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    The fear coming from the left.

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    Over the last year and a half, we have been hearing nothing but fear rettoric coming from the left. If Trump is elected minorities are in danger. Gays are in danger. The muslim community is in danger. Yet, most of what has happened is nothing more than the laws that are in place actually being informed. The left would like you to think you are somehow no longer free and will do anything to prove it. Even say false hate crimes existed.

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    Mindless Banter 5 - LeeAllure is joined by sleepingirl

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    Before I ever met her, sleepingirl was the stuff of legend - so many people read her stories, fact, fiction, fantasy about hypnosis that her name was whispered about with awe and jealousy and "I want to do that!" spoken often.
    If this is the first you've heard about her, here are a few places to get familiar:
    http://hypno-sleepingirl.blogspot.com http://h-sleepingirl.tumblr.com/ https://fetlife.com/users/875590 http://reddit.com/r/EroticHypnosis
    Join me as we talk Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 at 9pm EST.
    Join us in the chat room to ask questions, or call in live: (602) 753-1645

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    Texas Biker Radio #186 - No Brianer Method Relaxing

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    With Mel Moss & Mel Robins of SOLR RC
    On Tonight's Show: SOLR Support Ts- Bus Driver Needed - No Brainer takes pressure off - TBR announces New Dances inspired by Hillary 'head shake" "bug eyes"- is kain gay - voter fraud nationwide - eastern shore people scram from hurricane no poop deck - carry your gun - ISIS orders attacks - 1.5 billion wasted - Haiti swimming wonder if cell phones work - Uber robot tickets - kick your older kids out - your too fat to fly - ride a motorcycle - pants on fire - NSA contractor toast - Russians prepare for war while we d emasculate - find our feminine side - argue over transgender bathrooms - now clown lives matter - shit we're dead meat - in Russia they have bomb shelter for citizens - USA only politicians / rich  have bomb shelters -  Jamie Fox Can't get big mac - Idiot 
    All That BS and mo on our show 8:30PM 10/05/16

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    Jack Kapanka "one eyed jack" and his remarkable life

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    Come join the boys from Hillbilly Express as we get a unquie chance to tallk to a remarkable man. Come sit a spell as we talk with Jack Kapanka other wise known as "one eyed jack"
    Jack Kapanka "One Eyed Jack".  Born blind, he gained sight in his right eye when he was two. Still blind in the left. Started off as a stuntman and jumped into the music business working as the Publishing Coordinator for the Back Street Boys, NSYNC and several other "Pop" groups. He was the music supervisor for ABC/ MTV's Making The Band. Jack Created and hosted Writers On The Road for XM Radio Channel 171. He has wrote theme songs for national and international orgizations including:  The Special Olympics World Games - A Champion  Kairos Christian Prison Ministry International - My Kairos  The Health Care Center for the Homeless - Not Alone  Freeedom Ride Therapeutic Horseback Association - Freedom Ride  Veterans - What They Gave To Me  #6 All time best trucking song XM radio - America Moves By Truck  Theme song for the movie Stroke Of Genius - Play It As It Lies  She's Got My Heart - #34 Music Row Charts and hunting for hero’s  

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    wicked Naked

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    An emotional attachment unwanted

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    Rejection is something we all encounter in our lives. The feelings we hobor from each incident can become overwelming , and we become products of our own exserences of Rejection. IMAGINE how Jesus feels every time he reveals himself to you and you reject him and his still small voice telling you the truth and you rejected him

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    Outspoken Radio Season 1 Episode 9

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    Dare to be Outspoken! Come and kick it with our special guest Executive Producer Sheri Johnson of Studzville will be coming through to talk about their upcoming Season 4 with all the Tea. Our ladies will be also be giving the goods on . Business/ News Wrap-up, Slut shaming - Is this a thing?  Introducing Korean Culture to the mix. Ladykee gives a quick intro into a new segment she plans to bring to the table, Korean music and entertainment. We will also be given you a recap of  K-Hip Hop concert: Back & Forth. Ladykee shares the details of her backstage experiences from last Sunday night. As well as  What's going on in Hip Hop.

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    Why is it that we consider a person who has an African American dialect to not sound intelligent? Second half will be about missing white women, must be a serial kidnapper!!

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    Why your flaws doesn't disqualify you from leadership

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    We all were created with some type of character flaw. We wish that we could be perfect and live  a perfect live and in a perfect world. A flaw coul be gambing, stealing, anger, sassy, drug addtion, colorful, lustful, etc. Any flaw can be a problem that can either indirectly or directly affect a person's character.
    As we continue on our life's journey, we have an unction that we are called by God to step into a leadership role, but we start to second guess ourselves, 'Is God really calling me?" On that very day that God created you, there was no dought that he knew that you had one or more flaws about you. It is the flaws that lies within you that causes God to use you to build His kingdom. 

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    2017 Grammys Recap

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    Tonight was the first time in years that I watched the Grammy Awards. I missed the first hour, but from what I seen it was pretty good this year....

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    GODS OF THE ROUND Starring Ceelah El Bey (King Saudi)

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    Welcome to the next episode of the Gods of the Round. Join me once again as I continue to share these jewels with the family as we continue to disseminate into the "Nu'Philosophies" of Life and expound upon them once more. I want to encourage each and every one of you to do your best and to always have courage. Peace
    - Ceelah El Bey