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2 guys discussing life issues from a different perspective

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Although most never think of marriage from the above perspective of determining a "Woman's Value," in practice, this unrealized view or outlook may well be the most prevalent one of all....... The real question is, If marriage "does... more

Does it seem as if Americans up-hold a double standard which says: "It is ok/good/fine/acceptable for a woman to 'beat-down' a man, but the opposite or the retaliation of a man to this violence or abuse is morally, socially, and lawfully... more

Many of us like to let our past remain in the past ."...where it belongs," as some would say. However, some us......the majority - I might add - love, love, love, love, love to live in the past. And especially so when the specific details of the... more

There seems to always be a scapegoat to take the brunt of responsibility for most Individual's action(s) ....or lack of it thereof! (...Always wanted to say that.) "Love" situations are no exception to this general tendency.... As a matter of fact, these... more

Are you up for the challenge.....to Own the key to your happiness? .....To take personal responsibility for the way you really feel about YOU? Really? Join Nalagy and Jahwie this week and find out if you are truly up to this challenge in... more

If you were to ask me, I would say that the act of blaming has been the BIGGEST human, self-imposed cop-out since the invention of time. .....and the most self-debilitating of ALL emotions to hold within one's own psyche as resembling... more

Is "giving-up" oneself the common theme of the inner dialogue or self-talk of most individuals today? Most seem to be adamantly in search of what we sometimes playfully refer to as "Love" - that is somewhere out there and somehow needs to... more

Why do most individuals paint a picture that is not truly who they are when they meet or first encounter prospective love interest(s)? Join Jahwie and Nalagy this week as we discuss. ...Be There!

The subject of Commitment seems to be, and have always been, a "hot" topic of discussion in our society - especially when marriages and other forms of prospective lifetime partnerships are discussed. However, there seems to be a... more
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