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Satanism, Occultism, paganism, topical news, blogging and social issues. Intro music: Happy Apple Poison by Lovedrug, Saturday Nights, 8pm Eastern

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Join us Saturday, July 26th @ 8pm Eastern for a round-table discussion of the state of Satanism today. Offering perspective: Reap Paden, host of The Angry Atheist & Modern Satanism podcasts, ReapSow Radio and priest of The... more

Join us Saturday Night, 8pm Eastern! Special Guest: Darryl Hutchins II, author of "The Sinister without Superstition", and forerunner of the Transhumanist Nexion Concomitant Dissidence. Darryl is a 32 year old (sometimes) college student... more

The Gospel of Satan, a book written by The Grand Mufti of Satanism - Troll Towelhead Bio: "Troll Towelhead converted to Satanism in 1996 out of compassion for victims of moral panics and hate crimes. He signed a Blood Pact... more

Kicking the dust off! The pod-cast is BACK, up-coming shows: July 12th - The Gospels of Satan July 19th - The Sinister without Superstition July 26th - The State of Satanism Today Tune in Saturday Nights at 8pm!

Into the Fire! Issue #2 has been released and shared. An update on the Ezine and what's new. Sin-pin of the week: Fire! Fire! Fire!

Blocking, socking and doxing! I am the GOD of my domain! Tune in tonight for the Sin-pin of the week: You mad bro?

You've been asking, so here it is people: The Update. What's new with Sin Jones, Poison Apple Radio and projects in Social Media. Main Website: Into the Fire: Circle of Descent:... more

Topic: The Zimmerman Trial may be over but the discussion continues. Did the State prosecute Zimmerman in reaction to public outcry or was there truly enough evidence to present a case? How much did both Age and Race play a role in... more

Something went down in Beantown, but What? Do you know? Are you sure? Tune in with host Sin Jones, 11pm Eastern

Loki, the trickster, shape-shifter and Sly-god of Norse Myth. He's got a bone to pick, but why? Why is Loki portrayed as an angry brat? The recent Avengers film shows a rather amusing side to Loki with a Hulk Smash of this puny god! Why... more
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