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We will talk about the following topics: Politics, Psychology, Spirituality, Religion, Politics Progressive;Relationships

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The effect that homosexual people have on the black community . And what we as black women and men should do about it.

Tonight we will discuss the embezzlement, corruption, and how homosexuality relates to this type of mismanagement at the elected and apointed level of government. Now we have black and white homosexuals "trying" to destroy the... more

Tonight we willl continue to discuss tokenism in a truthful manner.... An individual that agrees to a task such as this is nothing but a hypocrite. You are hell bound and will dwell there forever and ever. People of God always WIN... more

Tonight we will discuss the Era of Corruption here in The United States, and we will also discuss the End of Corruption. We will also dicuss Current Events, Breaking Newz, and other Newz as permitted.

We don't have a lot of respect for Black People are making a joke out of things that are destroying civilization in the Black Community such as equal rights. We as constients need to stop following people whose words are not... more

Tokenism is not a dream it is a nightmare in the Black Community and we need to elected and appoint black people who have our best interests.

Tonight we will continue to discuss the need of leadership in the Black Community. We will continue to discuss the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part of genocide in the Black Community. Tune In!

Tonight we will continue to discuss tokenism (hypocristy) at every level, especially the effect of this type of behavior in the Black Community.

Tonight we continue to discuss Current Events, Breaking Newz, and we will also discuss Hypocrisy at every level. Tune In!!!

Tonight we will discuss Current Events; Breaking Newz; and the Controversial Remark from MSNBC's host Melissa Harris-Perry about Romney's grandchild.
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