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    Sweet Inspiration - Poems by others....1-657-383-1675

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    This show is in other voices.. Find a poem written by a famous or not so famous poet... ...read it on air...and tell us what you think of it....and what you think it is saying. No answer is right or wrong . Open mike of sorts .We cannot allow hard profanity, sexual content or any language that will offend or demean anyone due to their race, religion, age, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation. All poetry must be inspiring in some form...Please note..that your call will be dropped like a hot potato, should you violate any of these rules. To participate, please call 1-657-383-1675 

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    Anniversary of Wounded Knee by Karen Begay Navajo Nation Poet

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    Native American Poetry/Spoken Word by Native American Writers and Poets and New Work Submitted by Indigenous Writers and Poets

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    The No Reply Show

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    Hello Hoodlums Strugglers Hairpieces and ballsacks we are back/ it is saturday night and the time is right/ to let wine flow and let your hair down/ but don't letcha liquor hit the ground. Sps is in the house and you guessed it every creature is staggering even the mouse. We are comin at you live large and in chrage from an undisclosed location/ somewehere deep in the nutsack of the rezervation. It seems the world is a mess and it is something we have to address/ from the shit goin down in paris to tammys absence due to her snugglefest. We got all your favourite segments maybe even a piece about jape sohs torn legiment. it is fight night tonght/ but before you tune in to ufc let sps get the night goin/ get that liquor flowin lets put that swagger back in your stagger/ time to get down with the Sps crew cause you know how we do/ We are yet to solve the case of the stolen sps tickets tho we may have leads you know who you are /and that you done did the dirty deed so without further a due it's time to get this party started /so if you don't know...now you know..... Till then Wikwemikong ....keep your head up 

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    Last Episode

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    Join us during this 2 hour open mic episode as we slam and celebrate Poetic Soul Talk Show's poets and supporters. Share your poems, listen and be inspired.

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    Bleu's Poetry's Premiere Open Mic Night!

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    I, your host Bleu Swain will begin with a piece titled "Nothing" in reguards to suicide victims and survivors.
    Poetry to me, and I know for some of you as well, is very important. Some of us can't go a day without writing something. Thursday night' broadcast doesn't have a theme nor a preference, I just want you to come in, introduce yourself, and enjoy all of the other poets, musicians, etc. Dont be afraid to show me what you've got! Thursday night is a free for all guys. Can't wait to meet you!

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    mamastears story

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    Welcome to DA Poetry Spot!

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    DA Poetry Spot would like to welcome you!

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    - POETRY AFTER SIX: The URBAN HAIKU with Dray TheDoctor & MotherOfSix  TONIGHT live on BLOGTALKRADIO  8pm-10pm (713) 955-0328 The Urban Haiku poet uses the haiku to capture and Verbalize a fleeting natural image, thought of human condition, situations, feelings or emotions. Urban environments, relationships and even humorous topics may be urban haiku subjects.
    The Urban Haiku is beauty and simplicity, experiences good, bad or ugly, right, wrong or indifferent that sprout imagination into motion. 
    call us  The URBAN HAIKU - PEN TAG the Mic  When the Poets are in the building –  MOTHERofSIX and THE POET 365 AKA DRAY THEDOCTOR  What's happening – POETRY AFTER SIX - JOIN US - Peace, Love and REspect & OPEN MIC: FOR ALL Poets, Writers, Rappers Singers AND Musicians,  COME JOIN host DRAY THEDOCTOR for POETRY PEN TAG Tuesday Night 8PM to 10PM EST DRAY THEDOCTOR aka THE POET 365 Brings IT to BlogTalk Radio Open Mic, Music, Poetry & Commentary- with MotherOfSix PEN TAG Your HEART, PEN TAG Your MIND, PEN TAG Your SOUL ~ BRING IT TO POETRY AFTER SIX POETRY PEN TAG - PEN TAG on the Mic- (713) 955-0328 POETRY AFTER SIX Where YOU bring out the POET in YOU MO6 PRODUCTIONS

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    It's 'Bout That Time!!! CWC Series Finale

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    Wahgwaan, Stars!
    Yes, you read right....I have decided that is time to say goodbye to "Conversations with Cleo"
    Tune in and join me for some laughter, good stories, good vibe....and you know me -- probably a few tears.
    Thank you, each and every person who tuned in over the years, for your support, love, honesty and loyalty!
    Much Love & Nuff Respec,

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    I Think I Know Why She Cheated

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    Relationships should lead to long lasting, healthy Marriages. Why aren't so many men getting married anymore. I delve into the root causes of that giving a fresher perspective to establishing healthy relationships for the long haul.

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