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What's the seeming reality or fiction behind this statement? Find out on the next pluto-Nalagy Show hosted by Jahwie & Nalagy Be There!

It is almost ridiculous to realize that at a time of the greatest advancement in technology ever, and in the so-called "Land of the Free" - The US of A - alleged Justice REMAINS a word to be scorned rather than to be embraced! But, think... more

In our society, why is is that men tend to tip the scale in one direction more so that in the other? As Steve Harvey puts it: Do "...all men (really) think alike?"... Is that EVEN remotely possible?? On both sides, could it be that Self-view,... more

This seeming superficial or ego-driven statement," To Know Me Is To Love Me!".....which most use to somehow allow themselves to feel temporary self-value with respect to others, may well be more powerful than we realize. Join Nalagy... more

Although most never think of marriage from the above perspective of determining a "Woman's Value," in practice, this unrealized view or outlook may well be the most prevalent one of all....... The real question is, If marriage "does... more

Does it seem as if Americans up-hold a double standard which says: "It is ok/good/fine/acceptable for a woman to 'beat-down' a man, but the opposite or the retaliation of a man to this violence or abuse is morally, socially, and lawfully... more

Join Jahwie and Nalagy as we discuss the most common of all realities. Be there!

Does having sex mean we are together as a couple? Join Jahwie and Nalagy as we discuss....Be There!

Most are searching - everywhere - to "find (this thing called) Love!" ....But most somehow never-ever think that this Love they seek may be under their own noses, already in their own backyards, already with and within them! Some... more
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"Men Love Women...Women Love Themselves" - the debut book by P "Nalagy" Browne, looked at and dissec

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What do you think about the title and relevance of this book? It is presently available on Amazon Kindle and all other e-reader, and will be out in paperback, everywhere, on 10-1-10. N
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