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Satanism, Occultism, paganism, topical news, blogging and social issues. Intro music: Happy Apple Poison by Lovedrug, Saturday Nights, 8pm Eastern

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Belathauzer R'omoolus (Heather Humbersom) found her path to occultism when the stars were aligned just right. Her once Christian beliefs succumbed to her passions for Eldritch Weirdness. They have lead her to the hidden mysteries of... more

Exorcism is derived from the Greek word exorkizein which means "to bind by oath". There are exorcism rites all over the world to directly address willful possession. Tune in as we discuss some of these cultural practices, some... more

Explore Ceremonialism with Joseph Gitchuway of San Francisco, CA, a ceremonialist with a strong passion for the Occult, whose expertise taps everything from Chaos Magic, and Kabbalah, to ceremonial magic. Joseph... more

Rob Chapman is a practitioner of Pennsylvania Dutch Braucherei; a faith-based healing and magical system originating within the culture of the early German settlers of Pennsylvania. Join me this week as we explore Pow-wow, its... more

Special Guest: Jessica Evans Jessica Evans is an Aztec reconstructionist who currently resides in Texas. Aztec reconstructionism is a practice and religious system that attempts to reconstruct the religion of the Pre-Colombian Aztecs in... more

This week we will discuss the use of Satan, what constitutes Satanism and its expression by women in Satanism. SIN-pin of the week: So you think you're Satan huh?

This week's SIN-pin will explore conformity, polymorphism, how it directly affects man and his perceived identity. Polymorphism Meaning many shapes. In object technology, polymorphism is exhibited when a request (message) produces... more

You put yourself out there, and you don't expect crticism? This week's SIN-pin, addresses publication, in any medium, criticism and the people who can't take it!

Join me in exploring the distinction of belief, reality, facts, and truth!

What is a SIN-pin? It is the opinion of SIN JONES, brutal, honest, and to the point. This show addresses the issue of Internet censorship.
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