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    Sicilian Raps

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    takeover 13

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    Credit Card charge cancellation

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    Episode #1

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    Starter talk, getting my feet wet , just random happenings.

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    The EloHim- ????????

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    Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Inflammation

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    Healthy Tips:
    Drink Warm Lemon Water
    Organic Turmeric
    Organic Ceylon Cinnamon 

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    test broadcast

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    teat broadcasting

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    The BE Series

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    Join me weekly as Farnum Enterprises, LLC presents The BE Series. God has spoken over our lives and commands to BE fruitful, multiply, have authority, take dominion, not to be afraid or fear, to be a lender, to the head, be in health and to prosper...yet the vast majority fall way short. The BE Series is 1/2 hour of impactful empowerment intent on powering you up.
    I am powered up. So excited about returning to my mission and ministry of multimedia production. During my long break, I turned inwardly to an introspective place. I can  honestly say, all things work for my good. However, truth be told stress seemed to be my ride and die companion. But God...I heard Him say to me Be Still and Know that I AM God. And it is I that give you POWER. Therefore, Jasmin is POWERED UP and there is no turning away. Join me weekly for this journey.
    All to often we are too stressed to be blessed.The truth is we are commanded and instructed by God, "to be." Living in modern day society we don't get real with ourselves just being. We are more familiar with existing and just barely getting by. We live far below the capacity God created us to perform. We exist far below an abundant life and the vast majority are one-three at the most paychecks away from total disaster. The truth of the matter we for the most part do not know how to "be still" and we perish for the lack of knowledge. This is evidenced by the rise of lifestyle diseases. The Center for Disease Control reports, nearly 900,000 people die prematurely due to preventable and curable diseases. There are fundamental errors occurring because in our being we simply do not know how to, be still and know that I am God." Proverbs 27.17. 
    Hosted by Jasmin Farnum & Special Guest Co-Hosts [TBA]

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    Halloween or Hallelujah?

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    When I was a young child, I or rather WE  went trick or treating. My homemade costume turned into a store bought costume to being a teenager playing pranks such as egg and water balloon throwing all the way up to going to masquerade parties bobbing for apples and shaking my booty to club music. The worst thing that happened in my recall of growing up, a neighbor caught us sneaking away from their door or the crazy lady with the cats gave us rotten fruit or the old man who had nothing in his house but liquor always acted as though he forgot it was Halloween so he just reached in his wallet and gave us all of his loose change and one dollar bills in our bag instead of candy. Nowadays, it seems that more people are bypassing door to door knocking altogether and just having community treating (no tricks) and more parents are taking their children to churches for Hallelujah Night even if they aren’t members themselves. I was the last of the lucky ones who got to grow up in a generation of community and everyone knew everybody and all of my friends went out together. Today, my children are afraid to go out on Halloween,  and even suggested going to "church". 

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    Slor Talk Live 11/23

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    Talkingc SLOR and Turkey