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Platinum Queen West is a West Coast Radio Show Hosted by Shanda (Platinum Queen) & Chilly Chill of (Da Lench Mob). Chill & I will bring you REAL PEOPLE, REAL DIALOGUE, REAL ISSUES, REAL ARTISTS & MUSIC. Platinum Queen West will bring it 2 U West Coast Style!. So sit back and enjoy as we bring you HEAT along with a little Comedy. We MAY NOT BE Politically Correct BUT we will always keep it real!!. We want you to enjoy our Radio Show. TRY NOT to take life so seriously! You have to laugh sometimes to keep from crying!. We Thank You for tuning in and supporting PQW.

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Ladies. Fellas. You knew it was coming. It is one storm, among many, that most of us dred on facing; ourselves. On this edition of the PQW broadcast, we delve deep into the chasm that is the Family Unit on a myriad of levels. Per usual, ensure that you keep the top of the line Emotional Battle Armor on for this one as it will get deep and outright person. As both aspiring and established members of modern-day Adulthood, it is high time that we not only expose the dirty laundry but fully put in the work to clean it. Note to Self: The following dialogue may contain adult language, situational references and emotional derived outbursts of a volitile nature. Listeners disgression are advised. The broadcast airs live @ 3pm Pacific Standard Time/ 6pm Eastern Standard Time. PQW is destined to go in 24/7. Join Us.
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Tune in August 2ND @ Noon(central). When our Topic will be Interracial Dating. Special Guest Gus of The C.O.W.S here on blogtalkradio. Do you agree with Interracial Dating? Have you ever dated outside your race? Do you feel People... more

Tune in July 26 @ Noon (central) When we will be discussing should Marijuana be Legalized (Yes or No)? Do you think it will help with the Recession? Why the Government don't want Marijuana legalized? Is it because they prefer us to get... more

Tune in Sunday (July 19 @ Noon) with Special Guest Janet Dawson as we will be discussing her book "G Marks the Spot" & Erotica Poetry (It's gonna be HOT!)If you have any questions please feel free to call in. Thank you for being a listener.

Please tune in Sunday July 12. As Sylvia, Shanda & Marc Sims discuss Hot Topics on "Why do Men ASK Women to have their Child" then don't stay in for the long haul. Also call in and tell us your favorite Michael Jackson Song? &... more

Bubba Loc is back! Tune in, call in as we will discuss "What if The Economy Took Men Off Child Support." Being that so many people are loosing their jobs, companies are closing down. How can these Men pay child support when the... more

Is the New music living up to the Old Expectations of Soul Music, Is it Payola, Distribution, Radio?? Are they Sampling to Much? Do u like the New Music? Is Old School More Soulful, Respectful & Better? Tune In, Call In Give us your... more

We will continue discussing Beef. We got kind of deep and we want to continue allowing you to voice your opinions about the government,men, women, gangs, liars, cheaters... So what beef do you have? tune in call in and let's discuss it!

We will be discussing Beef!, Rather it's Beef with Men/Women, Men/Men, Women/Women, Gangs, Thugs, Nice Guys do they have beef with so called straight up Gangsta's. tune in, blog it or call in and tell us your Beef. We will... more

We will be discussing "Are U Settling, Is It Real Love? How do U Know?" is it because ur afraid of being alone? he/she boring or bipolar,make more money and a cheater? but u still stay? or u stay cause she/he is the BOMB in bed?, but... more

Tune in as Sylvia/Shanda & Chilly Chill (Lench Mobb) with Special Guest B.E.T Comedian "Bubba Loc" discuss "Should a Woman Stay with her Gay Husband?" Is it Love, Friendship or Convenience? What's your opinion? Call in and... more
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