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    Meme Kelly - Mama's Got Something to Tell You about the Intersections of Life

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    Meme reads from The Intersection, A Letter To Myself, a blog post on www.memekellyinspires.com, which discusses the place in which Meme finds her self as a mature woman of color artist in these crazy times. In the reading Meme adds nuggets of wisdom and interesting thoughts related to the blog post. Note, she may have said POC, but what she meant to say was POV (Point of View). This podcast is always about the fiction and non-fiction POVs of WOC (women of Color) on a range of topics relating to today's culture. 

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    Humans are Blind - Donald Marshall Debunked Part 2 - on 03-21-14 Stay Bold Radio

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    Tuesday 03-18-2014 at 10pm EST/ 9pm CST                     on Stay Bold Radio
    Humans are Blind - Donald Marshall Debunked Part 2 hosted by Brett Wayne Pachmeyer and Cole Johnson
         Donald Marshall is a person who claims to be a victim of human cloning, that has supposedly been cloned and abused by many mainstream celebrities.  He claims that he was to be an Illuminati child sex slave, but was not used because he would always scream too much.  He says that he started to sing songs in order to amuse the predators and avoid being raped.  He goes on to say that the Illuminati saw what kind of talents he had and would begin to record the songs he created.  He claims to have made songs for celebrities like Britney Spears, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Rihanna, Eminem, plus many more, as well as movie plots and video game ideas that were developed.   He states that victims like him are cloned and that the clones are kept in secret underground bases.  The clone bodies are empty vessels, useless without the original bodies’ consciousness.  He says the victim’s consciousness is transferred to the clone body during the original bodies’ REM sleep cycle.  Once the victim’s consciousness occupies the clone vessel, the Illuminati will abuse, rape, torture and murder the victims, all inside these secret underground bases.  This is just the beginnings of his claims!! Tune in to hear more of Donald Marshall’s claims and why they are false!  I will examine his letter, his interviews, and his own Facebook posts that will prove his claims to fraudulent.  This is the debunking of Donald Marshall.
    Listener Line (347) 205-9576

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    Motivate Social Podcast - Episode 36: Veronica McCall

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    Welcome to the Motivate Social Podcast with Dr. Aikyna Finch and Vanessa Canteberry. In this podcast, you will learn about Veronica McCall, Author and Entrepreneur, and how she is changing the world through social media. Tune in to hear her story! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2017/07/12/motivate-social-podcast--episode-36-veronica-mccall

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    Who's Asking Who? Should women pop the question?

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    Stick with tradition, or is tradition out-dated?
    Should women ask men to marry them? If a woman asked her man to marry her, would she be considered aggressive? Or does she simply know what she wants? How would a man feel if his lady got down on one knee and asked him to marry her? How do women feel about another woman asking a man to marry her?
    This is sure to be a great discussion so make sure you are tuned in and on the phone line to share your thoughts. Phone lines open up at 10:15pm (657) 383-1155. You can also, tweet us live throughout the show @gft_radio using the hashtag #GFTRadio

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    Brad Johns of The Hoover Boys YouTube channel

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    Join us as we sit down with Brad Johns!  You may know of Brad from seeing him in various episodes from the YouTube channel "The Hoover Boys".  Brad may surprise you with some of his stories.  He has had a number of years in the hobby himself and over the last few years has really enjoyed his Fisher metal detector.  He has made many nice finds in his time in the hobby and has even done a number of returns as well.  That's right!  Brad is also a fellow Ring Finder.  Not only is he a fellow Ring Finder but he is a great guy to speak with and even hunt with.  We had the opportunity to meet both Kurt Franz and Brad in Ohio for the Ohio dig and they were both just absolutely great guys to meet and talk with.  I'm sure this will probe to be quite an interesting and entertaining show that you won't want to miss!  It's going to be a great time!  Tune in...we want to hear from you!
    Join us live...Wed, April 6th, 8 PM Eastern Call in number is 1-419-549-5744 We hope to see you there...call in, interact, or just sit back and listen! Click the link below to listen to the show, live through the player...
    The Hoover Boys on YouTube:
    The Hoover Boys Facebook group:
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    Meeting a Horse Racing Trainer with JR Cladwell

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    Getting to meet a Horse Racing Trainer Listen to what goes on behind the scenes of the world of horse racing through the daily operations of trainer JR Caldwell. Maybe you were interested in owning a race horse and don't know how? RJ covers the ways to get involved as a owner of a race horse.

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    2 Hopped Broads - Fav Local IPAs

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    So many favs to pick from !!! Clearly we are hop heads so it's natural for us to review our fav local IPAs.  Peter Schroder also makes a special appearance to talk about his double red IPA Aztec Astronaut which he made with the band Droids Attack.  

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    Linda L. Johnson Presents BlogTalk Interviews

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    Tunein as Blogtalk Interviews host, Linda L. Johnson interviews and speaks with today's guest Felicia M. Land as she speaks to us from the heart and from her viewpoint as it relates to being a Christian single, "Single in Purpose."
    Felicia's Bio~ Felicia is a woman of God who truly loves the Lord. She accepted Jesus into her heart at the tender age of 10. Though little did she know that she would face many trials and tests throughout her life that ultimately caused her to fall away from her relationship with God. 
    In 2016 she renewed her relationship with Christ making him Lord of her life and now seeks to serve him in a greater capacity.  She is a strong believer of the Word of God and speaking with authority. Her areas of gifting include: teaching, counseling, administration and intercessory prayer.
    Through her testimony and walk with Christ she hopes to minister to today's generation, especially those who grew up in the church and may have lost their way. She is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. degree in Business Communications and currently employed at a major fortune 500 Company as a Sales Analyst.  Her call is to serve the Lord in various ministry capacities that empowers, uplifts, and encourages believers.  She resides in Minneapolis, MN and is a single parent of a teenage son.
    Host of BlogTalk Interviews is Linda L. Johnson who functions in diverse roles, gifts, and capacities:   http://theministryoflljohnson.org

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    Shedding Light On Treatment For Substance Use Disorder In Florida

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    GUEST; Dr. Rachel Needle will be talking about the substance use disorder treatment industry, specifically in South Florida, in response to a recent New York Times Article and Megyn Kelly's show. 
    "It’s important to educate those who might not understand the terms and all the pieces of the puzzle. Many who have been reporting on or trying to make changes in the industry don’t seem to grasp the differences." Dr. Rachel Needle
    Dr. Rachel Needle received her Psy.D. in clinical psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She received graduated Cum Laude with her B.A. in psychology from Barnard College, Columbia University. Dr. Needle is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist. 
    Guest; Dana Michelle  is a local South Florida outreach coordinator that helps individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Dana will be talking about her passion for helping others and her own personal recovery since July 2011, which started in South Florida.
    DISCLAIMER – RIR Radio is based on opinion only and is not meant to treat or diagnose any health or mental health issue of any kind. If you feel you need help for any health related issues please contact a physician or a mental health professional. The Opinions Expressed  by our Guests are Not Necessarily Those Of ROCKERS IN RECOVERY (RIR).