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Satanism, Occultism, paganism, topical news, blogging and social issues. New Schedule starting March 1, 2013: Saturday Nights, 8pm Eastern

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The Gospel of Satan, a book written by The Grand Mufti of Satanism - Troll Towelhead Bio: "Troll Towelhead converted to Satanism in 1996 out of compassion for victims of moral panics and hate crimes. He signed a Blood Pact for mutual defense, then wrote The Gospel of Satan after standardizing Satanology and discerning how Christian theology tends to resemble Milton's Paradise Lost and the scripture on which it is based usually features no anti-God or cosmic adversary. In the 21st century he placed his scripture on the world wide web, and in 2013 issued a printed version with commentary and fatwas. In 2010 the Cult of Cthulhu recognized Troll as a Keeper of the Green Flame, and shortly thereafter his guru consecrated him as the Grand Mufti of Satanism. This marked the beginning of his video fatwas and established his role with respect to Satanity. A networker and data-collector of occult and mystical praxis, Towelhead issues intermittent fatwas on Satanic subjects, consults with individuals in public on methods of pact-making, religious dedications and worship, and enjoys imagining new types of Satanism absent self-defeating or self-disabling qualities. He and his guru (instructor, partner, and wife) live on a hill in an unincorporated rural, California farmstead, where they raise chickens, tend fruit orchards, publish books, and maintain an arcane theme park." Candid discussion and Book Dissection. Callers Welcome
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Coined in 1905, para+normal implies events or perceptions that cannot be explained scientifically. It includes the super-natural phenomena that seems to exceed the parameters of natural laws. The field of para-psychology developed... more

As much as American Society addresses cultural taboos, the letter of the law is often interpreted to both persecute and prosecute instances that may not necessarily qualify. Every now and again, the taboo is explored with a focus on... more

Conspiracy Theories, Mass Shootings, and Citizens on Rampage...Little Pockets of Chaos where organization is amiss! Tune in this week, for MOAR Satanic Panic!

The Catholic Church has taken a strong-position on regarding the un-born under Sanctity of Life. A recent case hit headlines in Colorado, in which a Woman and her twin 7 month old fetuses died from complications. Husband and father,... more

Video Interview 'A Christian and a Satanist' on youtube, with follow-up commentary by Jake (Flibberbiscuits). Join host Sin Jones for an interesting set of interview questions and follow-up commentary afterwards. Live-shows every... more

A listener request, about women, female behavior and why people think that Sin Jones hates women. Tune in tonight, 7pm eastern for the Sin-pin of the week: Men, I commiserate with you! Women are batshit crazy!

Tune in with host Sin Jones as she changes gears to address being pagan in a modern society. Modern pagans have a great number of concerns such as raising pagan children, and having their religion recognized in the country where they... more

Have people lost their ever-lovin' minds? WTF is wrong with people that have these ideals of having a huge family, but no real plan on supporting them? Why should tax payers pick up the bill? Kansas doesn't recognize same-sex unions,... more

2012 comes to a close, as does the Year in Theistic Satanism. Tune in this week with your host Sin Jones for a wrap up. Interviews with Vayu Tiger, Pomahazael Draconis, Venus Satanas, Pope Robert Fraize, Tom Erik Raspotnik, Adam... more

Anti-climatic 12/21/12 - End of the World! Tune in this week for the Sin-pin of the week: Mayan Long-count: You're doing it wrong! End of Days cults Hysterical whack-jobs Survivalist Propaganda Happy 13th B'ak'tun! And away we go! 7pm... more
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