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Political Insights

Political Insights


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What does politics really have to do with us as private citizens? Does it matter what the politicians do? What does American politics say about us as a people? A Country? I hope you'll join me as we wade into the bigger picture of politics. Let's talk about what's really going on, what matters and why it matters.

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Homeless, jobless people fill the streets. Children don't have a bed or food. Is this America? Corporations pack up and move overseas so they can make more profit with slave labor and we just keep on buying from them. Will we stand up soon?... more

People are protesting in several countries.. just not America! Why are we silent? Are we programmed to go along to get along? How do we change this mind set? Can we change the mind set of Americans before things get worse? How do... more

Say What!!!!! The power to ban people is being bounced back and forth. What does it mean? Is it something we even want to consider doing to people? Is Assange a terrorist or a voice of reason and sanity? You could be next.. speak... more

What' the deal folks? Why does the government use tragedy to infringe on more of our rights? This is wrong. Seems there's lots of finger pointing and blame rather than looking at what causes this type of violence. What's going on... more

It's a new year filling up with more of the same old corruption, lies and fear. Can we stop the direction things are headed for our nation? I think we can. We start by being informed, respecting our own humanity and the humanity of our... more

This has just gone to danged far... people arrested for every little thing. It's ridiculous and outrageous. It's time to educate yourself and stand up. We gotta speak out and stand for truth.. for what's right. It's not too late.. maybe.. but it's... more

Is there more to pat downs, wars, bail outs, economic stress and unemployment than meets the eye? Let's look behind the curtain and see what's really going on and what it means to you and your family. The answer to tyranny is standing... more

I don't know about you but I am tired of each holiday being lost in the governments attempt to terrorize me over something some shadowy turbaned Taliban terrorist might be doing. Now they've uncovered a plot to poison food in... more

I don't know about you but when my government agrees with the likes of Chavez and China it gets my dander up. They are going after our internet and I will not have it. I am a FREE American.. I don't have to earn it.. I am FREE! Now TSA is... more
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