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    test broadcast

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    teat broadcasting

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    Slor Talk Live 11/23

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    Talkingc SLOR and Turkey 

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    America, we need to talk...

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    The fear on the left and the oppressive regenme of the moral authority is starting to reach critical mass. We need to have a sit down and talk America.

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    Outspoken Radio Podcast

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    Come Kick with the ladies and learn all about them. Tonight kick off your shose 

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    "Ego" The Beast Within

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    Introduction to The 19Report Website
                This is brother Johnny of Gruv19 Promotions out of Manning S.C. Inviting everyone to join us on The 19Report Website where we will be engaging in informative and enlightening conversation, commentary and subject matter related to the inner self. And the Devine Path of enlightenment ordained by the most high.
                And although the blueprint has been tampered with and tainted by the hands of people of ill will, or ignorant ones with good intentions. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that the books and the blueprint are still the most precious gifts of Guidance offered to man. But the true meaning of this gift can not be attained without the knowledgeable journey into “the valley and shadow of death.”
    You can read hints relating to that journey in
    23 Psalms
                We must all surrender unto death. Just as Jesus the Christ surrendered his life to the author of his existence. We have to follow his example, but this journey unto death is 2 fold in that we were born to die so that we could live again.
    “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.” 1 Corinthians 15:22
    Now we need to make it clear who Christ is, how and when we died. What caused our death? And most importantly; how do we live again.         
    Proverbs 14:8 the wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.

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    The BE Series

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    Join me weekly as Farnum Enterprises, LLC presents The BE Series. God has spoken over our lives and commands to BE fruitful, multiply, have authority, take dominion, not to be afraid or fear, to be a lender, to the head, be in health and to prosper...yet the vast majority fall way short. The BE Series is 1/2 hour of impactful empowerment intent on powering you up.
    I am powered up. So excited about returning to my mission and ministry of multimedia production. During my long break, I turned inwardly to an introspective place. I can  honestly say, all things work for my good. However, truth be told stress seemed to be my ride and die companion. But God...I heard Him say to me Be Still and Know that I AM God. And it is I that give you POWER. Therefore, Jasmin is POWERED UP and there is no turning away. Join me weekly for this journey.
    All to often we are too stressed to be blessed.The truth is we are commanded and instructed by God, "to be." Living in modern day society we don't get real with ourselves just being. We are more familiar with existing and just barely getting by. We live far below the capacity God created us to perform. We exist far below an abundant life and the vast majority are one-three at the most paychecks away from total disaster. The truth of the matter we for the most part do not know how to "be still" and we perish for the lack of knowledge. This is evidenced by the rise of lifestyle diseases. The Center for Disease Control reports, nearly 900,000 people die prematurely due to preventable and curable diseases. There are fundamental errors occurring because in our being we simply do not know how to, be still and know that I am God." Proverbs 27.17. 
    Hosted by Jasmin Farnum & Special Guest Co-Hosts [TBA]

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    takeover 13

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    Credit Card charge cancellation

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    Episode #1

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    Frank and Beth Show. Call in number- 267-521-0186

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    Great time checking out some bands from last Sunday. Also be talking more about the Behringer XR-16 wireless PA system plus the Feedback Destroyer I used on last Fridays gig in Otsego.  We'll be chatting with none other that Dave Bannister. He's a local solo entertainer that goes back and fourth to Florida and back here in Batle creek.

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