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  • Aquatics Euphoria: Bob Fenner Speaks On WetWebMedia!

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    Bob Fenner stops by Aqyatics Euphoria to speak on WetWebMedia website. Tune in to listen to Bob's interview on this awesome website. WetWebMedia started as an idea then blossomed into what it is today. Bob was born in Rhode Island!
    In his own words and I quote, "Is there a difference between what you do for money and for a living? Not me. Nowadays I write articles and books for the diving/underwater natural history and ornamental aquatics interests, and manage my rentals and securities. I browse the electronic bulletin boards to "chat" with others daily, and often travel, to go "hashing" (sort of running), writing and photographing with friends around the world."

  • Introduction Of New Pod Cast On Euphoric Network: Discus Frenzy

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    I have been keeping discus fish for quite awhile now and I have been asked by my co-host to do a Discus show! So, here it is, Discus Frenzy. James Jones and i will be doing this pod cast together on Wednesdays each week. Come by and support us as we delve into the discus world here on the Euphoric network! We will start at the the beginning and continue on through. If you would like to guest on this show just contact William T or James Jones and we will set you up with a guest appearance, call in Live at 1-347-677-1837.

  • The Alex Cardinale Show on ACE: Problems in the World Today

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    On this episode of The Alex Cardinale Show on A.C.E., Alex Cardinale will be discussing what he believes to be wrong with the world today. The world is always changing, but is the world changing for the better or for the worst? Alex will be discussing the problems in the world and what we can do to fix it!
    Alex will be discussing the following Issues:
    -Substance Abuse
    Are people abusing drugs and alcohol? Are drugs and alcohol to blame for some of the recent troubles?
    - Violence
    Why is Violence on the increase? Why are people more eager to shoot a gun? Should guns be banned? 
    - Gay Rights
    -Why do people still feel gays shouldn't have rights?
    Why is everything about money?
    All that and more!
    You can call in with any questions or comments or share your thoughts at 1 347-989-8142!

  • Chase Spaw Returns For Another Interview Here On Aquatics Euphoria

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    Chase Spaw a 14 year old fish hobbyist is breeding live bearers with a passion. he is good for what he does. So, all you young fishkeeping hobbyists ought to tune ih to this wonderful show. In this episode Chase speaks his mind on Hybrids and Glofish. I can't wait to hear what he has to say aboutthese species of fish! Come join us live as we discuss these fishwith Chase Spaw! Chase lives in Fort Wayne Indiana and breeds live bearers!

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