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2 guys discussing life issues from a different perspective

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Is the typical woman worried or bombarded with the concern that her life might be in danger at the hands of her husband or male significant other? ....Very possibly.. What are the variables or factors which have fueled such a conclusion or belief?... more

Let's discuss on the up coming Pluto-Nalagy Show with Jahwie & Nalagy. Be There!

Is it simply "Ego-at-work" why the average man gets so troubled, and even violent at times, when his marriage or standing long-term relationship fails for no seeming cause of his own? Is there usually another viewpoint or overlooked... more

Is Love or Hate something that we "give" of "get" to/from others..or is it something or an energy that we choose to be at one with or not to be at one with? Further, the most import question is: Who ultimately benefits when one chooses... more

The common - most-talked-about - theme of Love, seems to have a million and 1 realities and opinions in our society and world. When it gets to personal relationships, these realities and opinions increase exponentially...and so... more

Is Love something that exists within you, or is it external to in, coming from or expected from someone or something else - out there somewhere? Most would emphatically say how stupid the foregoing staytement is, and assure you... more

Was February 14th, Valentine's Day - the Eathly Day designed and upheld each and every year in the name of celebrating romantic Love - put in place and celebrated only to benefit the female gender in relationships? Who said Love... more

What kind of individual would stay in an unhappy relatiopnship feeling powerless that they have no other choice but to stay? Could it be that this seeming unhappiness is a self-imposed issue or one that the individual feels that he or... more

Why should or would anyone continue to be in a relationship if they're unhappy in that relationship? Join Jahwie and Nalagy this week as we discuss..... Be there!
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