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Tune in tonight as we discuss this ongoing problem in the Black community. Breaking Newz Current Events

Tokens create an atmosphere in the Black Community for all type of destructions such as teenage pregnancy, unwed mothers, drugs, homosexuality, violence, gangs, high school dropouts, murders among youth, black on black crimes, and... more

Tonight We will discuss Race Relations at Every Level.... Current Events Breaking Newz Cafe'

Tonight we will discuss the Culture of Corruption, Tokenism, and Homosexuality among Black Leadership over the past 40 years. Tune In!!! Current Events Breaking Newz Cafe International Newz

Tonight We will Discuss we Got a long way to go and it is not due to not Voting, but it is due to the following; We need God Fearing Leaders We need Candidate -Not the Good of Two Evils We need to return to Our Core Christian... more

Tonight we will continue to discuss Black Issues. Current Events Breaking Newz

Tonight we will continue to discuss the Ignorance in Black Leadership as of 2013. Post Civil Rights Movement 40 Plus Years of Blacks being in Leadership Positions. It is very embarasing after all this time Black People have acquired... more

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