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Political Justice

Political Justice Inc.- The Universal Science Church of God, Inc.


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We will talk about the following topics: Politics, Psychology, Spirituality, Religion, Politics Progressive;Relationships

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Tonight we talk about can Injustice and Immorality be related?

Tonight we will discuss the self-destruction in the Black/African American from the constiency to the leadership.

A token is a black individual that lurks around in their community as a professional sniffing for progress in order to halt it. They are individuals who possess some if not many or a great magnitude of formal education, licensure, etc. (These... more

We are in need of leaders who possess the following qualities and they are as follows: Integrity is important because we need candidate who are honest about their stance on issues that matter. Cooperaton is another quality that is... more

Tonight we will discuss how Leadership, Persection, and The Lion's Den are related. We wil discuss it from a Biblical Perspective and how it has revelated in this Society. Please Tune In!!!

Tonight we will discussCurrent Newz, Breaking Newz, and Newz concerning our upcoming Presidential Election 2016.

Tonight we will discuss God's definition of Marriage-something that majority of the American people are afraid to address. No matter what the courts may decree, or society may permit, when it comes to marriage, God has the first word and God... more

Tonight we will discuss how "Tokenism" AKA "fake leadership" in the Black community is destroying us from a Spiritual Perspective because God is not pleased with hypocrites. We wonder why so many things are happening to... more

Tonight we will continue to discuss why the Criminal Justice System is not effective here in Amerika.
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