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Walmart Poker is a name i made up to represent a state of mind. A constant reminder of the plays that represent my goals for the session. We will discuss ways you develop a similar state of mind in you own ways.

Will be discussing basic tells and what you need to be looking for in your opponents. We will talk about what you should be looking at whens the flop comes out, cause it should never be the cards.

Will be discussing raising. How, When, and Why! Raising is a strategy used to isolate, terminate, and sometimes separate the competition. Check raising and the information it reveals.

Choosing the right table and Casino/Game is more important to your profits than your cards. Listen and find out why.

Why is the button the best seat in the house? Will be discussing the way to position yourself for profit, learn what seat changes are really about.
Poker Only

The Power of Position!

  • by Poker Only
Sunday, The show will be discussing the power of position. This is one of the most important lessons of learning poker and earning profits. Playing hands in the right position could be the difference in a winning or losing day. Or year for that... more

Listen and see what The Poker Man has to say about the very different strategies and approaches in playing tournament poker and cash games. Call in and share your thoughts or leave a comment now to be discussed on the show!

Listen to see how The Poker Man breaks downs both games,and the pros and cons of each. Decide which one fits your style and your bankroll.

Listen in to see why The Poker Man shows so much respect the the most powerful card in the deck and why it should never be disrespected!