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While Duncan flies home, Josh flies solo on this weeks PMBL Podcast. Topics include: The week that was Killer Kwadrant/Kenny Kup Manly Awards and Josh's favorites And SO MUCH MORE* *So much more not guaranteed

Josh and Duncan discuss the Elite EIght + 1, go over the games that were, and make predictions about who has what it takes to hoist the Kup here in Season Three.

The regular season is over and the Race for the Kenny Kup is on! Duncan and Josh look ahead to All-star weekend and the playoffs, then look back at their preseason predictions and lament about how wrong they really were.

Recapping the week that was, the First Annual PMBL Shore Classic Takeover, and previewing the last week of resular season play in Season Three.

Duncan and Josh sort through the chaos of And 1 Season Three, discuss contenders and pretenders, and look ahead to exciting upcoming events.

Duncan and josh call the maxs brew bar game of the week

Had a long weekend? Let Duncan and Josh ease you into the work week with a long overdue PMBL Podcast. We'll poke holes in Josh'a rankings, take a look at the week ahead, and go big picture as we examine the rest of the And One... more

Duncan and Josh shake off the Cinco Cobwebs and break down week one action, chime in on the surprising sixers, and talk about the week ahead

Duncan and Josh bring you all the live action for tonight's rematch of Truth Hurts and B. Kind Live Right. By the time Truth Hurts meets B. Kind Live Right at Friends Select School Thursday, it will have been 58 days since the teams... more

Josh and Duncan have a lot to discuss. Listen along with them as they break down preseason play, update their power rankings and Josh explains why Lonnie's dad was the first face he saw Sayurday morning. Plus, which... more