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    Welcome to The Pep Rally Podcast

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    Welcome to The Pep Rally Podcast by Dr. Aikyna Finch. A pop of motivation and truth to pump you up for the day!

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    Talk Texas

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    Just talking about things w Texas tonight and this morning

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    Should Leaders Be Transparent In Ministry Episode 2

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    Lack of trust with leadership is likely due to a lack of transparency in ministry. Transparent leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and members within their organization and ministry. It is very important that those who are in leadership be kept in the loop within their organization and ministries, this tends to help them to understand what their role (s) ,overarching purpose , and goals are within their ministry and organization. Leaders and members more most likely to put their trust in leaders who are transparent.

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    "Ego" The Beast Within

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    Introduction to The 19Report Website
                This is brother Johnny of Gruv19 Promotions out of Manning S.C. Inviting everyone to join us on The 19Report Website where we will be engaging in informative and enlightening conversation, commentary and subject matter related to the inner self. And the Devine Path of enlightenment ordained by the most high.
                And although the blueprint has been tampered with and tainted by the hands of people of ill will, or ignorant ones with good intentions. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that the books and the blueprint are still the most precious gifts of Guidance offered to man. But the true meaning of this gift can not be attained without the knowledgeable journey into “the valley and shadow of death.”
    You can read hints relating to that journey in
    23 Psalms
                We must all surrender unto death. Just as Jesus the Christ surrendered his life to the author of his existence. We have to follow his example, but this journey unto death is 2 fold in that we were born to die so that we could live again.
    “For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.” 1 Corinthians 15:22
    Now we need to make it clear who Christ is, how and when we died. What caused our death? And most importantly; how do we live again.         
    Proverbs 14:8 the wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.

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    Join the discussion today! We are live streaming today at 6pm et call in chat to be heard 213.943.3388 we love and encourage your interaction, we appreciate your feedback and participation it makes for an awesome show every time!
    Today we discussion things we love and the things we don't but in a very fun way thats so chilled it's like NETFLIX AND CHILL WITH THE EXPECTATIONS tou just be yourself come on through and to the live show going to be great.. also rap artist @whooisrichie and hot clothing owner @wayneonamission of Patchworks/Staywoke designs to and to the awesome content be there! 

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    GODS OF THE ROUND Starring Ceelah El Bey (King Saudi)

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    Welcome to the next episode of the Gods of the Round. Join me once again as I continue to share these jewels with the family as we continue to disseminate into the "Nu'Philosophies" of Life and expound upon them once more. I want to encourage each and every one of you to do your best and to always have courage. Peace
    - Ceelah El Bey

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    Poker As A Job: Is it for you?

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    Curtis talks about whether pokr is a realistic job opportunity for some people, along with why he thinks he can make it based on his lifestyle.

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    Outspoken Radio Season 1 Episode 9

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    Dare to be Outspoken! Come and kick it with our special guest Executive Producer Sheri Johnson of Studzville will be coming through to talk about their upcoming Season 4 with all the Tea. Our ladies will be also be giving the goods on . Business/ News Wrap-up, Slut shaming - Is this a thing?  Introducing Korean Culture to the mix. Ladykee gives a quick intro into a new segment she plans to bring to the table, Korean music and entertainment. We will also be given you a recap of  K-Hip Hop concert: Back & Forth. Ladykee shares the details of her backstage experiences from last Sunday night. As well as  What's going on in Hip Hop.

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    Meet the Ladies of "The Tea"!  What's Going On In The World?  Where Do We Go From Here? In light of all of the recent events...How do We Go On? What Do We Teach Our Kids? What's The Solution?

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    Breathing Through Paper ~ Organized Destruction of Hip Hop

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    In this episode of the Breathing Through Paper Show with your host Lyrical Movements and WrittenInPain... We are discussing the organized destruction of Hip Hop…  This show will be Amazing. Please feel free to chime in and lend us your knowledge on the topic or just come through to share with the Family.
    Let's discuss!! 
    11PM EST ~ 1-213-769-0921

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    Pastor Dr. Alonzo Miles and Dr. Brenda Miles

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    Pastor Dr. Alonzo Miles and Dr. Brenda Miles share how to have a sucessful marriage.