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Lee Fulkerson, of PlantPure Nation, interviews experts in plant-based nutrition and people with inspiring stories about the impact of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

On-Demand Episodes

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Lee Fulkeson discuss the role played by academia in the production of ‘science' that's biased towards the food and drug industry. Dr. Campbell shares a personal experience he had with this kind of bias... more

Amy Johnson and Lee discuss her health problems and how they were alleviated by her adoption of a plant-based diet. They also discuss the foundation of Amy's PlantPure Nation Pod, website, and Facebook page, as well as how rapidly... more

Dr. Mike Nelson and Lee discuss how his personal plant-based journey began and how significantly his health and that of his family improved as a result. Dr. Nelson reveals how and why he began incorporating the message of... more

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe and Lee discuss the role of an ethologist in studying animal behavior, how he came to be interested in the subject, and his work examining the thought processes of several different animal species. Dr.... more

Sharon McRae and Lee discuss the devastating prevalence of cancer in her extended family and how that made her fearful of the disease, which launched her on a life-long quest to avoid the same fate. This eventually led her into... more

Doug Schmidt and Lee talk about the near-fatal heart attack Doug suffered in 2008 and how that led him to adopt a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPBD). As Health and Wellness Coordinator for his school district, Doug recently... more

Nina Gheihman and Lee discuss her transition to a plant-based diet and how her family background helped influence that choice. They also discuss her PhD dissertation, which explores how and why France seems to be a bit behind... more

Marcy Madrid and Lee talk about the distinction she draws between ?health care? and ?sick care?, and how and why our current medical system skews so heavily towards ?sick care?. They further discuss the particular funding challenges... more

Dr.Kathryn Hayward and Lee discuss the increasing frustration she felt in traditional medical practice by the intrusion of HMOs and their ‘assembly line' approach to treating patients. Now a practitioner of Integrative Health, she... more