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My name is Travis Pope and My Co-Host is Oklahoma Tomcat! Explosive Politics your way or not. We hold no punches here. Libertarian Views with Conservative Values!

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New report released on the wastefull spending by Senator Coburn. Why are we spending on needless information or programs. 3 Teen Girls stole money from their parents and took a plane to meet up with ISIS Fighters. Recent news... more

We will have Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement (http://texnat.org/independence/about-tnm) on the air. He will talk about the Texas Nationalist Movement and about Texas' sovernty.

Did you know that protecting our country from ebola is racism. According to the media and the gods in Washington DC, it is. Our elected leaders are trying to deflect the real problem with Ebola. Why are they doing this? Why would they... more

We see many things going on in our society. One of the biggest things is hate. Recently I was in a 2 day long debate about a Picture that was posted about of a girl wearing a headdress of with the American Flag Colors. While by the Flag... more

We are always hearing in the news about voter fraud and voter suppression. Tonight I will discuss these issues. The Federal Court just declared Texas Voter ID requirement non constitutional. I say the Federal Court is now non... more

The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has died this morning. We will discuss more about Ebola, ZMapp, and Jessie Jackson's visit with Duncan. We will also talk about the up coming elections and the Libertarian... more

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of homosexual marriage. This caused the federal courts ruling to stand. But what does the Constitution say about marriage? Should government even be involved in marriage? Who... more

Travis Pope had truck issues so The Oklahoma Tomcat is taking over as host for this episode. We now have Ebola in America. But we also have another virus spreading across America called Enterovirus D-68. What is going on? The... more

With many things going on in the recent days from the woman who was beheaded in Moore, Oklahoma to a recent threat made this morning by an Islamic Terrorists in Oklahoma as well. We will discuss things that is written in the Koran and... more

Oklahoma Libertarian Party interview