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My name is Travis Pope and My Co-Host is Oklahoma Tomcat! Explosive Politics your way or not. We hold no punches here. Libertarian Views with Conservative Values!

On-Demand Episodes

Trouble is brewing in Ferguson, MO again. To add to the problem, the KKK is also promising to also get involved. This is a recipe for huge problems. We also talk about the truck drivers right to carry a gun and Mike's Law. We get into the... more

Net Neutrality is the Hot Topic today if you can get past Honey Booboo or Kim Kardahian. Seems like something always comes up to distract the American people from the topics of today. Somethings you wonder why it is even knews. I... more

Liberals believe that the American People are too stupid to govern themselves and too stupid to know what is good for them. This is why they make laws to protect the people from themselves and why they feel justified to lie about the... more

We will discuss our state of affairs and how the Mid-term elections went. Was Oklahoma Tomcat right? Will Democrats keep control. IF they do what will that say about our country. What can we expect from the Lame duck session of our... more

We will be discussing the mid-term Elections. Be sure to call in and talk about who you think your State should support. We will have Audio from Allan West and Ted Cruz. We will visit old Audio from Democrat Leaders. Asking the Question:... more

This is a Replay Of our interview with Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement. We appriciate him coming on and sharing with us. You can Join the Texas Nationalist Movement For free by going to http://texnat.org/ Use... more

Looks like Nurse Kaci Hickox is going to go to court with Maine over the Ebola quarantine mandate. We will be discussing this and many other things in today's show. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is racist?

Recent News is a 5 year old in New York has tested or is being tested for Ebola. Recently Governors of a few States have issued their own quarantines and now the Obama Administration is pressuring them over thier mandates to... more

It is New Yorks time to be in the News. They have had both terrorism and ebola show up in their state. We will be discussing this and more in today's show.

New report released on the wastefull spending by Senator Coburn. Why are we spending on needless information or programs. 3 Teen Girls stole money from their parents and took a plane to meet up with ISIS Fighters. Recent news... more