  • 00:34

    Warrior Canine Connection & actor John ("Roots") Amos for Veterans

    in Military

    Guests: Rick Yaount, Actor John Amos,

  • 01:13

    The Ed Springston Show

    in Politics Conservative

    MVM brings you the hard hitting stories no one dare reports. Combined with fact and opinion, Ed Springston tells it like it is and holds nothing back. Ed has led the way in gaining accountability in elected leaders. His single handed efforts have resulted in multiple charges and ousting of elected officials. Mainstream media, Louisville and Kentucky attorneys,all subscribe to Ed’s RSS feed. You should join the thousands of others who do as well. 
    U of L updates, LMPD, and more....

  • 00:09

    PODCAST: State of GEOINT

    in Military

    In this edition of the got geoint? podcast series, we are joined by Dr. Darryl Murdock, vice president of professional development at the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF). Darryl discussed USGIF’s upcoming State of GEOINT Content Exchanges, which will take place around the country next month and inform the Foundation’s 2017 State of GEOINT Report.
    Each half-day, unclassified session will discuss and document current and future global geospatial intelligence trends and challenges. Teams will self-select to further develop topics of interest into short articles for inclusion in USGIF’s 2017 State of GEOINT Report.
    The 2017 State of GEOINT report will be published in February 2017 and be available for download on USGIF websites, distributed among the greater GEOINT Community, and mailed to 15,000 trajectory subscribers. 

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    Ku Cyumweru, tariki ya 25/06/2017, Perezida Paul KAGAME (PK) yatanze ikiganiro cy'amasaha hafi 2 kuri Radiyo na Televiziyo by'Ikigo cy'Igihugu gishinzwe itangazamakuru (RBA). Agamije ngo kuvugana n'abaturage, biganjemo urubyiruko.
    Ibinyamakuru byishi byagarutse kuri icyo kiganiro. Ingingo zibanzweho cyane ni eshatu: 
    -Inkomoko y'umutungo munini w'umuryango FPR-Inkotanyi.
    -Ikoti uwo muryano ngo waguriye Fawusitini TWAGIRAMUNGU (FT), wabaye Minisitiri w'Intebe muri 1994-1995.
    -Amadolari ya Amerika agera ku bihumbi 200 yatorokanywe na JMV NDAGIJIMANA (JMVN), jwabaye Minisitiri w'Ububanyi n'Amahanga amezi 2, muri 1994.
    Muri kino kiganiro, turibanda ku ngingo ebyiri, dushingiye ahanini kw'itohoza twakoze:
    1) Ni byo koko, tariki ya 03/10/1994, JMVN yatorokanye amadolari agera ku bihumbi 200. Gusa rero, JMVN yibye umutungo wa Leta, ntabwo wari uwa FPR, nk'uko PK abibeshya.
    2) FPR ntiyahereye ku busa, nk'uko PK abibeshya. FPR yadutse yiba nk'iyahanzweho. Uhereye kuri PK ubwe. FPR yubakiye ubutunzi bwayo ku bisahurano yavanye mu mutungo wa Leta y'u Rwanda n'uw'abaturage ku giti cyabo, iza no kwambuka yiba abaturanyi b'u Rwanda. Ibivanze no kwica.

  • 02:01

    Andy Stumpf and Professor Brown YOU DO NOT WANT to MISS THIS!

    in Politics

    Rachel Fulton Brown is Assoc Professor of History at the Univ of Chicago. She's been a student of the medieval devotion to the Virgin Mary for over thirty years. She is the author of From Judgment to Passion: Devotion to Christ and the Virgin Mary, 800-1200 (Columbia University Press, 2002). and coming: Mary and the Art of Prayer: The Hours of the Virgin in Medieval Christian Life and Thought, also with Columbia University Press. Professor Brown is also a fencer,representing the United States as a member of the Women's Foil Team at the World Veteran Fencing Championships this past October in Germany. Within her Fencing Bear at Prayer, she has been blogging these past six months about Milo and his Dangerous Faggot tour of American college campuses. Professor Brown with us today @ the relationship between fencing, prayer, & the place of religion in academia, as well as the importance of Milo's tour.  
    Andy Stumpf is a Retired US Navy SEAL, and Wing-suit Distance Flight Guinness Book of World Records World Record Holder with a RECORD 18 mile flight in a Wing-suit. Andy is a cast member of the hit show, Hunted.  Stumpf served 17 years as a Navy SEAL, with multiple combat tours and hundreds of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Andy Stumpf’s USN SEAL record is CLASSIFIED & DD214 includes 5 Bronze Star Medals (4 with Valor), a Purple Heart, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with Valor, Army Commendation Medal, 2 Combat Action Ribbons and a Presidential Unit Citation. 

  • 02:45

    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Sat. September 30, 2017  another powerful edition of "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"  (now in its 10th year)  TONIGHT " *What have we learned from the death of Kaneeka Jenkins?* The original MWM: DISCLAIMER about today's march in DC and the one coming to impede the MWM REUNION  *There is an obvious  increase of violence and abuse of our Women and Girls. What Are We Gonna Do? * MWM "We Charge Genocide" and more  *Learn more about the  National MWM "IN THE BLACK' 360/365 collaborations with LA "Black Wall Street" and others.
    On the "LIVE LINE" Bro. Marshone Kincey who created the first "Speak Truth To Power" / "Lest We Forget" Visual (Poster Series 1) as a part of our 
    "ARTIVIST": Practical and Financial Unity program Support the original Million Woman March (the MWM "20" Reunion) the "Raising Up The Mother of Civilization"  and in that Ridding Ourselves of Euro-centric thinking, practices, mindsets, manipulations, and ongoing perpetuations. Time to "Speak Truth To Power"  and to take "Direct Action" Exposing the other Disguises and Tools of Operational white supremacy tactics and Mistresses of Confusion .  MWM "20" Poster Series #1 Special MWM "20" Products featuring the We Raised Two Nations But Not Anymore  The "Lest We Forget" Project Overview of this poster series
    "We Are No Longer Your Mammie and Nanny"

  • 00:41

    Angola: A imunidade do Deputado Manuel Vicente e o início do julgamento

    in Politics

    43º Edição do programa "7 dias de informação em Angola",apresentado no dia 10/06/2017 por Serafim de Oliveira com análises e comentários de Carlos Lopes: - A imunidade do Deputado Manuel Vicente e o início do julgamento marcado para Janeiro de 2018 em Portugal. - As ameaças de greves na área do Ensino e Saúde é a «prova de fogo» para os respectivos Ministros. - Os cidadãos que vivem nas Províncias desiludidos pela recondução dos mesmos Governadores e com esperança nas eleições Autárquicas. - O endividamento do Estado Angolano aumenta internamentee as reservas de divisas caiem para mínimos. Prof.kiluangenyc@yahoo.com. RAU – Rádio Angola Unida -Uma rádio ao serviço dos angolanos, que não têm voz em defesa dos Direitos Humanos e Combate a Corrupção, em prol de um Estado Democrático e de Direito, apostando no Desenvolvimento sustentável e na dignidade do povo soberano de Angola. Os programas da Rádio Angola Unida (RAU) são apresentados e produzidos em Washington D.C.  

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